Ways to install Git on a Windows system

Ways to install Git on a Windows systemMsysgit is a Windows version of Git, downloaded from Https://git-for-windows.github.ioInstall the default step, step by step installationAfter the installation is complete, find Git Bash in the Start menu and

Windows system Network Credentials A vulnerability, it must be noted

LAN or public network two are the same Windows system computer, if the sharing is encrypted, then, when the access will be asked to enter network credentials what is the network credentials? Easy to understand as a pass to the other computer. Below

Windows Global Installation composer

Windows system: Download ComposerA. cmd into the installation directory of PHP, example: E:\wamp\bin\php\php5.5.12, and then execute the following command to install the latest version of Composer:php -r

Construction of Elk platform under Windows environment

First, the Elk platform construction under the Windows environment1. Installing the configuration Java environmentGet the latest version of the Java version on the Oracle website, so you can download only the JRE because it's not a development.

ILockBytes Windows Mobile 6.5

ILockBytesWindows Mobile 6.5https://msdn.microsoft.com/zh-cn/library/aa911496 (en-us,msdn.10). aspxThis interface is implemented on a byte array object by some physical storage, such as a disk file, global memory, or a database.It uses a Component

Windows This brush OSX installed force, difficult to distinguish between the true and false is male and female

Recently when testing a software with the OSX environment, I suddenly found that my notebook and OSX have a bit of a ride, today put a few pictures to let everyone feel.Operating environment: ASUS Business Operation WINDOWS10, using VMware12

Workarounds for Winio drivers that are not available under 64-bit Windows

C # in the use of Winio driver development similar to the Key Wizard tool, need to register the relevant driver to start normally, find the following information, data from:Http://jingyan.baidu.com/article/642c9d34e55bd9644b46f74e.htmlI am here to

Windows interface programming Fourth profiled form

Translated from http://blog.csdn.net/morewindows/article/details/8451638On a "Windows interface programming the third special form of the ordinary version " introduced the special-shaped window (shaped form) of the creation, its main steps

A bug about System.Windows.Forms.DateTimePicker

Today received feedback from customers, said their system can not query the February 2017 bill, because there is no way to choose February 2017, there is no way to choose February??? , immediately open VS, run the system, should be last year's

Install Jenkins under Windows

1. The following issues occur when you execute the "java-jar jenkins.war" command when you install JenkinsThe port number needs to be changed just because 8080port already has a program occupied.The workaround is to:Execute the "Java-jar jenkins.war-

Zabbix Monitoring of Windows

1, first need to download zabbix_agents.rar file2. Unzip the zabbix_agents.rar to C + +3, according to your current version of Windows to choose the first or the three- bit installation4. Change the configuration file

Microsoft Windows 2003 SP2-' Erraticgopher ' SMB Remote Code execution

Edb-id: 41929 Author: vportal Published: 2017-04-25 CVE: N/A Type: Remote Platform: Windows Aliases: Erraticgopher Advisory/source: N/A Tags: N/A e-db verified: Exploit:

How to quickly build a web.py development framework under Windows

With Python for web development There are many frameworks to choose from, such as the most famous Django,tornado, and in addition to these frameworks, there is a lightweight framework to use is very convenient and handy, is web.py. It was created by

Windows Server DNS Policy split-brain 3

In DNS management may encounter such problems, for example, a company's DNS is provided to the intranet users to resolve the use, but also provided to the public network users to resolve the use, but may not be used by the intranet users, or the

Build spark+hadoop development environment under Windows

Just make sure your computer is installed in the Java environment, and you're ready to start.I. Preparatory work1. Download the Hadoop2.7.1 version (write Spark and Hadoop are mostly used yarn, so Hadoop must be installed):

WINDOWS SERVER 2008 Remote Desktop Port modification method

Microsoft default server remote port is 3389, which is a lot of hackers take advantage of the port, how to modify it, below we approachMany friends like to modify the default port of a remote connection when they are using the Windows operating

Running Windows 10 from a USB drive

I believe that many people are the same as me. Dream of having a USB stick version of your operating system with you in your pocket. Wherever you go, you can run your own configured operating system whenever you have a computer. This blog post is a

Windows Timer Task setting security matters

Windows Timer Task setting security matters1. If you are Oaadmin/administrator, create an Oracle database.The security options are as follows:1. Just run when the user logs in.2. If the Useradmin user creates the database.The security options are as

Windows system, how to optimize the C drive space, windows

Windows system, how to optimize the C drive space, windows During the use of disk C, the content will increase and the remaining space will decrease. How to clear more space? Take Windows 7 as an Example  Cleanmgr Windows built-in Disk Cleanup

PowerBI Article 2: Data Modeling and powerbi Article 2

PowerBI Article 2: Data Modeling and powerbi Article 2 When analyzing data, you cannot always analyze a single data table. Sometimes you need to import multiple data tables to PowerBI, complex data analysis tasks are performed through data in

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