Wireless network interruption when closing windows

In the two buildings have two rate 11mbit/s AP, straight distance of about 60m, close the window can not connect. Move the network card and AP to the window, open the window to establish the connection, but the data transmission is not stable.

How to speed up the display speed of WinXP computer Windows?

In fact, there are such problems in all systems, when we use the system for too long, it is easy to appear some cotton situation and not as everyone said, but only a simple windows system switch speed slowed, our day-to-day operations will also be

How Windows system security settings

1. Upgrade to new windows For users who use Windows XP, upgrading to the Windows 7 operating system can improve security, and Windows 7 has a lot of security that Windows XP does not have to do to keep the operating system running safely.  2.

Introduction to common data caching in Windows systems

What is a cache? sounds like a very technical fan, in fact, the user commonly used some "files" or other types of data to temporary storage to a place, the next time you need to use it can be read and used. This allows Windows to get cached data

Windows Optimization Master WOPTI process Management master how to use

In the process of using the computer, we may encounter operation error or some process is destroyed by the Trojan. Sometimes, the hacker Trojan Horse will host some processes in the system, and some anti-virus software because can not actively shut

Quick way to clean up Windows registry garbage

When you install system software, there is always a lot of information table and application settings. But sometimes, we do not need to use some software to uninstall it, the corresponding registry is not uninstalled, can not be completely deleted.

Install oracle12c under Windows (ii)

I. Installation of Oracle reference Windows installation ORACLE12C (i) II, new user 1. When the installation is complete, start sqlplus, and then enter the built-in user name and password 用户名:sys   密码:as sysdba 2. Enter the

Configuring mysql5.7.16 under Windows

Preparatory work:Unzip the mysql5.7.16 to the D packing directory,Then put the My.ini file in the bin directoryInitialize database, configuration related information:1. Run the Windows command line as an administrator (Special reminder: WIN7 and WIN7

Windows Server regularly backs up database scripts

Save the following file as a. bat script and add a scheduled task to the scheduled task to run the script.The backup directory in the script, the database directory and the compressed file directory should be modified by yourself.@echo Offrem The

Mindomo offline installation for Windows

Mindomo can be seamlessly connected to every platform (Apple, Android, Windows, Linux); education Edition FREE!Hang on to our previous desktop version? First, install Adobe Air , and then download Windows & Mac or Linux version. Mindomo

Configuration of Windows Tomcat and JDK environment variables

Case insensitive, if the same variable name exists, use edit to modify the variable value.The variable is named Java_home, and the variable value is: C:\JDK (depending on the JDK path you installed, if this is the default, this form C:\Program Files\

Windows Edition cacti-0.8.8h one-click Installation

Cacti in a Windows environment needs to be installed in advance. net4.0 and above, use IIS to install the picture in advance (the default installation can be), the software comes with Apache, the installation can be selected. IIS open support CGI,

WCE with Rainbow table cracked Windows user Hash

WceLs/usr/share/wceWce-l List of users who have logged into Windows hash, to obtain the domain user's hash, with the tool with the Rainbow Table cracked (http://www.project-rainbowcrack.com/table.htm Http://www.freerainbowtables.com), 1 minutes or

Windows Server 2016 storage Spaces Direct (S2D) experiment

Storage Spaces Direct is a Windows server-based storage solution that uses industry-standard servers with locally attached drives to create highly available, highly extensible software-defined storage.The experiment consists of 5 virtual machines

Windows Caffe (iii) Conversion of image data to Caffe data that can be run

When running the two examples of Caffe, our data comes from the Internet, which is a binary file that is downloaded directly.But most of us use raw picture data (such as. jpg. PNG, etc.), and then we'll look at how to convert the original image data

Ubantu Sharing with Windows resources

@gzdaijieThis article is the author original, reproduced please indicate the source: http://www.cnblogs.com/gzdaijie/p/5194033.html Table of Contents 1. Write in front 2. Installation method 2.1 Installing Samba 2.2

Configuring an NFS cluster under Windows Server 2016

Configuring an NFS cluster under Windows Server 2016When it comes to Windows, we all think of the failover Cluster service that comes with Windows systems, and we don't have much to say, today we're going to focus on configuring the NFS service

Using Nginx to build load balancing in Windows environment

ObjectiveNothing recently, like to summarize and learn something! A few days ago to write a session sharing, then why do we need session sharing? Because our applications are distributed across multiple servers, in order to properly allocate users '

Configuring Urlrewrite (URL rewrite) instances in IIS7 or IIS7.5 on Windows R2

1. Install the URL rewrite moduleFirst download the installation URL Rewrite Module 2.0, download the page from the official websiteOr simply click here to download:Re_write_x86_zh_cn.msi from MicrosoftRe_write_x64_zh_cn.msi from

Windows Apache server Simple configuration Virtual domain name (reprint)

1. Locate the httpd-vhosts.conf virtual host profile under Conf under extra in the Apache directory to copy and paste the following code to the bottom: ## ServerAdmin [email protected]# documentroot "${srvroot}/docs/dummy-host2.example.com"#

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