Windows Authentication mode and blending mode

One day, a June asked about the difference between Windows Authentication mode and mixed mode verification and the advantages and disadvantages, according to the security considerations, according to this article as a reference, study ~ During the

The lower-right corner pops up "windows-delay write Failed" or "xxx-corrupted file Please run the Chkdsk tool"

Knowledge Point Analysis: In the lower-right corner of the taskbar, eject the windows-delay write failure or the xxx-corrupted file to run the Chkdsk tool. Operation Steps: Method One: Chkdsk tool Enter CMD at the start---

Windows XP System Optimization Acceleration Raiders


1, modify the registry of the Run key, to remove the few things that are not commonly used, such as Windows Messenger. Enable Registry manager: Start → run →regedit→ find "Hkey_current_usersoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionrunmsmsgs"/background

Windows logon Type Resolution


Login Type 2: Interactive login (Interactive) This should be your first thought of the login method, the so-called interactive logon means that the user in the computer's console on the login, that is, the local keyboard on the login, but do not

Five-Step Perfect windows system

1. Organize the hard drive regularly Serious hard disk fragmentation can drastically reduce your computer's response speed. So you need regular disk cleanup, Disk Cleanup is very simple, first click Start, point to All Programs, accessories, System

Windows command line send mail Blat.exe


Introduction to Windows command line send mail Blat.exe Download the latest kit and unzip and copy it to the System32 directory on the operating system disk. My environment is c:windowssystem32. The confirmation file has been copied past:

Windows batch switching IP address usage

Do not know whether friends have such an experience, the laptop to the unit when the Internet, because the unit needs to be fixed with the IP address, and the home is automatically get IP address, so every day to this IP address settings to set to

Third-party Windows desktop management tools worth considering

Group Policy can centrally manage Windows settings and enrollment configurations in the domain, but is not the best solution for all desktop management requirements. Maybe some of the machines in your organization aren't in the domain. Perhaps the

Why Windows XP with SP2 cannot install IIS

Q: When installing IIS, you are prompted to "not find the Staxmem.dll file, insert the Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 installation CD". But put the disc, still prompted to find Staxmem.dll file, how to solve? A: This failure occurs because

Basic policies and principles for setting NTFS permissions in Windows XP

Set NTFS permissions basic policies and principles In Windows XP, there is a cardinal to the management of permissions, that is, rejection is superior to the principle of permission, the principle of privilege minimization, the principle of

Lenovo Computer Rescue System 4.0 (Windows 8) operation

Operation Steps: Rescue System 4.0 Use method One-click Restore main function: 1. Restore from initial backup: A. If your computer is shipped with a Windows operating system, this will restore your computer's system partition (C partition) to

Prompt "Windows script Host cannot find script file" when opening disk

Failure phenomenon: computer poisoning, the entire hard drive killing, after the virus, open C, D, E, F and other partitions, will pop up a dialog box prompts "script Host cannot find script file, here is script: d:autorun.vbs/line: 10/Character:

How to record video files with a webcam and Windows Movie Maker

First step: Make sure the camera is connected and adjust the distance between the camera and the microphone and the object being photographed. Due to the camera conditions, should be controlled within 3 meters. Step two: Open "start" → "Program" → "

How to use the System Restore feature with Windows XP operating system

In the Windows 7 operating system, after you create a restore point, if your computer fails, you can restore your computer to a normal state by using the System Restore feature that comes with the Windows XP operating system. The following describes

How to disable the ThinkPad touch screen under Windows 8

x230t computer installed WIN8 system, want to disable touch screen. You can disable the touch screen using SIMPLETAP. Open Simpletap: Select screen Lock: Click to close the touch screen, and then restart the computer.

How to change 12 stupid Windows default settings

If you buy a new car, you will definitely adjust the seat, adjust the volume of the radio, adjust everything to the most comfortable state. Similarly, the Windows PC is the same, most of the default settings may not be user-friendly, if you can not

Common Windows XP system abnormal faults and the way to solve them

The onboard sound card is not properly pronounced? The mouse can not move after fast boot? Do you feel a breakdown when you encounter these system failures? Today's small make up a stock of those common Windows XP system abnormal faults and

Windows XP operating system password recovery tips

Windows XP has a much higher security performance than the previous Windows 9X, and we can protect our secrets by setting up a password for individual users, but what if we forget the login password one day? Is there no other way besides formatting

How to quickly troubleshoot configuration issues with Windows Firewall

Firewalls help improve the security of your computer. Windows firewall can restrict the information that is sent from other computers to users ' computers, which gives users greater control over the data on their computers and provides a defensive

Why Windows can't find updates in the store

Solution: If your PC is currently running Windows 8 (or Windows RT), and you want to update to Windows 8.1 (or Windows RT 8.1), in most cases, you'll see an eye-catching free update on the Windows Store home page. If the store is open, but you do

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