Win7 system runs Windows Defender prompts error code 0x800106ba how to troubleshoot

Running the Win7 flagship system will always encounter one of these or that kind of trouble, which does not have a user said when running Windows Defender, a prompt error code 0x800106ba application initialization failed (as shown in the following

Windows 7 system common shortcut key finishing

In fact, Win7 shortcut key combination of many functions, I only learn the most practical. One, Windows key + SPACEBAR "space" [function]: transparently all windows, quick view of the desktop (do not switch) [Shortcut key]:win+ space [Summary]:

Windows 8.1 System Sleep can't wake up what's going on

Windows 8.1 System Sleep can't wake up what's going on? After Windows 8.1 was Microsoft's launch of Windows 8 in October 2012, Microsoft started to develop a Windows 8 update package. In the project codenamed "Blue", Microsoft will standardize the

Learn to tune windows 7 taskbar

Many people say that Windows 7 is only based on vista improvements, but in fact, Windows 7 also has a lot of their own original, such as "library" features, more convenient aero effects and so on. However, most people think that the improved taskbar

Detailed windows 7 image backup restore feature

Windows 7 itself comes with a very powerful system backup and restore feature that allows you to quickly restore your system to a normal state in the case of a problem with your system, and you can no longer need to ghost! often make a system backup

Windows 8.1 Update1 The default boot into desktop

The recent news about Windows 8.1 Update1 is very intensive, and now that this update has a new version, a new default boot setting appears in this build 9600.16608, which goes directly to the desktop system. Accessing the desktop directly is a

Windows 7 Boot animation error what to do

I do not know where to move the settings, now Windows 7 after the turn of the animation error, turned into Vista Green scroll instead of four color ball rotation and assembled into Windows logo, how to restore? If the previous boot animation is

Windows 8.1 Operating system switches from Microsoft account to local account

Microsoft's new Windows 8.1 operating system has been improved on many features of the Win7 system we used to use, so it has a certain impact on the use of some users. For example, the system's multiple-account landing issues, Microsoft bold to

Resolving Windows 8.1 cannot be updated automatically

My Windows 8.1 Notebook is often used outside, often using a variety of external networks, and has used a variety of agents to surf the Internet. In the past, whether in the school connection campus network, or at home can carry out normal system

How do I get the missing Windows 7 system drive?

First, most of the time, our computer's optical drive is missing, may be due to the driver installation is not normal cause, we usually in the Device Manager, will see the optical drive device, but it will have an exclamation point, at this time we

What to do when Windows 8.1 system phone activation cannot enter Microsoft return code

Windows 8.1 system, when the user in the "system activation", if the choice of "activate by phone"; Then select "China" and click "Next"; Call Microsoft to activate the phone and get the "return ID" provided by Microsoft,

Compare windows side-by-side in a Word2003 document

When you open multiple Word2003 document windows, users can compare the two windows in multiple Word documents side-by-step, as described in the following procedure: Step 1th, open two or more Word2003 document windows, and then click the window →

Where is the control Panel for Windows?

We all know that the control Panel is the computer's control core, or the computer control center, from the control Panel we can access the basic computer system settings and control, such as adding hardware, add/Remove software, control user

Modify the Registry Windows 7 screensaver Tricks

Let the bubble screensaver turn into a balloon screensaver Win7 Since with bubble screensaver, it looks not so good-looking, decisively to modify it! First run Registry Editor regedit, and then enter the

What about Windows 7 suspended animation?

Everyone is using WINDOWS7, then must encounter some problems such as Windows7 suspended animation. Occasionally lose the response is also very annoying one thing, although not to reload the system, but occasionally computer card on a period of time,

Windows Optimization Master Network system optimization

The choice of Internet mode. The Master of Windows optimization can automatically set the maximum transmission unit size, the maximum data segment size within the transmission unit, and the transfer unit buffer size according to the user's online

How Windows 7 hard disks are installed

Windows 7 system New Installation high Windows7: 1. Download Windows7 7057 ISO image (RC or RTM), copy to non-C disk (such as d:7057) with virtual CD drive 2, Boot press f8--repair System--Select the last command to repair--in the Command box type

Windows 8 Common Quick summaries

Introduction to some common shortcuts used in Windows 8 1. Shutdown machine The problem is a bit funny, but some friends do not know that the Start menu in Windows 8 will be replaced by the Metro interface, the shutdown button also disappeared, we

Set Windows 8 No need to enter password automatic logon

Windows 8 system is the default need to enter the Microsoft account, but if the computer is only home, it is not necessary to enter the password every time. Describes a method for implementing a password-free logon to a Windows 8 system. The

How to unify Windows 7 folder template display settings

This article describes how to unify the Window 7 folder template View method, which is how to have all folders follow a rule to display a view, such as displaying a detailed list by list, thumbnail, modified date, and the default display mode for

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