Recovery methods for Windows XP user profiles when they are missing or corrupted

First, the error phenomenon: When the user logs on, the password is entered and the following error message pops up: "Windows cannot load locally stored configuration files. The possible cause of this problem is insufficient security permissions

Windows XP Self-band compression function use detailed

1. Direct compression: Select the compressed file you want, and then right-click to select Send to--> Compressed (ZIPPDE) folder. 2, the indirect compression method: In the Desktop or File window blank place right mouse click, select "New-->

How to troubleshoot system problems with Windows Help and support features

In fact, if you encounter system problems, usually search on Baidu, and then in accordance with the various tutorials on the internet to try to solve the corresponding problems, sometimes good luck to try to solve the problem, sometimes the hundred

Ways to end Windows system processes

A process is a program's execution activity on the computer. When you run a program, you start a process. Obviously, the program is Dead (static), the process is alive (dynamic). Processes can be divided into system processes and user processes. The

Create a PPPoE connection in Windows XP

Windows XP includes a PPP (PPPoE) client on a built-in Ethernet. This is usually a high-speed connection that requires hardware such as a cable modem or ADSL. Creating a PPPoE Client connection installs the PPPoE client as if you were installing

5 common failures and solutions under Windows 7

1, lost system failure files Although Windows7 is impressive, it is inevitable that there will be a crash in the case of genuine XP system downloads. Sometimes, you want to view the crash log through Windows Diagnostics, but you find no related

How to use the FTP command under Windows


The recent work need long to copy data files in the server, if small files, the copy between the server or simply copy and paste is possible, but encountered some large files, very inconvenient in time, so feel the use of FTP. The first step is to

How to uninstall the network card device driver for Windows 7

Method One 1, double click to open the "Computer" icon; 2, click "Uninstall or change the program"; 3, the choice needs to uninstall the driver (here to uninstall Realtek NIC driver for example), find the name with Realtek

Windows 7 system shared printer appears "Cannot save printer setup operation cannot complete error 0x00000d9"

Failure Phenomenon: The Windows 7 system shared printer appears "Cannot save printer setup operation cannot complete error 0x00000d9".   Reason Analysis: This problem is due to the firewall Windows Firewall service not being opened.  

How to turn Windows features on or off in WINDOWS8

1, enter the Control Panel, select the Program and function; 2, enable or turn off Windows features; 3, if you need to enable the function, check can be, if the shutdown function, cancel the check can be; 4,

Install Win7 Prompt "Windows cannot install to this disk" what to do

Analysis diagram of malfunction phenomenon: When the user represents the installation of the Win7 system, the disk partition interface cannot continue, prompting Windows to not install to this disk. The selected disk has an MBR partition table. On

Detailed steps for installing IIS on Windows

After installing IIS on XP,-> the default Web site-> Properties-> The home directory-> setting the local path through Internet Information Services, specifying a server root directory; At this point I put some items and HTML pages in the root

WIN7 64-bit flagship system power-on prompt to configure Windows Update failure resolution

1, first look at the update failed record, the method is: into the WINDOWS7 system, click "Start-Control Panel-system and Security--windows Update-View the update history", where you can view the previous failure of the update, as shown in the

Windows 8.1 Update new features

1. When you open a modern app, does the taskbar still appear? A: When modern app is in use, the taskbar is hidden, but when you move the mouse pointer over the bottom of the screen, you can see the taskbar. When you continue to use the application,

How the Windows 7 flagship system prompts for print data acquisition (compression) failure when printing

  Print data Acquisition (compression) Failure solution: 1, first check the C:windows folder, there is no temp folder, if not, you need to create a new one; 2, the mouse right click Win7 System desktop Larks icon, select "Run with administrator

Win7 system Boot black screen appears code "Windows cannot start" resolution tips

Fault reason: In fact this code means that the boot file is missing, the boot file (NTLDR) is generally stored in the C-packing directory, is a hidden and read-only properties of the system files. The primary responsibility of the boot file is to

Comprehensive parsing of Windows security model

Now the safe mode is worth the system under the security premise operation mode, Safe mode works by automatically banning all non-system startup items, starting the computer without loading a third-party device driver, running the computer in the

commands for viewing computer information under Windows

commands for viewing computer information under Windows View current Ip:cmd----->ipconfig/all View Computer Configuration---->DXDIAG View registry information---->regedit View System Properties---->SYSDM.CPL View System Information---->MSINFO32

Win7 to turn on or off Windows features there's a blank.

programme I, 1, modify the registry, first open the Run dialog box and enter the "regedit", carriage return (this involves the security of the Registry, the proposal to back up the registry in advance); 2, and then expand the positioning to "Hkey--

How to track IP addresses under Windows XP system

Tracking IP addresses is sometimes required, and if your network is having problems or you need to change some settings, this will come in handy. As a webmaster, when we troubleshoot a Windows operating system DHCP problem, we sometimes find out

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