How the Windows System makes the right-click menu function "Sublimate"

1. Make the right key "send to" custom more convenient The system defaults to the "Send to" menu only a few specific items, if you want to send to other targets, we can install a "Send to" feature of the enhanced software sendtosendto, easy to

How Windows deletes files one-click Forever

1. Create the title bar one-click delete button In today's popular Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, we can easily implement this task through system customization. Expand the Explorer features panel and switch to the Home tab. Select any (or some) file

How to set the location of the Language bar in Windows 8

1, move the mouse cursor to the bottom right of the screen, click "Settings" on the menu that pops up, see figure below 2, in the pop-up menu click on "Control Panel", open "control Panel", see the following figure 3, click "Change

Windows 8 system with Microsoft Pinyin simple Input method can not remove the solution

The latest Windows 8 system, Microsoft's own input method, in the Input method option to delete is not available, can not delete, how to solve? Solution: Step to open the Control Panel, and then click Add Language: Step two, in the

Windows Firewall does not open the workaround

  First, firewall configuration error Start--> Run-->gpedit.msc At this point, Group Policy is turned on Expand on the left Computer Configuration--> Administrative Templates--> Network--> network connection-->windows Firewall And then here are

Windows 10 Start Menu change List Classic feature upgrades

Microsoft's Windows 8 has many problems, one of the most criticized being the removal of the Start menu. After realizing that the user has not been able to adapt to such a huge change, Microsoft has brought back the feature in the latest Windows 10

Remove Windows Startup Items Hidden threat Protect system security

We know that the "startup" folder that is in Windows is the most common startup item, but a lot of people have little attention to checking it carefully. If the program is loaded into this folder, the system will automatically load the appropriate

Windows Server R2 SMB PowerShell command

PowerShell 4.0 is one of the many improvements in management features of Windows 8.1 and Windows Server R2. We have introduced the "Top Ten PowerShell 4.0 Orders" before. Here we focus on some of the SMB-related improvements in the PowerShell cmdlet

What to do if Windows System cmd command is disabled

believe that users will encounter the problem, that is, in the execution of the cmd command pop-up "command prompt has been disabled by the system administrator" prompts, this is because the cmd command is banned. What about the cmd command being

Windows 7 boot up if the QQ IE browser started a blank

Under Windows 7 System, a white screen appears when you start the Qq,ie browser after boot up. The menu bar all white, open any page is blank, and appear, "This page problem causes compatibility view ...", need to wait for a while, the browser to

How to quickly add tables in Windows system cloud notes

OneNote creates a table with tips We know that OneNote is a cloud-note software in office Office software that users can now download separately to use and have OneNote apps in the latest Windows 10 systems. So how do you create a corresponding

Get unused IP address method in Windows XP

As a webmaster, when we troubleshoot a Windows operating system DHCP problem, we sometimes find out which addresses are not being used in an address range. I have previously introduced a method: Open the Command Prompt window, in the ...

Let you 3 seconds into Windows 7 command master

The author is very envious of the computer gurus who have "used the system" to command "flying", a envy that has lasted from the DOS era to Windows 98, Windows XP, and now Windows 7. The author is very strange, those system commands, they are how to

Solution for Windows XP system computer screen snowflake Dot

solution for Windows XP system computer screen snowflake dot Case study One: 1, the computer screen suddenly appear red and blue snowflakes dot, after restarting the computer, the situation has not changed, open the Web page, some places are

Windows 7 Frequent drop line, not necessarily the trouble of downloading

In Windows XP systems (with system defaults) downloading movies with thunder or express everything is fine, but when you switch to Windows 7 system, the Thunder or Express will stop downloading. These users think it is the Thunder, Express and

How to take full advantage of new features in Windows 8.1

It has been almost one months since Microsoft unveiled the Windows 8.1 Public preview, but that does not mean that Windows 8 application developers can wait until the final RTM release to apply the tuning work. Today, Microsoft has brought some

How to obtain a stand-alone installation image of Windows 8.1

1. First download two installation Wizard programs from Microsoft website, Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 respectively. Download two installation wizards separately 2, run the Windows 8 Installation Wizard program; 3, according to the

Uncover Windows 8 hidden gadgets

In the known WIN8 development system, there are many different designs, such as the WP7 Metro UI, the built-in PDF reader that can read PDFs, the WebCam running on the browser, and the new built-in desktop split screen, and so on. However, because

Wireless network resolution not tracked under Windows 7

Some laptops have wireless network usage problems after installing Windows 7 systems. For example, sometimes you can try to connect to a public wireless hotspot, but the best signal strength of a home without a line from the erection of the wireless

Windows 7 System Image backup Restore feature

Creating images is more flexible than ghost Creating a system image in Win 7 has become very handy, and you can open the Create System mirroring window by simply "All programs → maintenance → backup and restore" in the Start menu, where you see

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