Resolving the four new features of Windows Server R2 Hyper-V

Windows Serve R2 Hyper-V new features: Sharing VHDX According to my analysis, this feature may be the most outstanding component in the new version. Clustering has always been a complex issue in the virtual machine field, and many Hyper-V users

How to establish a WebDAV server in Windows 8/7

WebDAV is an FTP-like protocol that you can use to remotely access or share your files on the Internet. In contrast to FTP, WebDAV can be better passed through the firewall and has password protection and encryption. Let's start by introducing how

View other host MAC addresses on the same LAN as Windows

The thing is, today when I went to the interview, I had a question to ask: What command does Windows use to know the MAC address of other hosts in the local area network. I was very familiar with it at first, but I couldn't answer it. The original

Windows 7 System IE10 Browser Installation FAQ and solutions

Error 1: Operating system not supported The user who encountered the prompt at the time of the update, this may be your system has not been upgraded to SP1. Please check your system version for installation SP1 by right-clicking the computer select

What if the wireless card is turned on in Windows 8 and the wireless light is on but cannot find the wireless signal

Wireless Internet access requires three levels of Setup to open: physical switches, software switches and wireless services. The wireless LED will not light until the switch is turned on. Check to see if the wireless service is not turned on when

Solutions for Windows 8 System application stores that cannot be opened

First, we put the mouse in the lower left corner, click the right button (or Win + X), there will be a menu: The second step, click the "command Prompt (Admin)" option, will pop up a cmd command Operation window, we are in command Operation window

Windows 8.1 adjusts support for split-screen resolution separately

In the recently exposed Windows 8.1 build 9385, we found a screen to adjust the resolution function, you can adjust the different screen resolution. Split-screen resolution adjustment Now that the Settings window is displayed, the user can

Ways to reset the ClearType settings for a Windows 8 system

Many Windows users have discovered and tried to use the ClearType text tuner built into the system, and its interface is shown in the following illustration: However, I believe that the second picture shows the position,

How to back up and restore Windows IIS server settings

Many people may need to set up some Web services, FTP services, and so on when using Windows information IIS (Internet server,internet Information Server), but after a while, Web sites, FTP sites, virtual directories are more, and their

How to solve the problem of font ambiguity in Windows system

now the use of high-resolution screen (more than 1080P) more and more small partners, in the enjoyment of more and more clear display effect, but also bring some problems in use, small series to solve all at once, these but with a high degree of

Easily start the WPS method with Windows shortcut keys

WPS Office software has three shortcuts on the desktop, is the WPS text, WPS table and WPS demo, double-click the mouse can open the appropriate program, when the desktop icon is not, you have to start the menu of a large list of programs to start

Windows VPN server graphics and text tutorial

Of course, the use of VPN is much more than this, such as game agent and so on. Here's a detailed tutorial on erecting a VPN under windows. Hope to be helpful to the friend you need. The first is preparation: Windows has its own firewall (Windows

Ways to speed up the startup speed in Windows 7 systems

The computer used a period of time, the software installed more, the file also accumulate more, many problems appear together when our computer will become slow, or even card machine, open a computer will take a long time. So how to solve it? Here

How to set up the default boot system under dual system in Windows 8

1, press "Windows+r" key to enter "Msconfig". 2, select the "Boot" tab, and then click the one that you want to set as the default startup item, and then click "Set as Default" below to determine the reboot of the host. Windows 8 is

How Windows Install clean up uses

when the installation is X9, you may experience an installation failure, one of the reasons for failure is that the previous sound will not be completely uninstalled, then we need Windows Install clean up for cleanup, it can be a perfect uninstall

Introduction to the method of installing Apache and Configuring virtual Directories in Windows System environment

This article provides a very brief overview of how to install apache2.2.x and configure virtual directories under the Windows platform. As a reference for quick installation. The best documentation for the detailed setup is the official

Windows 7 Boot animation error What to do?

I do not know where to move the settings, now Windows 7 after the turn of the animation error, turned into Vista Green scroll instead of four color ball rotation and assembled into Windows logo, how to restore? A: If the previous boot animation is

10 Best windows 7 notebooks

While Microsoft's latest Windows 8 desktop operating system is becoming popular, some data suggest that the "Metro" interface, which replaces the traditional Start menu, is not acceptable to all users, and that the new operating system, though

The magical uses of Windows 7 system Group Policy

The registry is a Windows system to save the system, application software configuration of the database, as the Windows system more and more rich, more and more configuration items in the registry, in fact, many of the configuration can be

Not all the windows are hooligans.

Bomb-Window news in the domestic Internet service is not uncommon, real-time push the way to the site to expand coverage is very effective. In the center of the Web 2.0 era, although this "push" the way can be continuously for the site to bring

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