Resin installation under Windows system

Window JSP is a new web development tool developed on the basis of the servlet, and the ejb+jsp/servlet+ application Server + database has become the popular architecture of e-commerce site in foreign countries. If you choose to use the JSP platform

Install using Sphinx under Windows

1. Download Sphinx from 2.0.1-beta2. Extract to the appropriate directory (here take D:\shpinx as an example)3. Create a configuration fileSphinx Package Default with,,example.sql example, we

Run the cake application on the Windows Azure Web site

Cake is a rapid development framework that utilizes well-known design patterns such as ActiveRecord, association Data Mapping, Front Controller, and MVC. The main goal of the project is to provide a variety of levels of PHP developers to quickly

About DOS (Windows) under a system of the date of the Methods: Used for automatic database backup, etc.

Window | Backup | data database 2 days prior to meet a customer's Oracle SCO under automatic backup EXP Script problems, can't normal execution, if re-install Oracle need to prepare. But the backup can't delay, or database lost but trouble. And

Override deal with Windows closing in database application

Application|window in the database application development, the programmer should often and deal with one thing ' is ' when t He user close a Windows (called Form in Delphi) where data is maintained, the program should judge whether the data is CH

ASPX receives the information that the Windows application sends out in the form of a file

window| Program I've finally come out of this fool. Don't ask me what I pulled out, it's all written in the title ....Write it down, and then sleep .... Now have tried asp,js,c++,c#, the first three are months or even years of experience, to try to

The best Windows Virtual host space

With more and more users choosing a Windows host in recent years. Mainframe 911 straight dedicated to the vast. NET developers to provide professional Hong Kong Windows Virtual host space. the leading server configuration The Windows

How to completely uninstall Oralce in Windows 2000


Window How to completely uninstall the system environment in Windows 2000:1, operating system: Windows Oralce Server, machine memory 128m2, database: Oracle 8i R2 (8.1.6) for NT Enterprise 3, installation path: D:\ORACLE Uninstall Step: (Before you

Windows.NET Server: Remote access

Internet: Allow RAS interfaces as NAT-specific interfaces Prior to Beta 3, RAS clients connected to Windows. NET Server (network address translation (NAT) access to the Internet and dial-up access to the corporate network) could not use this server

Windows.NET Server:xml Web Services

The. NET Framework To make the creation of XML WEB services transparent to developers and users requires a sizeable infrastructure. The Microsoft. NET Framework, which is tightly integrated with the Windows. NET Server family, provides such an

WINDOWS 2000 Download ASP3.0 and IIS5.0

It is believed that most of the people currently using the ASP version are built in the IIS3.0 or IIS4.0 in the ASP2.0, server platform is also more NT4.0, with Windows 2000 will be in February 17, since the previous magazine media has been reported

Resolve solutions that cannot be started for OLE DB distributed transactions in Windows 2003+sql2000


window| Distributed | solution When developing distributed database software, you often encounter the following error:Server: Message 7391, Level 16, State 1, line 6The operation could not be performed because the OLE DB provider ' SQLOLEDB ' could

Windows.NET Server:iis 6.0 Passport Integration Microsoft. NET Passport is integrated into Internet information Services (IIS) as a supported authentication mechanism. This integration provides. NET Passport authentication in the core Web server and uses the. NET

I wrote a recursive code that generates a tree-like menu that works like Windows Explorer, please correct me.

window| Menu | recursion Dim dbconn Dim Idindex Idindex = 0 ' Establish a database connection Set dbconn = Server.CreateObject ("Adodb.connection") "Driver={microsoft Access DRIVER (*.mdb)}; Dbq= "& Server.MapPath (" Test.mdb ")

Integrated Tomcat and Apache under Windows XP

1. Install JDK, I install here is JDK5.0, install to C:\JDK5.0 directory 2. Install Apache, to download Apache stable version of the server, I use is apache_2.0.49, download after the installation program double-click to start

Windows 2003 upload file cannot exceed 200k solution

Source: Tenkine Problem: Unable to upload large file "Request object error ' ASP 0104:80,004,005 '" or upload succeeded, could not find filenameChange the IIS 6.0 of WIN 2003 to the ASP upload file size is 200k limit, ASPX upload program has no

22 Useful Code editors under Windows

1.notepad++ Official website Latest Version v 5.3.2 Free Edition This is probably the best free text editor in Windows, with simple features, from syntax highlighting, code folding to ftp,notepad++ to handle

USB devices can also be installed in Windows

The WinXP pro full name, Windows XP 64bit Edition, is a Microsoft operating system designed specifically for Opteron/athlon 64 and Intel EM64T. It can meet the future needs of massive memory and floating-point performance applications, with faster

The latest tips for Windows XP operating system network applications

Windows XP as Windows 9x/me and Windows 2000 of the backs, the network has reached an unprecedented level of support, but in some areas there are some useful skills, in peacetime work study I summed up the following points for everyone to

To install Apache on Windows 95/98/nt

Because the installation of Apache server does not change the registry, it is easier to install and more servers to use today. Therefore, we recommend that you use the Apache server. Let's see if it's easy to install it on Windows 95/98/nt

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