Windows 2003 Installation Setup IIS

Installation article 2003 The default installation is not with IIS, to install, please click Start-> admin tools-> Configure Your Server Wizard And then step by step next. When you are in the list selection project. Select from List Application

Erecting a small mail server with Windows Server 2003

server|window| Server | Mail server Many enterprises in the intranet have set up a mail server for the delivery of official documents and work exchanges. But the use of Professional enterprise mail system software requires a lot of capital

The four ultimate weapons in Microsoft Windows XP SP2

window| Microsoft Of course in this one or "Trojan virus" is the most headache, and in the XP SP2 with the security Manager can help you solve this problem. Because most users don't know if their system is in a safe state, this leaves an opportunity

Windows public Key Infrastructure (PKI) enhancements

Windows has been providing robust, platform-wide support for public Key Infrastructure (PKI) since Windows 2000. This version contains the first native certification authority feature, introduces autoenrollment, and provides support for smart card

Windows 2000 Server intrusion precursor detection techniques

Intrusion detection System (IDS) is a reasonable complement to the firewall, which helps the security system to detect possible intrusion precursors and deal with network attacks. The intrusion detection system can monitor the network without

Windows NT attack on the grand stand

In the current trend of Windows NT has become a server operating system trends, whether in the LAN or in the Internet, we seem to be able to see the figure of Windows NT. However, because of its source code confidentiality and simple graphics

Windows 2003 Load Balancing Strategy full introduction

Window| Strategy | With the development of information construction in various industries, people put forward higher requirements for the processing ability and high availability of the network server. Especially in highly information-based

Methods and techniques of file searching in Windows system

window| Tips With the price of computer hard disk and people's economic promotion, many friends have a large capacity of the hard disk, which contains more and more files, which makes the computer become a knowledge base, many files can be found

Detailed Windows virtual memory

window| detailed In a nutshell, the file data is a cross linking activity file. is a "WIN386" in the Windows directory. SWP "file, this file will continue to expand and automatically shrink. Virtual memory is like the L1 and L2 cache of CPUs and

TCP/IP packet processing path, understanding Windows Firewall, better protection system

Brief introduction With the addition of Windows Firewall to MICROSOFT®WINDOWS®XP Service Pack 2 and Windows server™2003 Service Pack 1, and Internet Protocol security (IPSEC) in public Division Intranet, Information Technology (IT) professionals

The menu effect on the left of the model like Windows XP

window| Menu |window| Menu More JavaScript from Http:// var timer_slide = null;var obj_slide;var Obj_view;var pix_slide = 10; This is the amount of slide/delay_slidevar new_pix_val;var delay_slide = 30; This is the time between

How to use Windows XP to realize network unified shutdown

window| Network unit After work often many employees do not turn off the computer, the leader found after the request to solve the problem. I think it would be time-consuming to go to the offices and see if it would be possible to turn off all the

Step by step towards the master with Windows three-key guest

Window in the win system, the rational use of CTRL, Shift, alt-related shortcuts can greatly improve work efficiency, together to see. One, CTRL key 1. Select multiple noncontiguous files or folders: Press the CTRL key first, and then click each

Digging deeper into IE browser windows

Browser Do not underestimate this ordinary windows, in addition to the commonly used () and Window.resizeto () method to open the window, dig carefully, you can find a lot of mysteries in the inside, follow me to explore the following!   

Look at threads under windows

Windows UNIX under each session of Oracle, each background process is a process of the operating system, and windows at the operating system level we can only see a Oracle.exe process, Oracle internal all the session process, the background process

SQL2000 and Windows

window| Problem Description: Enterprise Manager Connection SQL no problem, but the site is not connected to SQL, prompted as follows: [Named Pipes] SQL Server does not exist or access denied. (SQL Servers do not exist or access is denied) [Named

Windows 2003 Server Security Configuration complete article (1)


First, close unwanted ports I'm more careful, I turn off the port first. It only opened 3389, 21, 80, 1433, some people have been saying what the default of 3389 unsafe, I do not deny, but the use of the way can only one of the poor lift blasting,

Windows 2003 mail server full Raiders

The process of setting up a mail server under windows2003 is similar to that of an XP system, which can be built with the system's own POP3 and SMTP service, and can be implemented with the help of third party software. The applicable environment is

Windows. Resizeto () method uses the sample

window| sample (i). Sample picture Effects (ii). Code window.resizeto () function Please enter the window width/height value

Ultragrid code for filtering windows in the

private void Gridfilter_customizer (){Infragistics.Shared.ResourceCustomizer;Rc. Setcustomizedstring ("Rowfilterdropdownallitem", "all");Rc. Setcustomizedstring ("Rowfilterdropdownblanksitem",

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