Build a secure server with Windows Server 2003

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Enabling and configuring File Services

A feature in Windows Server 2003 's administrative tools is called "Manage Your server," and after you start the tool, you can see and manage all the services that are enabled on the current server.

Click the "Add or Remove Roles" link on the interface to start a wizard to configure the server. Click Next to go to the server role step, select the file server in the list of supported roles for Windows Server 2003 and click Next to start the process of enabling and configuring the file service.

Quotas are set according to the system prompts, and disk quotas can limit the user's use of disk space and facilitate disk space management. Set the disk space limit to 300MB, set the warning to 260MB, and check the option "Deny disk space to users exceeding quota limit."

In this case, the user will not be able to use more than 300MB of hard disk space, and when the user uses the space to reach the set of the 260MB cordon to record a system event.

When you have completed the quota settings and clicked "Next" to enter the Indexing Service Setup interface, the default option is to not enable Indexing Service. Although Indexing Service can speed up file retrieval, it is recommended that you keep the default settings if you do not need to retrieve files very frequently, because it consumes a lot of server resources.

After you confirm the above settings, the setup Wizard pops up a wizard to establish the shared folder. First you need to select the path to the shared folder, such as C:/inetpub/home. You then enter the interface for maintaining the share name and the description of the share, typically maintaining the default settings. Click Next to set permissions for the share, and the basic permissions include full access and read and write permissions.

Select Use custom share and folder permissions, and click the Custom button to play the Customize permission settings interface. Here you can set different permissions for different users depending on your needs, for example, you can set full control on the Administrators user group to give all administrators full administrative rights on the shared folder, set Read permissions for the guest user, and allow anonymous users to download the files in that folder. At the same time delete the original everyone this, shielding all other user rights.

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