Ignored Windows Server 20,089 features

The previous server version of Windows or Windows Server 2003, although Microsoft has published Windows Server 2003 R2, is not a stand-alone new version. As a result, the upcoming Windows Server 2008 is highly valued by Microsoft, and the

How the Windows desktop is neat and orderly

Smart Drag to create a folder Anyone who has ever used an Apple or Android smartphone knows that the current smartphone desktop has a very user-friendly folder creation feature, and when you drag and drop an icon to another icon, the system

How the win7 system installs Windows XP

How the win7 system installs Windows XP 1, the following into the installation phase: For XP division of a separate partition, General 8G or 10g. (Here, because I am using the virtual machine simulation operation, so only for XP division of a size

Computer does not have win key how to open Windows 7 3D

1, in the desktop space right mouse, "new"-〉 "shortcut"; 2, then there will be a "Create shortcuts" window pop-up, in the "type Object position" box, type the following:%systemroot%system32rundll32.exe Dwmapi #105 Press "Next";

Service items that are not closed with Windows 7 system optimization tools

1, the current system optimization tools do become simpler and easier, but each computer user's needs are different, if all using system optimization tools provided by the same optimization program may not work, and may also give you the normal use

Windows 7 error Report pop-up prompt window how to cancel

In the operation of the computer will inevitably have a system appears, this time the system will automatically pop-up error included in the prompt window, this is normal, but some users do not like this pop-up window, today to teach you how to

Solution for IE10 in Windows 8 that cannot download files

After installing Windows 8 with Windows 7 as an upgrade, you find that you cannot download files using IE10. Click on the download link in the page IE10 no response. Then click "Tools" in the upper-right corner of the interface-"Download

Windows 8 prompts to stop working every time you open IE10

User tip: Recently in the Windows 8 system, just open IE10. "Internet Explorer has a problem, causing the program to stop working" Click Cancel or will continue to appear such a hint, even the browser's blank home page can not open, You cannot

Design personalized Windows 8 system Start screen

Simply put, Win8 's magnetic paste and previous Windows desktop shortcuts are similar, click on different tiles can run the appropriate application, open the corresponding Web site or file (folder), etc., dynamic tiles can also scroll to display

How does Windows 8 Resource monitor work?

Windows 8 Resource Monitor is a powerful tool for understanding how processes and services use system resources. In addition to monitoring resource usage in real time, Resource Monitor can help analyze unresponsive processes, determine which

Windows 7 On-Screen Keyboard usage

On-Screen Keyboard is mainly for temporary replacement of the physical keyboard as data entry or control use, support single and key combination input, compared to the screen on the silver keyboard, such as the system with a relatively low keyboard

How do I use the Windows 8.1 Start button?

Until then, we didn't know more about how this start button works. Although some sources have emphasized that the Start button for Windows 8.1 is not the same as it is currently on Windows 7 (that is, when we are familiar with the clicks, we open

Why Windows 8 cannot search for file content

When you upgrade from Windows XP to WINDOWS8, you will find that when Windows XP uses the "search" feature, you can look up the content in the file as a keyword, whereas in Windows8, when you are in the search box, the key person keyword Sometimes

Windows 10 Start Menu change List Classic feature upgrades

Microsoft's Windows 8 has many problems, one of the most criticized being the removal of the Start menu. After realizing that the user has not been able to adapt to such a huge change, Microsoft has brought back the feature in the latest Windows 10

Windows icon Display Error resolution (cleanup icon cache bat script)

When you use Windows, you often encounter a program icon display exception, restart can not be resolved; in fact, this is the icon cache error, due to a number of unexpected errors may cause the cache process error, cache file corruption and other

How to quickly add tables in Windows system cloud notes

OneNote creates a table with tips We know that OneNote is a cloud-note software in office Office software that users can now download separately to use and have OneNote apps in the latest Windows 10 systems. So how do you create a corresponding

Windows XP CD-ROM boot installation detailed

Windows XP CD-ROM boot installation detailed Core tips: In this tutorial will introduce you to the Windows XP CD-ROM boot installation details! First, the preparatory work: 1. Prepare the Windows XP Professional Simplified Chinese version of the

Windows XP System Stealth Tips

In Windows, the hidden features of the operating system can help us hide a lot of files, but this is just a way of hiding files, what if we want to hide some of the Windows XP operating system components? Now let's talk about how to hide more

How to install non-Plug and Play devices under Windows 8 system

1, example to install USB3G card as an example, first of all the equipment and computer connection, open the Computer window, find the Identification device driver installation information, as shown: 2, right button, select "Open"; 3, find the

Three magic keys to managing Windows servers efficiently

foreign media have reported that the Windows Server in terms of revenue ratio, the market is still a distant leader. In view of this, we have gathered some experience in the management of Windows Server for our readers, hoping to bring you a hint of

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