How to safely and permanently delete file data under Windows system

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Here is a command-line tool that you can permanently and completely delete data files on your hard disk:


No matter what else, download to the computer important, download, compression, get Sdelete.exe file. The first run will prompt acceptance of the agreement, confirmed. After running, there is no response? Because it is a command-line tool, you open a command prompt before you can use it to delete files. Support command-line tools for many advantages, small size, free, with flexible parameters, easy to batch calls.

SDelete reference to the U.S. Department of Defense's file deletion standard DoD 5220.22-m. Because the principle is more complex, we simply explain its operation, that is, "in the file content area to write all 0, and then write 1, and then delete." In addition, SDelete also considers the case of compressed files and EFS.

SDelete is a command-line utility with many options. As appropriate, it can delete one or more files or directories, or clean up free space on the logical disk. SDelete accepts wildcard characters as part of a directory or file descriptor. Its usage is as follows:

SDelete [-P passes] [-S] [Q]

SDelete [-P passes]-Z [Drive letter]

Parameter description:

-P passes specifies the number of execution times for the overwrite operation;

-S to perform recursive operations on subdirectories;

-Q does not display errors;

-Z Cleans up free space.

OK, just take an example to understand it:

D:sdelete.exe-p 3-s Test.txt

Copy Code This command uses SDelete 3 overrides to delete the Test.txt file under D:. See, is not very simple ah, as long as there will be some simple DOS command operation on it

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