Windows command line replication tips

First, press the "Start +r" key on the keyboard, enter "CMD" in the running window, click "OK" button, as shown in the picture Second, here to enter a query system Network information command "Ipconfig" as an example, enter the

Windows Delete Service method

Windows Delete Service method 1. Delete Service Method One: Use sc.exe this Windows command Start-run--cmd.exe, then enter SC to see it. The method is simple: SC delete "service name" (If there is a space in the middle of the service name, it

Windows Batch switch IP address

Do not know whether friends have such an experience, the laptop to the unit when the Internet, because the unit needs to be fixed with the IP address, and the home is automatically get IP address, so every day to this IP address settings to set to

The lower-right corner of the taskbar pops up "windows-delay write Failed" or "xxx-damaged ... sk Tools"

Knowledge Point Analysis: In the lower-right corner of the taskbar, eject the windows-delay write failure or the xxx-corrupted file to run the Chkdsk tool. Operation Steps: Method One: Chkdsk tool Enter CMD at the start---

Windows XP opens the Security Center Tip "Security Center" is not currently available

WINDOWS XP System opens Security Center prompt: "Security Center" is not available now because its related services are not started or stopped. Please close this window and restart the computer (or start the Security Center service) and then open

Windows Explorer has stopped working how to troubleshoot

The Windows Explorer stopped Error dialog box appears frequently when we turn on the desktop or open a program or open some folders, as shown in the following illustration: Reason Analysis:This behavior occurs when a system file is

Nine strokes to prevent Windows AutoPlay function

1th Recruit: Shift key This method was already in use as early as 98 o'clock winows. The AutoPlay feature is not started as long as you hold down the SHIFT key while inserting the removable hard disk. 2nd Recruit: Group Policy prevention method

How to change Windows XP parameters to make thumbnails appear faster

As you all know, Thumbs.db is a file that stores picture thumbnail caches in Windows, and many people think it doesn't work at all and waste hard disk space, so everyone disables the Windows image caching feature, freeing up hard disk space. In fact,

Windows Server2008 Disable Local ports

Windows Server 2008 Disables local ports Windows system By default many ports are open. By shutting down certain ports, you can improve the security of your Windows system to some extent, especially for servers. The command "Netstat-an" allows you

Some seconds for Group Policy in Windows 7

Group Policy and Registry Editor are all the ports in our system that control many functions. A lot of time to change the system configuration, such as the two aspects, the settings of these two methods if set well for our system speed has a very

Windows 7 average memory footprint compared to XP footprint

A lot of people who use XP systems, are thinking about whether to change Windows 7 system, or some computers are used to play the game of the people found that the Windows 7 system, the computer playing games more than before, so whether or not to

XP and Windows 7 which play a better game

While the days of Windows 7 becoming a mainstream system are on the verge of coming, there are still a lot of old users of XP, and the most difficult thing to do is to get used to it. And now the people who play the game in order to pursue the

Windows XP with Windows7 which play Hero League fast

The topic of this article is asked to see today, first LOL should be considered a very popular game. So many people will ask this question, of course, the answer is strange. Here's a little bit of sorting out how to get your computer to play lol

How to uninstall Windows system

Many people who have just finished installing XP and Windows 7 systems may ask if I want to replace the system first and then reload it. Or My computer to reload the system, there is no need to uninstall the original system? This article is to help

Composition and nature of Windows window

1. The composition of the window Before you can use Windows skillfully, you must understand the composition of its windows, that is, the elements that make up the window. The following illustration shows a typical window of Windows that includes

Windows system 32-bit and 64-bit differences

Memory support: 32-bit Windows system can only run or process up to 4GB of memory, when the computer installed more than 4GB, the system will not recognize more than 4GB of memory. Also said is installed >=4GB above memory, installed and not

HTML tags let the 64-bit Windows 7 blue screen

This very small iframe tag (of course, it does not run very small) is a strong enough label to allow a 64-bit Win7 system to crash, which will cause Win7 to take on the famous BSOD error blue screen of Death (BSoD). The vulnerability is reported by

Top ten reasons to reload windows

The reload system is often shown as a system "savior", but the "savior" user is not happy to see it. The traditional way of reloading system has the drawbacks of not being neglected, what reasons in life need us to re-install the system? Reason one:

How to correctly understand the Windows XP system standby, Hibernate, sleep

People who have been using Windows for such a long time should have known that the Windows operating system has standby, hibernate, and so on, and Windows 7 has added a new mode called sleep, but many people are accustomed to shutting it down

What to do if Windows can't open Help and support

Computer Fault analysis and solution When this problem occurs, it is generally because the Windows System Help system service is not turned on. Generally in the domestic general users rarely use the Windows system to bring the help documents, so

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