Deskpool installation: Preparing the Windows XP virtual machine base image

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Deskpool Virtual Desktop Management system in the configuration process, you need to import the virtual machine image and then make the image a virtual desktop template. The virtual machine being imported needs to meet the following conditions to ensure the successful production of a template.

1, install the Virtualization platform driver (XenServer platform is the Xen tools,hyper-v platform is Hyper-V Integration Services)

2. The virtual machine being imported needs to have an administrator (Administrator) account enabled.

3. The virtual machine being imported needs to turn on the RDP service.

4. The imported virtual machine needs to open the file sharing service.

5. The firewall for the RDP service and the file sharing service must be enabled.

6, install patches for Windows, update to the latest.

In order to facilitate the template production, there is a windowsset.vbs script, can automatically complete the above 3, 4, 5 modification. This document describes the process for preparing a Windows XP virtual machine base image for Deskpool. Virtualization platform for Hyper-V

First step: Select an ISO image for Windows XP Professional to install a Windows XP virtual machine in the virtualization platform (XenServer 6.2, Hyper-V Server 2012R2, Windows Server 2012R2).

Step Two: Install the virtualization platform driver.

In Hyper-V mananger, open the console for the Windows XP virtual machine, and select action to insert the Integration Services installation disk.

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After Windows XP detects a new disc, the installation program for the Hyper-V integration service is automatically executed. If not, open My Computer, CD-ROM, and start the installer in the CD-ROM drive.

After the Integration Services installation is complete, Windows XP is restarted automatically, and then the integration service is installed successfully.

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Step three: Enable the Administrator account and modify the logon method.

Select "My Computer" and right click "Manage" to go to "Computer Management" program. Select "System Tools", "Local Users and Groups", select "Administrator", and right-click "Set Password".

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Reset the Administrator password.

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Go to User Accounts, control Panel, and uncheck the option "Use Welcome screen" and "use Fast User Switching."

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Step three: Enable Remote Desktop and file sharing, and turn on the firewall.

The Windowsset.vbs script can finish enabling Remote Desktop, file sharing, and turning on the firewall. However, the Windowsset.vbs operation requires administrator privileges.

1. First log off the current Windows session to log on to Windows XP with the Administrator account.

2, copy the Windowsset to the C:\Test directory.

3, run the Windowsset.vbs program.

Windowsset.vbs first indicates that the local security policy has changed. A description of this security policy can be found in the instructions in section 4.7, "WINDOWS2012R2 Rapid Deployment Deskpool Guide _v1_5_0".

Remote Desktop, file sharing, and the firewall are turned on.

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Windowsset.vbs first indicates that the local security policy has changed.

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Fourth step: Update the Windows XP patch to the latest. Finally eject the system's disc. The virtual machine base image for Windows XP is ready to be completed.

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Please refer to the configuration of Deskpool for follow-up operation.

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