Install MySQL5.6 green version under Windows

It is recommended to install the MySQL green version, what is the green version? Is the installation is free, download down is thisCreate a folder in this directory/data for storing data,Create a new My.ini file, My.ini inside the most basic

Windows, Gvim Edit, Python2 application garbled problem

Windows,python2 environment, when GVIM is configured with set Fileencoding=utf-8, the new file is encoded as Utf-8.0 UTF-8 encoding can be used if the code does not contain Chinese, or if it contains only Chinese comments. Just add #-*-coding:utf-8-*

Thread of the Windows kernel simple introduction

1 Thread Definitions kernel objects, which the operating system uses to manage threads. Kernel objects are also places that the system uses to hold thread statistics There is also a thread stack. It is used to maintain all the function parameters

Windows uses GitHub

First, you need to execute the following two commands as a basic git configuration to tell git who you are and the information you enter will appear in the submission you created.git config--global "Your name or nickname"--global

Detailed installation diagram of Nodejs plugin for sublime under Windows environment

After searching a lot of documents, the sublime Text3 Nodejs plugin was successfully installed. In order to archive, but also for the convenience of friends with the same needs, its installation process is detailed record as followsInstalling

Windows Server 2012 installation of the. NET Framework 3.5 Steps

Install the. NET Framework 3.5 First , install the SQL database, and then install vcenter The first step, put the system CD into the optical drive650) this.width=650; "src=" Https://

Windows Server 2012 Installation vcenter Steps

The first step650) this.width=650; "src=" Https:// "title=" X1.jpg "alt=" Wkiol1j7upkqaeb7aahouf0ukro716.jpg "/>The first step650) this.width=650; "src=" Https://

Windows 8 promotes normal administrator privileges for super Admin privileges and activates Super Administrator administrator

When you run certain operations under Windows 8, such as deleting some files or changing some system settings, we are not authorized enough. Need to Administrator account permissions.Believe that many other users will feel that their current use of

"Windows 10 App development" input simulation

---restore content starts---Input injection literal translation is: Import injection. The popular translation method is: analog input. This injection behavior can simulate several input behaviors:1, keyboard keys.2, mouse.3, touch control.4, writing

[Note points for windows]_[deleting non-empty folders]

Scene:1. Sometimes the program needs to generate some temporary folders and temporary files, when the program exits need to delete, this time with the Win32 API can complete the requirements. Traversing folders by themselves RemoveFile is not an

Using the Ansible app under Windows

Environmental requirements:* Controller must be Linux* Windows requires:1.Framework 4.52.PowerShell 3.0Raw materials:Ansible Master (CentOS)Anisble Slave (Windows SP1)Steps:[Linux]Yum-y Install python-kerberos.x86_64

Windows view port occupancy, end process

In development, it is unavoidable that Windows ports are occupied, so let's look at the port occupancy and end of the process that occupies the port.Win+r input cmd into the command prompt;For example, we want to see the occupancy of port 8080,

about Windows system Keyboard issues that are installed in a Mac virtual machine

1. The CTRL key cannot be used properly.Press and hold ctrl+option at the same time to achieve the CTRL native function, but also for example the following configuration to restore the CTRL functionOpens the Virtual machine resource pool, settings,

To invoke the kettle job periodically using the Windows Self-Task Scheduler manager

System platform: Windows system, other operating systems please refer to other information.The scheduled Task Scheduler for Kettle is not stable, and you must turn on kettle to implement timed jobs through the Windows Task Scheduler calling Kettle

Windows blue screen Processing

The newly installed Windows, with 360 driving the life of the drive, the start of the instant lol blue screen, I was confused, what situation? Not superstitious I decided to try again, the result is a blue screen.Online Search Code Blue screen 116,

Directory Traversal of Windows programming

Using Windows Api,findfirstfile and Filenextfile, the first Windows programming is to traverse all files and directories in the specified directory recursively. Code writes are very bloated and unsightly. Please forgive us!#include #include

Win7 Windows service does not have NFS

Today intends to use NFS, open the list did not find the "Server for NFS" (NFS Service), after a domestic and foreign search, found that the original is in the professional and home version of this feature is not, want to use this feature will be

Windows Storport Miniport Driver Development Sunflower Treasure Book-translation

Roadmap for developing Storport miniport DriversLast updated:4/20/2017To create a Storport miniport driver, perform the following steps: or 9 steps Learn about Windows architecture and drivers. Learn Windows system architecture and drive

[Reproduce] How to Create a Domain in Windows Server 2012.

link: today's article you'll learn how to create a domain in Windows Server 2012.Step 1First of all login to your Windows server and open the

Introduction to PowerBI Article 1: create the first PowerBI report and powerbi report

Introduction to PowerBI Article 1: create the first PowerBI report and powerbi report PowerBI is a new-generation interactive report tool of Microsoft. It converts related static data into cool and visualized data, and dynamically filters data based

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