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First, preparatory work

For early preparation, we need a device with a WINDOWS8 operating system and a Microsoft account. The registered address of the Microsoft account is:

Second, open WINDOWS8 mail application

First on the WINDOWS8 start desktop, locate and click the WINDOWS8 message to apply the tile.

The first time you enter a WINDOWS8 mail application, you are prompted to add Microsoft account, enter the registered Microsoft account and password, and then click Save.

Depending on the network situation, wait a moment and then enter into the WINDOWS8 mail application. The splash screen is the mailbox for the Microsoft account.

Third, add other accounts

Windows 8 mail applications provide Exchange Activesync (EAS), IMAP, and pop three types of accounts in the list, but the actual POP account cannot be added successfully.

So we first need to confirm in the mail service provider's help information whether the EAS account or IMAP account is supported.

Exchange Activesync (EAS) is a Microsoft Mail synchronization protocol that is fast and efficient for sending and receiving messages, and supports mail, contacts, and calendar synchronization.

IMAP is a mail-only protocol, which, compared to the POP protocol, can not download the content of the message to the local view, and can directly control the mailbox.

The two types of accounts are added in the same way, first you need to move the mouse to the upper right or lower right corner, click Settings in the side Super button, and then click Account.

Then, in the account list, display the account that you have already added, click Add Account.

Preset "Hotmail", "Outlook" and "Google" three accounts, under "Other accounts" are displayed in the user's own installation of other applications can be associated with the type of account, such as "QQ", "163 mailbox" and so on.

Choose "Other Account" here, of course, you can also use the account type already preset.

Select the EAS account, or an IMAP account.

It should be explained that most of the domestic mail has been opened IMAP account, in the mail help can find detailed instructions. The EAS account is now commonly used in the following several (back-bit server URL address):




China Mobile:

In addition, Google in January 2013 closed the general user's EAS function, whether to support the future is not clear, so you can choose other service providers.

The IMAP account needs to be filled in as shown above, where the IMAP and SMTP server addresses are provided by mail service providers and are generally found in mail help. Of course, after you've finished checking all the errors, click Connect. EAS settings are similar, no longer repeat.

After the account is added, the WINDOWS8 mail application will automatically start synchronizing the account email.

iv. Mail operation

Clicking the right mouse button on the left mail account name pops up the menu below. "Sync" refers to the update with the mail server; Fixed to ' start ' the earth people know what to do; Move "You can move this message to a folder;" Marked as ' unread ' is also obvious. In the upper-right corner there are three buttons, which are letter-mail, reply-To and delete-mail.

Click on the first button to pop up the page to write a message, very intuitive display, no difficulty. Click the right mouse button, there is a common function of the message below.

V. Account modification and deletion

When you add an account to the Add account, you need to click the account you have added.

The account is then set up and there is a button to delete the account at the bottom.

Vi. Application of permissions

In the setting of the right Super button, there is "permission", where you can adjust the permissions for the application.

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