Issues related to the use of Windows under ADB

Issues related to the use of Windows under ADBApplicable environment:In Windows XP. WIN7 can be done under this article. No experiments were carried out under WIN8. But the operation settings are roughly the same. Except for the 4th step. The

Pn532-mfoc-mfcuk-windows (IC card password cracking tool) by:dj1149-01

#使用本工具库必须要遵守当地法律.#本工具集合由林编译, lasted about one weeks.#出现任何违法违规事件均不与本人有任何责任, I hope you know!#本工具目前支持PN532_UART, Libnfc.dll will be recompiled later.#使工具亦支持ACR 122u, but I do not guarantee that it will be used, why?#因为本人没有ACR122U测试, so the specific

Windows thread Synchronization

When it comes to Windows thread synchronization, there are cyclic locks, critical sections (critical code Snippets), and kernel objects (EVENT,SEMAPHORE,MUTEX). Even processes, thread handle, and so on.To talk about usage:Both critical sections and

Installation and use of python3.x under Windows

Python's 3.x version, which is a large upgrade compared to earlier versions of Python. In order not to take too much weight, Python 3.x did not consider backwards compatibility when under Installation python3.x2. Open the program

Thread of the Windows kernel simple introduction

1 Thread Definitions kernel objects, which the operating system uses to manage threads.Kernel objects are also places that the system uses to hold thread statistics There is also a thread stack. It is used to maintain all the function parameters and

Windows Programming Note 1: The 2nd Chapter: Win32 Program Operation principle

The 2nd Chapter: Win32 Program Operation principleKernel objects: Object handles, identifiers, process related, can only be accessed by other threads within 1 processes , opaque, encapsulated.Create process: Returns a Variable object of type

Ubuntu 14.04 using VirtualBox 4.3.10 virtual Windows 7

Ubuntu 14.04 Although good, but some things can only be done under Windows, so in Ubuntu under the use of virtual machine software Oracle VirtualBox, virtual installation of Windows system is a good choice. First, go to VirtualBox official website

Build Jenkins test Environment in Windows

Jenkins to build a good development environment must be one, easy to use, to build a test platform is very helpful, do not know can understandOfficial website am downloading the window version numberThere are many ways to

Windows Remote Desktop settings

Http:// Control Panel--"System--" remote--"Allow any version of Remote Desktop ConnectionRemote Desktop Services usermode Port

LoadRunner Windows counters

ObjectObject Counters(Counter name) DescriptionDescription Reference values Memory Available Mbytes The number of physical memory available. If the value is small (4MB or less), the total memory on the computer

Installation and use of the Flask virtualvenv (Windows)

VIRTUALVENV provides a specific Python virtual environment (sandbox) so that scripts that require a specific version of the module can run smoothly.Because in virtualvenv, we can usePip Install-r requirements.txtTo install the dependent library for

To view a program that listens to a port in a Windows system

Netstat-aon | FINDSTR 80Proto Local Address Foreign address State PID==== ============ ============== ========== ======TCP LISTENING 1688You can see that port 80 is occupied by a program with a process number of 1688.tasklist |

Zabbix Agent installed in Windows environment

First download the Windows edition zabbix-agent:Http:// downloading the zabbix_agents compressed package, there are two folders, respectively, the Bin folder and the Conf folder. Bin

High-risk Windows System SMB/RDP Remote Command Execution vulnerability Manual repair method

 1, update patch mode for Windows Update: Update method: Click "Start", "Control Panel", "Windows Update", click "Check for Updates" -"Install Updates":   2, Check installation results: Click "View update History" to check for patches

Windows System Installation Docker Compose steps

Refer to Docker Compose Official official Installation Guide: can't actually install Docker Compose directly on Windows so far, so this article is about how to use Docker Compose on Windows.Prerequisites :

Also talk about the policy implementation of Windows administrators such as hidden drive characters

Online articles are aware of the Hkey_local_machine\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\policies\explorer folder under the control hidden drive hidden Control Panel key values, Change the key values to control whether the Windows configuration

There are small differences in Windows paths

Https:// is a very common tool under Windows, but its default address is unchanged. Sometimes we want to do something else, the other directory, what do we do? Today, the small series will

Installing MAC virtual machines on Windows

Yesterday the computer system was re-installed, and today a virtual machine is installed, and now the MAC virtual machine is installed. Although now installed Mac virtual machine Early Pro, but think of their own groping in the Windows to install

Oracle client plsql installation, oracle client plsql

Oracle client plsql installation, oracle client plsql   1. Confirm version Your operating system version (32-bit or 64-bit), oracle instant client (oracle client Version), and plsql version My own versions are: 64-bit oracle client version and 64

If the Windows 7 system is installed and the IE 11 browser is upgraded, the Windows 7 system is installed.

If the Windows 7 system is installed and the IE11 browser is upgraded, the Windows 7 system is installed. As a front-end staff member, IE678 is a nightmare. Fortunately, most websites have begun to give up their support for IE6/7/8. Because IE8 is

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