How does one activate Windows Vista retail edition to the OEM version without activation?

From: SLP: Short for system lock preinstall The protection measures for activation of the pre-installed system are translated into Chinese. It is an agreement between Microsoft and OEMs, in order to maximize the benefits of

Command Line program for Windows Service Control Manager communication

SC is a command line used to communicate with the Service Control Manager. Program . Usage: SC [command] [service name] ... the format of option is "\ servername" you can type "SC [command]" for further help. command:

Restore Screen Settings for Windows

A computer installed with the Chinese version of Windows 480 made the screen resolution 320 x due to the messy settings of cainiao. The color was also very ugly, making some software very inconvenient to operate. When 600x480 resolution is restored,

How can I fix the damaged Windows XP user account?

As we all know, compared with other versions of Windows, Windows XP provides the Windows welcome screen logon mode and quick user switching function, which makes it easy for many people to use one computer. Because of this, the "User Account" in the

Windows. Some basic methods for setting scripts

Q: "I have read so many excellent posts but have not found the answer to a very simple question: That is, how to set a login script for a domain user? -Can BAT be used as a login script? -In the "attributes" of Domain Users, how should I specify the

Windows. vbs. FSO. file operation information. Disk Driver information. Complete folder operation information

Source Address: Http:// Id = 50 'Fso File Operations'Fso Parameter Details:'Fso. IsRootFolder = True | false' indicates whether the root directory is used.'Fso. getfolder': Set fldr = Fso. GetFolder ("C: \

Vbs utility self-built-Windows Script application instance

Since the Windows 98 era, various script files have emerged constantly. script files are used to directly run various script files on the Windows interface or Dos command prompt, microsoft implanted a 32-bit Windows-based, independent script running

Detailed description of Windows Registry Modification Using VBScript

Have you heard of the well-known WSH? It is short for Windows Script Host, and WSH is a Script command on Windows platform. It has powerful functions, in addition to modifying the Registry described in this article, it uses the JScript and VBScript

Remote Terminal Service Startup windows Script ROTS. vbs

**************************************** *************************************** ROTS v1.05 Remote Open Terminal services Script, by zzzEVAzzz Welcome to visite Usage: Cscript c: \ scriptpath \ ROTS. vbs targetIP username password

Remote enabling/disabling the windows Script RTCS. vbs for the target telnet Service

**************************************** **************************************** RTCS v1.10 Remote Telnet Configure Script, by zzzEVAzzz Welcome to visite Usage: Cscript c: \ scriptpath \ RTCS. vbe targetIP username password

Download the Windows XP Pro SP2 activation-free version V1.0 of jianmeng

I. Software IntroductionThis installer is an ISO boot image file. We recommend that you use NERO directly after downloading it.Burn the image file, and then install it on a CD. Of course, you can also install it on a hard disk, DOSRun \ I386 \ winnt.

Some windows tips

Back up the Registry first! 1. The audio and video files cannot be deleted in xp.In many cases, this is because the preview function is a ghost. Start | enter and execute "REGSVR32/u shmedia. DLL" during running to get the message preview. Run

Overall search for security vulnerabilities in the Windows family (figure)

WinXP has never been stable and secure, but there are still a variety of security vulnerabilities. If we are indifferent to this, online hackers will have a chance, they can easily steal your trade secrets and destroy important information ......,

Vulnerabilities and Countermeasures of Windows operating system password system (Figure)

Document directory I. Question proposal Ii. Problem Analysis and Countermeasures Iii. Conclusion I. Question raised this article only lists the issues found in actual work, this paper analyzes several hidden security vulnerabilities related

Create a windows tab with htc Components

There are many ways to simulate a windows style tab on the webpage. Here we will introduce a simple method-using htc components. The advantage of using htc is that it can be freely called and is a bit batch-processed. For example, if you want to

How to block games that come with Windows XP

Playing games for students on the computer is a challenge faced by many information technology instructors. Especially, the classic games that come with Windows are so playable that students are always happy. This semester, we created a new data

Code used to exploit the @ domain name registration vulnerability in Windows Live

Another Windows Live @ domain name registration vulnerability was discovered. Now we only need to use a simple piece of JS Code to add the @ address to the Windows Live registration interface. What surprised us is that, the Entered

Windows + Apache + resin Configuration

Source: Internet Author: skywoo/CSDN Windows2000 + Apache2.0.48 + resin2.1.61. Install jdk1.4    Jdk's latest version is jdk1.4.2, which can be downloaded on the After installation, add the windows2000 environment variable JAVA_

Eight reasons for slow Windows Startup

Everyone wants their computers to be faster, but for various reasons they often fail to do so, and even the computer crashes on startup. In fact, sometimes the slow startup speed of Windows is not a problem, but caused by some devices or software.

Windows Vista nLite

As a Windows enthusiast, you must know that nLite also has a vLite for the Vista system, which can effectively lose weight on the Vista disc and create your own personalized CD, I believe the Packaging Group of Operating Systems in China will be

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