Windows Vista Ultimate tornado activation-free V1.0 download

This disc is made based on the official Simplified Chinese version of Vista msdn. It only integrates the latest security patches and is pure and non-impurity. use unattended installation, no activation, no serial number, pass genuine verification,

DirectX 10 for Windows XP Modified Version Download

Although Microsoft and display chip vendors make it clear that Windows XP does not support DirectX 10 and many of its features, hackers do not think so, they intercepted DirectX under Windows Vista and tried to implement Shader Model 4.0 and

Windows vulnerabilities: Stick keys

In Windows 2000/XP/vista, you can press the shiftkey 5 times to enable the plug-in and run sethc.exe. In addition, it can be opened on the logon interface. This makes people think of Windows screensaver ProgramReplace with cmd.exe to open the shell.

Solution for Windows Prompt not to find the file mongochkfat.exe"

Despite all the virus attacks, kazki continuously reports the virus to a single file and then reports the success. A chkfat.exe file needs to be restarted and deleted. After the suspicious process is shut down in msconfig startup, the system

Analysis of Windows Vista built-in firewall graphic tutorial

As early as Windows 2000 extended toolkit, the ICF (Internet Connection Firewall) tool appeared, through which the incoming rules of network packets can be configured, however, in Windows 2000, this ICF tool is not built into the system. Therefore,

How to back up and restore Windows IIS server settings

When we use IIS (Internet Information Server, Internet Information Server) that comes with Windows 2000 server, we often need to set up some Web Services and FTP services. However, after a period of use, the configuration of web sites, FTP sites,

Official version of WinZip 11.1 build 7466, supporting Windows Vista download

A powerful and easy-to-use compression utility Program, Supports zip, cab, tar, Gzip, mime, and more compressed files. it is tightly integrated with Windows Resource Manager drag and drop, and does not need to leave the resource manager for

Modify the BIOS in windows and install hp oem xp. [graphic tutorial]

Why is HP's XP installed? Hey, HP's SP2 is currently the smallest known system recovery disc, Only 497 m. It is equivalent to half a lite version system. I have been using 03, and occasionally using XP is also Lenovo. But recently I changed the

How to debug howto using Windows scripts

If you often use vbs or js to write some windows scripts and only know how to debug your Program Words Then you can vomit blood and read this article. Any type of Windows scripts can be debugged using the script debugger. There are several

Absolute path of each project in the control panel under Windows

You can run these CPL directly without having to go to the control panel. Internet OptionsC: \ windows \ system32 \ inetcpl. CPLTelephone and modem optionsC: \ windows \ system32 \ telephon. CPLPower supply optionsC: \ windows \ system32 \

Freebsd5.4release X Windows Installation notes (freebsd5.4r + gnome2.10.0)

Machine Configuration: Core: P4 \ 1.7g Motherboard: msi845 Memory: Kingston 256*2 Hard Disk: Max 40 GB Graphics: ATI radeon 75 00 Display Board: Samsung syncmaster 753dfx Sound Card: creative Sound Blaster live! I.

Microsoft Windows server code name "Longhorn" beta 3 officially released! Download

Microsoft Windows server code name "Longhorn" beta 3 has been uploaded to the Microsoft download center. This is the first time Microsoft has published the Longhorn server test version to everyone, longhorn server beta 3 includes the Standard

Use msicuu.exe%msizap.exe with Windows XP to thoroughly uninstall stubborn programs

First, open the Windows XP installation disk and click "Support Tools" to go to the hard disk's Support Tools installation directory (X: \ Program Files \ support tools.exe, find msicuuu.exe, and double-click, the "Windows Installer Clean Up" window

Download Windows 98 SE version 2 thunder

Simplified Chinese interface language Authorization method commercial software/domestic software High-quality software source code/Windows/Common Software Software size: 148 MB Recommendation degree Related Links ProgramDemo author homepage

Tips for using Windows Vista

As we all know, in Windows Vista, Microsoft introduced UAC. Although there is a user-friendly graphical interface, sometimes you still need to execute some operations that can only be executed at the command line prompt. In the run dialog box, Enter

How to handle "Windows Script Host" autorun. js

【 Fault description]: Double-click the C, D, and E disks. A "Windows Script Host" cannot find the script file. The following is the script: D: \ autorun. vbs. Row: 25 Character: 4 Error: Incorrect 'Next' Code: 800A041F Source: Microsoft VBScript

Windows Vista Ultimate OEM 20in1 Simplified Chinese Version Download

Including IBM, Gigabyte, Lenovo, HP, Compaq, DELL, ASUS, Acer ), benQ (BenQ), Fujitsu (Fujitsu), SAMSUNG (SAMSUNG), SONY (SONY), TOSHIBA (TOSHIBA), NEC (NEC), LG (LG), FOUNDER (FOUNDER ), 20 OEM versions, Including TCL and HASEE. Be prepared! The

How to install and configure IIS6/Apache2.2.4 + MySQL5.2 + PHP5.2.1 in Windows

I saw a book on php in, and it was still php3. Looking back on the prospect of php on the web in four years, it was still bright! Php, which has not been seen for three years, has reached php5. Now I have been writing the first php WEB for three or

Ultimate introduction to virtual memory settings in windows

The computer has a great role in the computer. All the running programs in the computer need to be executed through the memory. If the program is large or large, it will cause the memory to be exhausted. To solve this problem, the virtual memory

Windows XP system optimization and security restrictions-how to modify IE and page 1/2 of the Registry File

Permanently delete other icons in the Internet Explorer tool list Choose [start] --> [run] --> type [regedit] and select [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE] --> [SOFTWARE] --> [Microsoft] --> [InternetExplorer] --> [Extensions], check whether the content of each

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