Modify the Registry to display the Windows version on the desktop

First, Run registry editor in start-run-input-regedit, and then open the existing or new operation sub-Keys, edit the corresponding key-value items according to the following table (create this item if it does not exist) In the registry, find:

Windows XP SP3 RC refresh 2 build 3282 provides Bt and thunder download

The standalone update package for Windows XP Service Pack 3 Release Candidate refresh 2 is displayed on moninova. You can download the package now (English version) The following is the file information:Date 242.161.2008Size 311.58 MBVersion 3282:

Ghost Windows XP SP2 tornado version v1.2 download address

Ghost Windows XP SP2 tornado pure version v1.2, we 'd better use thunder download to ensureThis disc contains two versions of Windows XP SP2: MVL free activation edition and OEM free activation edition. It integrates the latest security patch and

GUI for ghost running on Windows

The GUI of ghost running on Windows. Ben ProgramThe ghost has been embedded with only one independent main program file, which is green and does not write any information to the system. System RequirementsOperating System: Microsoft

How to Set permissions in Windows

With the wide application of the forum, the discovery of the online upload vulnerability, and the increasing use of SQL injection attacks, webshell makes the firewall useless, even if a web server with all Microsoft patches and port 80 open to the

How to reject forced shutdown in Windows 2000/XP

From last August to now, the shock wave and shock wave have caused countless people to restart their hosts for countless times. Of course, with patches and kill tools, their power has been greatly reduced. However, there are still some people who

In Windows XP, you can easily obtain batch files with unused IP addresses.

When we solve a DHCP fault in a Windows operating system, we sometimes need to find out which addresses within a certain address range are not used. You only need to create a batch file and require it to only return unused IP addresses, and then

Use of the 11 most frequently used commands in Windows Vista

Vista is described by many users as being too gorgeous, which leads to a situation where too many system resources are occupied. Many users say that Vista has done too much, but if you are good at using commands, it can greatly simplify operations

Windows XP Service Pack 3 RC1 v.3244 WINXP Patch 3 download

There are not many new features in Windows XP Service Pack 3, but they contain all previous updates. ProgramAnd Hotfix, which solves many bugs, improves stability, removes the time-consuming patching process, and is worth upgrading. In addition to

This is a history of the coolest Windows Background sethc.exe.

Backdoor principle: In Windows 2000/XP/vista, you can press the shiftkey 5 times to enable the plug-in and run sethc.exe. In addition, it can be opened on the logon interface. This makes people think of Windows screensaverProgramReplace with cmd.

Use NMAP to search for vulnerabilities in your Windows Network

It can be said that if your network has a vulnerability, or your firewall has a vulnerability, or your server has a port that shouldn't be opened, your network is at risk of being attacked and damaged. The first step is strong. In order to prevent

Graphic tutorial on improving Windows XP system security by disabling 10 services

Improving system security involves many aspects. An important step is to disable unnecessary services. Although Microsoft Windows XP is not a network operating system, many of its services are opened by default. For a clear Microsoft user, disabling

Windows Vista SP1 RC1 latest test version in cmd

After running the CMD script, which is carefully written by the vision forum, it has been confirmed that you can use windowsupdate to download vista sp1 RC1 (v668), run the script as an administrator, and then run Windows Update to check for updates.

Settings in Windows "recycle bin"

★Use the "edit" menu of "recycle bin" If you want to delete most of the files in the recycle bin, you do not have to select them one by one. You can first select the files that are not deleted, and then click "edit" → "reverse selection ", the

Three methods for deleting Windows SharePoint Services

You can use HTML management or command line management tools to delete Microsoft Windows SharePoint services from a virtual server. Both tools can retain or delete content when you delete Windows SharePoint Services. Use HTML to manage web pages

Use the vbs script to change the Windows XP serial number.

On Error resume next Dim vol_prod_keyIf wscript. Arguments. Count Vol_prod_key = inputbox ("usage instructions:" & vbcr &"ProgramThe serial number of your current windows will be automatically replaced, and the full genuine version will be

Ntgodmode.exe any password to log on to the Windows system account to download

Author: golds7n [lag] Size: 9216 bytes MD5: 7026217dc72aa564a2834995d7a7b017 Source: Security Focus --------- Ntgod private Powered by golds7n [lag] --------- Usage: ntgodmode.exe on | off In ntgod nt God mode, you can use any password to

Full process of manual installation of SATA hard drive in Windows Vista

The netizens said they could not install the package, but I did not have to worry about it. After studying for 20 days, I finally installed the package yesterday. After installation and restart, You can manually add the SATA driver and registration

In WINDOWS php5.2.4 + mysql6.0 + apache2.2.4 + ZendOptimizer-3.3.0 Configuration

1. Install the http server apache Apache.1.jpg(43.95 KB) Apache.2.jpg(55.15 KB) Apache.3.jpg(64.33 KB) Apache.4.jpg(41.78 KB) Apache.5.jpg(45.91 KB) Apache.6.jpg(28.96 KB) Apache.7.jpg(31.9 KB) Apache installation is complete. If the apache

Highlights of ftp operations in Windows

1. What is FTP? What functions does FTP provide? FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is Internet (File transfer protocol ). It is for us The file transfer standard set by the Internet for mutual File Transfer How to transfer files on the Internet. That is

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