Windows special group details

Special identifierIn addition to the groups in the "users" and "builtin" containers, servers running Windows Server 2003 also contain several special identifiers. For convenience, these identifiers are generally called groups. These special groups

Solution for Apache startup failure in Windows 7 in XAMPP

Windows 7 32-bit Download the zip version of XAMPP. Apache cannot be started. It is stopped after the running mark is temporarily displayed. The log shows warning: Terminating worker Thread 0. View log information [Notice] Apache/2.2.14 (win32)

A Method for minimizing extjs windows

The following is a minimization method implemented by recreating its minimize function: HTML: CopyCodeThe Code is as follows: restore JS:Copy codeThe Code is as follows: function openwin (){If (! Win){Win = new Ext. Window ({Title: "pop-up

Installation tutorial for Apache php5.3.1 in Windows

I downloaded the latest recommended version. I didn't expect it to be sent to the jar, so I didn't. Later I summarized it and found that there were still many problems, so I shared it and hoped to share it with you. It is helpful. During the

How to configure squid for CDN in Windows

Note that the computer on which you pre-install and configure squid must be connected to the network. The system version is Windows 2000/XP/2003/Server 2003. 1) first download squid for Windows Version (, as

How to configure the FTP service supported by Windows Firewall

This kind of problem is often encountered by webmasters. I will share with you the real solution! Problem: 2003 Server is used to provide web and FTP services, and uses flashfxp on the Internet to remotely upload webpages. If the firewall is

How to solve the error when installing pear php5.3.1 in Windows

Phar "C: \ PHP \ pear \ go-pear.phar" doesNotHave a signature PHP warning: require_once(Phar: /// go-pear.phar/index. php): Failed to open stream: phar error: Invalid URL or non-existent phar "phar: // go-pear.phar/index. php"InC: \ PHP \ pear \

Install apache2, PhP5, and mysql5 on Windows and implement multi-system integration with Resin

Who knows that there are many ups and downs, so I think it is necessary to record them. First, I hope it will be helpful to later users and avoid unnecessary detours. I would like to express my gratitude for the installation process based on the

Use nginx for website load balancing test instances in Windows

If you have been paying attention to nginx, you must know what the nginx software is for. If your website traffic is getting higher and higher, one server can no longer withstand traffic pressure, let's increase the number of servers for load.

How to get started with nginxhttp server in Windows

I. Introduction nginx is a very lightweight HTTP server compiled by Russians. nginx is pronounced as "engine X" and is a high-performance HTTP and reverse proxy server, it is also an IMAP/POP3/SMTP proxy server. Ii. Location Syntax: Location [= | ~ |

Windows Server record 3389 Remote Desktop IP policy

The 3389ip Log Path is c: \ windows \ pdplog \ rdplog.txt Program Code Copy code The Code is as follows: MD c: \ windows \ pdplog Echo date/t ^> rdplog.txt> C: \ WINDOWS \ pdplog. cmd Echo Time/t ^> rdplog.txt> C: \ WINDOWS \ pdplog. cmd Echo

Steps for installing memcached in Windows

(In fact, it is relatively simple to install in Windows) Source code package preparation: 1, memcached 1.2.1 for Win32 Binaries This is the latest version of memcached on the Win32 server. You can download it directly; 2.

JS parent window controls the behavior of child windows-Open, close, relocate, reply

During the test, note that the current directory contains Code . Copy code The Code is as follows: Windows window opens window opening and closing

How to install memcache in Windows

In fact, when I started to study memcache, I didn't know that there was a memcached for Win32 bird thing, which caused me to be able to handle it in a one-day way in the case of Cen-tos, today, I suddenly found that there is no problem in developing

Installation and configuration of nginx and PhP5 in Windows

The following are the steps for installing nginx and php5.2 in Windows 2003, The nginx performance in Windows is much worse than that in Linux/unsecure. . Install PhP5First, load the latest Windows version from

Installation and configuration of nginx and PhP5 in Windows

Install PhP5 First, download the latest PHP 5.3 Windows version from the, decompress to c: \ PhP5, the compressed package of PHP. ini-recommended, renamed PHP. ini, and then open the modify several options:

Page 1/2 of php5.2.14 and apache2.2.16 installation and configuration methods in Windows

First download the configuration file to be installed1. APACHE-2.2.162. php-5.2.14-Win32 1. Apache configuration If you do not want to install Apache, select the desired location during the installation process and click Next. Port 80 by default.

Mutual calls between child windows, parent windows, and Silverlight

In fact, the call between them is still very simple ~ Basics 1. The parent page calls Js in the Child page First, create a child form. CopyCode The Code is as follows: var win $ (Function (){ Root = $ ('# root'). Val (); // you can specify the

Use Squid to open a proxy server in Windows

The solution mentioned in the article "break through the company's network blockout and Changyou unlimited network" is to use ccproxy to build proxy server. Ccproxy is a graphic interface program. It is easy to use, but there are two problems:

Manual configuration and usage of XDebug in Windows

1. Download XDebug binary: Find php. ini.3. If ZendOptimizer has been configured, You need

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