Batch script for batch installation of Windows Patches

Script For batch installation of Windows Patches 1. Create the install. BAT file2. edit the file and enter the script. CopyCodeThe Code is as follows: @ echo off For % I in (*. EXE) do % I/Passive/norestart/nobackup 3. Run the script in the

Installation of iis7.0 graphic tutorial on Windows 7 (no separate installation package is required)

Microsoft does not provide an independent iis7.0 installation package. Currently, there is no reliable extraction package on the Internet. In normal Windows 7 (non-lite version), you can install IIS directly after installing the system, without the

Implementation principle and operation steps for minimizing windows to pallets in MFC

STEP/Method (1) Principles 1. Principle of minimization: First hide the window, and then draw the icon in the lower right corner. 2. Restoration principle: display the window and delete the images in the tray. (2) Program Implementation 1. Custom

Introduction to WINDOWS performance counters in sqlserver

Processer:% Processor Time Processor is busy with task execution Time threshold 80%, CPU bottlenecks, insufficient memory, low query plan reuse rate, unoptimized statements, and so on.SQLServer: Buffer ManagerBuffer cache hit ratio Adjust the

Simple nodejs installation and environment configuration in windows

I believe that nodejs is no longer a strange word for many people who are concerned about javascript development. Related information about nodejs has been overwhelming on the Internet. Because of its high concurrency, it has created its special

Troubleshooting of weblogic startup failure on Windows 7 server

Environment: Operating System: windows 7 Weblogic: 10.3.3 Problem:After you create a Domain Based on the Installation Wizard, the service is started by default for the first time.The following exception occurs during startup through the

The problem that the windows form calls the WCF Service form is stuck

Form startup starts a main program thread. If you call the service in the From_Load () method, calling the service operation will block the main program. You only need to put the service calling operations in other threads to solve this problem.

. NET Windows multi-thread Programming

Process: Factory bricks, 10 workers finished 1000 bricks Thread: Every worker who has moved 100 bricks is a task. Thread-based Asynchronous migration: Manual migration: 10 workers move at the same time, with high efficiency and asynchronous

Use xp_cmdshell to log out of a Windows user (the maximum number of connections is exceeded on the terminal server)

TFP is used for daily project updates in the company, and Remote Desktop Management is generally used for server maintenance. Therefore, you often log on to the server. However, for some reason, after logging on to the server, the account is not

Set up the zendframework project environment in windows (through command line configuration)

1. First, make sure that your PHP version is no lower than 5.1.4. However, we strongly recommend that you use 5.2.3 or later. 2. Make sure that the following modules are enabled for your php. ini: Extension = php_pdo.dllExtension =

How to configure Nginx + Windows Server Load balancer

1. Download NginxHttp:// Decompress the package to the C: \ nginx directory. 2. Create a website on the two servers: S1: 8054 S2: 8089 2. Find the Directory C: \ nginx \ conf \ nginx.

Simple configuration method for synchronizing data in windows with cwrsync

Cwrsync Http:// or download to Cwrsync is divided into two parts: client and server. Let's talk about cwrsync 4.0.. In contrast, cwrsync_4.0.5_installer.zipand

Batch add firewall exception ports in Windows

Batch add firewall exception ports in Windows Copy codeThe Code is as follows: echo off Cls Set var = 30000 Set end = 30010 : Continue Set/a var + = 1 Echo add port % var % Netsh firewall add portopening TCP % var % ftp_data _ % var % If % var %

Install squid in Windows

1. Download squid for windows :Http:// Ii. Install squid and configuration in Windows 1.decompress to C: \ squid 2. Click [start], select "run",

Apache2 (phpstudy) cannot be started on the local calculator in Windows)

After Baidu, the httpd. conf file in \ phpStudy \ Apache2 \ conf \ is prompted to be modified. The Code is as follows: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: ServerAdmin DocumentRoot "D: \ www" ServerName Options Indexes

Share vpn commands on windows in cmd

Create a VPN under CMD 1. PrerequisitesIn the service, the windows Firewall is stopped (or you can configure the router Protocol and port 1723) The Remote Registry Service must be enabled. Server service must be enabled The router routing service

Prevent hackers from intruding into the Windows system you are using (clone Administrator account)

Prevent hackers from intruding into the Windows system you are using When hackers intrude into a host, they will try to protect their "labor results". Therefore, they will leave various backdoors on the zombie to control the zombie for a long time,

Configure the django runtime environment in windows + apache + mod_python

1. Create mysite test site: startproject mysite 2. Create a test page: hello. py. The content is as follows: From django. http import HttpResponse Def index (request ):Return HttpResponse ('hello, Django! ') 3. Create the

Use cwRsync to implement timed synchronization and backup of server files in windows (with error handling methods)

Download the cwRsync server and client software as follows: Server: cwRsync Server (multiple Server File Sync Servers) V4.1.0 free version Client: cwRsync (Multi-Server File sync client) V4.1.0 free version However, we generally do not use the

Windows Route table command Arrangement

Windows Route table command Display and modify entries in the local IP address routing table. SyntaxRoute [-f] [-p] [Command [Destination] [mask Netmask] [Gateway] [metric Metric] [if Interface] Parameters-FClear all routes that are not the primary

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