Special problems with uninstalling Windows service and re-installing it

When I came back this morning, I found that the Windows service I wrote needed to be modified and I used installutil/u to uninstall the service. When you use installutil for installation after modification, the installation fails: the specified

Resolve the issue that Windows 7 XAMPP Apache cannot be started

Download the installed version of XAMPP from Windows 7. Apache cannot be started. The running flag is temporarily displayed and then stopped. The log shows warning: Terminating worker Thread 0. View log information [Notice] Apache/2.2.17 (win32)

Privilege Escalation for Windows Server Security Settings

Server security is very important, especially when hackers escalate permissions. Here, we use web to escalate permissions. Web elevation usually uses network service accounts and registry changes, so we can change the Registry to read-only. Please

How to make the dialog box receive the WM_CHAR message (Windows Programming)

As we all know, the dialog box sometimes cannot capture the WM_CHAR message. For example, you want to change all the Edit controls in the dialog box to uppercase. We do not hesitate to write:     # Include // Declare the Dialog ProcedureBool

Microsoft releases sample programs for Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and Windows CardSpace

Microsoft released a sample package for Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and Windows CardSpace yesterday. The package is rich in content, from the simplest Hello World to complex solutions. For Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and

Windows Communication Foundation Environment Installation

. NET Framework 3.0 has been released for some time. Should I learn something new if I am too lazy? Start with WCF. As part of. NET Framework 3.0, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is Release along with Windows Vista, but it does not mean that

Use Git to manage Github projects in Windows

Document directory Git Github Learning Materials Git Git is an open-source distributed version control system for efficient and high-speed processing of project version management from very small to very large. Originally written by Linus

Experience at the beginning of Windows 7 upgrade and Installation

This week, I finally made up my mind to install Windows 7. Because you are used to operating systems activated with genuine versions, it is not easy to install them before they can be activated. I have installed a lot of software on my machine

Windows XP Mode for Windows 7

Document directory 3. Run the XPM Application Windows XP Mode (XPM) is an application that runs Windows XP in Windows 7 Based on Virtual PC technology, in this way, if you want to run applications such as IE6, you do not need to enter the

Windows 7 new features in-depth experience: Library

In WindowsAmong the many new features in 7, the library function may be one of the most convenient improvements. Although the library function is not a completely new concept, the library function can enable Windows7 users access files in different

Tips: Application compatibility of Windows 7 and application compatibility Assistant

In Windows 7, Microsoft is proud to provide more intelligent troubleshooting and help. In many cases, windows 7 can automatically diagnose existing problems and handle some common problems based on preset solutions or Internet searches. This

Windows 7: the path to a bumpy image-Daemon Tools

Windows 7 RTM has been released on subscriptions such as MSDN recently. In fact, there are many leaked versions, but there is no serial number at all. It is a good day to get the serial number, wu Huifeng is also happy to make a Windows 7 system

Windows 7 BitLocker experience

BitLocker was initially a data encryption protection method in Vista. The entire operating system partition and Data Partition can be encrypted. It can be used together with the hardware TPM (Trusting Platform Module, a majority of commercial

Windows 7 Problem Steps Recorder

In Windows 7, Problem Steps Recorder is actually an operation capture device that records user operations in the system and generates mht files with images and texts. IT personnel is indeed a good tool. You don't have to write articles or take

Windows 7 reading domain server files (Samba)

After installing Windows 7, I found a file server that could not access the company's domain. The file server uses the Linux + Samba architecture, so I used SSH to directly log on to the server to find files, it's really troublesome. I really can't

The installation and configuration of MySQL5.6 in windows are provided with screenshots and detailed descriptions.

Edited by: Vocabulary The following describes how to download, install, and configure MySQL 5.6.   Figure 1.1 MySQL5.6 Currently, MySQL provides two different versions for different users: MySQL Community Server: Community edition. This version is

Install and configure Mysql5.6.11 for Windows

Registered oracle Login Name: 10402852@qq.com Password: The number * after dsideal ******* is a common password of Wang Zhuo, but it is in uppercase, because the ORACLE password mechanism is strict. WINDOWS:   True:

Js simulates the specific implementation of the windows desktop icon Arrangement Algorithm (as shown in the figure below)

Note: Jquery needs to be introduced. If the upload function is full, import jquery-uiand jquery-ui.css. : Js Code: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: $ (function (){ // Menu listVar menu_list = $ (". menu-list "); // Work zoneVar working = $ (".

Implementation of floating windows on the desktop (similar to malicious advertisements)

Suddenly remembered that flash has the effect of collision and rebound as control, so I thought of using c # To make a desktop floating collision and rebound without a title bar form. It is a bit like a malicious virus advertisement. The main code

Benefits of Windows domain accounts advantages of Domain Controllers

Especially when I first started my company, my first task was to study how to configure and manage TFS, SharePoint, and SQL Server. The use of domain accounts once and again shocked me a lot, sometimes it is an ideological disruption, and I am truly

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