Five Windows Live Messenger beta invitations, first come, first served.

MyWindows Live Messenger Beta has finally been put down. There are five.If you need a friend, please leave your own MSN address(Note: you must use your own MSN address, unless you use this email address as MSN)First come, first served.Of course, you

Windows Mobile 6.5 Developer Tool Kit on MSDN

The Windows Mobile 6.5 Developer Tool Kit adds documentation, sample code, header and library files, emulator images and tools to Visual Studio that let you build applications for Windows Mobile 6.5. this document contains important information

Swype-revolutionary touch Input Method on Windows Mobile

  Here is good news for Windows Mobile users. A new input method software Swype will bring about a revolution in the input method.We usually input words with a needle or a keyboard. Swype is on a mobile phone. You only need to slide on the virtual

Live to Code-Windows Azure development pioneer training camp is coming soon

Windows Azure, Microsoft's public cloud platform, is about to log on to China. This is an important step in Microsoft's "cloud + Terminal" strategy. The powerful, flexible, open, and reliable public cloud services will allow enterprises and users to

Windows phone7 Development Series video course launched

The majority of users who care about Windows Phone 7 have noticed that all Windows Phone 7 courses are now available. Course introduction: Windows Phone7 is a brand new mobile platform launched earlier this year. It integrates the advantages of

Windows Live Writer plug-in development

A few months ago I saw a video on Channel9. Charles tegou, the Development Manager of Windows Live Writer, told me how to develop the Writer plug-in. Yesterday, I saw Xu xiaozhuo's WebCast. I felt that the content was the same. After reading it, I

Use Windows Live Writer to write a blog

Brief Introduction Windows Live Writer is a powerful blogging client tool that can publish logs to almost all log servers. Because the article is written locally, it can prevent content loss when the article is published. At the same time, it can

Enable Windows Live Messenger to support multi-Account Login

I often hear our Sales Department colleagues complain that Live Messenger cannot log on to multiple accounts at the same time. A colleague's machine is configured, and a virtual machine is running another Messenger, you can't do it. After searching

Install. NET + Memcached in Windows

Reprinted please indicate the source: Original article: Official Memcached: For more information about Memcached, see Memcached deep analysis. Download

I think Windows 8 RT

Windows 8 RT is short for Windows runtime. To understand WinRT, you must first understand a problem. During Windows NT development, many CPU types are actually supported, as a matter of fact, he has produced some CPU (such as CERT) versions, but he

Enable Windows 7 to automatically mount Virtual Disks at startup

In the past, I used TrueCrypt for Virtual Disks to encrypt and store my work files. Now, with VHD and the built-in BitLocker of Win7, the system can implement this function, compared with TrueCrypt, it has more powerful functions. However, if you

Use. net to develop and generate the Windows Service Installation Package

A database search table in a company project needs to add new records to the table because a new product is added, and the product description, category, and other related information must be added, the data in this search table cannot be updated

Windows XP SP3 automatic update error 0 × 80092026 Solution

Yesterday I found that my system was patched with a vulnerability of Kingsoft cleaning expert 2009. I found that none of the patches could be used. It was strange that all the logs under the Windows directory were: 0x80092026 The cryptographic

Compile and run MemCached in Windows. NET.

What is Memcached?Memcached is a high-performance, distributed memory object cache system developed by Danga Interactive. It is used to reduce database load and improve access speed in dynamic applications.   What can Memcached cache?By maintaining

Fixed windows Windows

Create a new text file, paste the following content, change the name of the text file to *. reg, and then execute the command to fix it.   Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ CLSID \ {20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D} \

The first time I used Windows Live Writer, I collected some plug-ins.

Rich plug-in resources: 1. Syntax Highlighter for Windows Live Writer This is a simple plugin for Windows Live Writer that enables a user to insert highlighted source code, it is based on Wilco Bauwer's Syntax Highlighter

Install the ati driver on windows server

I can't remember it. Save it. Other installation programs that use this API to test the system are also applicable. 1. Use windbgto execute installmanagerapp.exe under bin64under the directory under atijie. 2. Input: bp ntdll! RtlGetNtProductType "

[Continue] loading Windows PE and. net assembly

There are many views in the comments written by firelong about the recent C # debate. Some topics were not clearly understood at the time. Later I took the time to read it. There are too many opinions in those comments, and there is no way to verify

Weird Windows Form Events

I haven't been here for a long time because of my busy work. In MS WebMatrix, a new event is added to Form: InitActivated. This code is detected, and it is only a special case of Form Activated events, this event is triggered when Activated is

Troubleshooting of Windows Form initialization size records

To let the system record the size and status of the main form when the application exits, adopt the Implementation Technology in WebMatrix: update the size and status of the form from the "Memory" when the form is constructed, when the form is

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