Windows 8 experience (1) Installation

After reading the release of Windows 8, it is shocking that Windows 8 may be a milestone operating system. Download and Installation started last night.Installation preparation System, msdn subscribe to Download Windows Developer Preview with

EDB control in Windows Mobile 5.0

Previously, wm5 systems generally used CEDB databases, and EDB is one of the new features in wm5. To improve applicationsProgramCEDB has been replaced by EDB because of its performance and long-term portability. EDB utilizes the storage subsystem

Learning windows phone7 development together (keyboard input for the 11. Beta simulator)

NewBetaThe simulator used by the version and the simulator of the old version have not only the appearance but also the keyboard input.In the earlier version of the dashboard, the soft and physical keyboards can be used at the same time,BetaThe

Thumbnail preview for Windows 7 taskbar Development (Thumbnail)

In the previous article, we learned about the development of the taskbar progress bar. This article will study the thumbnail preview function. If you mention thumbnail preview, you may be familiar with Windows 7. It is a highlight of Windows 7. No

Overlay Icon for Windows 7 taskbar Development)

When using Windows 7 for the first time, the change in the Taskbar (Taskbar) can be said to highlight me. Based on the previous Windows desktop functions, the Windows 7 taskbar adds many other features to us: Jump Lists, Window Preview, Process Bar,

Windows 7 taskbar development Progress Bar (Progress Bar)

In the previous article, we completed the Overlay Icon development. In this article, we will study the progress bar feature. When you use IE to download a file, the taskbar icon synchronously displays the current download progress (for example ).

Windows 7 taskbar (Overlay Icon, Thumbnail Toolbar, and Progress Bar) developed by WPF 4)

In the previous article, we introduced how to develop the Windows 7 jump list in WPF 4. This article will continue with the other functions of the taskbar in WPF 4: Overlay Icon and Progress Bar) and the Thumbnail Toolbar (Thumbnail Toolbar. For API

Windows phone7 in Zhengzhou in March

Today, I posted a picture of the windows phone7 event held by Zhengzhou University in February. The effect is not very good. Please forgive me. Preparation, post... Because it is a windows phone7 topic, I first introduced the development of

Create Extension DLL in windows mobile 5.0

Extension dll is often used when developing PC Desktop programs because it can export classes, which facilitates System Development and Integration. However, it is different from PC in PPC.1. Create Extension DLLFile-> New-> Project-> MFC Smart

Create menu under windows mobile 5.0

You often need to create menus during development and dynamically display and hide menus or a sub-menu. The following is the implementation method: 1. Create and display menusSHMENUBARINFO mbi;ZeroMemory (& mbi, sizeof (SHMENUBARINFO ));Mbi. cbSize

Operate the INI file in Windows mobile 5.0

For Windows mobile 5.0, there is no API for operating INI files like Windows, so it can only be implemented by itself. In fact, the operation of the INI file is a common text file, just a bit of trouble. The following are some of my commonly used

Learning Windows Phone7 development together (14th. 5market Task)

This Task can start the MarketPlace client program and display the application according to the settings. It can be said that MarketPlace is the top priority of WP7, because only the application can be installed through it, and the developer program

Learn Windows phone7 development together (19. Windows phone7 released)

About a few hours ago, Microsoft finally released Windows Phone7 and made a lot of updates on its official website, including the previous buy being a blank page, five real machines are available, including HTC HD7, Samsung Focus, Dell Venus Pro, LG

Learning Windows Phone7 development together (132.6 Web Control)

Is a browser control in phone7, which is based on Internet assumer7 and can be directly embedded into applications. This control is different from Windows mobile. In addition, this control, like MediaElement, is just a basic display window, And all

Learn Windows Phone7 development together (13. 10 Silverlight. Toolkit Control)

Silverlight. Toolkit is a collection of Silverlight controls, components, and utilities released outside of common Silverlight. Is a product of the Microsoft silverlight team. It quickly adds new features to designers and developers and provides

Learning Windows Phone7 development together (23th Windows Phone7 Toolkit addendum)

After writing the control before the windows phone7 toolkit, I dropped the two very important controls. For Date Picker and Time Picker, they are actually two controls that I need very much, I have always regretted that Microsoft did not provide it

Learn Windows Phone7 development together (17th. migrate to the official SDK)

Today, the official Developer Toolkit is finally released. In its related documents, there are also detailed differences between the official and Beta versions. We can see that the changes are not great, unlike the CTP version, it is completely

Learn Windows Phone7 development together (12. 1 Tile Notification)

In push notification, Tile noftification is special (raw notification is actually the data received in http post mode; toast notification is implemented by the system), because during development, half is done by the system (that is, the image for

Learn Windows Phone7 development together (122.shelltileschedule)

For the PUSH message service, it is generally done through the WebService Service, but sometimes it is only used to update the Tile image, which is a little too small, it can be said that it is too troublesome to display. Obviously there should be

Learn more about Windows Phone7 (II. Music + Videos hub)

Music + Videos hub can integrate Music or Video-based programs into history, new, and marquee. When you click these integrated icons, you can open the corresponding programs. It is said that YouTube will appear in phone7. Put it in History: 1. Now

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