Windows Service Development (II. debugging)

Due to the special nature of Windows Services, its debugging and commonProgramThere are some differences in debugging. Below I will introduce several methods:1. Recommended Methods by Microsoft1.1 debug the initialization and startup of Windows

[Log] automatically logging on to Windows

It is often difficult to log on to a VM every time it is restarted. It is more convenient to perform automatic logon.   Save the following content as the. reg file and import it on the machine that requires automatic logon.   Windows Registry

Solution to mutual conversion between Unix Time Representation and Windows Time Representation

A solution for mutual conversion between Unix Time Representation and Windows Time Representation.   Briefly describe the problem: (the above problem can only be implemented in a VC ++ 6.0 or lower development environment. Of course, there may be

When using MFC to operate Windows Service, encoding problems are encountered.

# Include "stdafx. H"# Include   The above two rowsCodeThe order is not interchangeable. Because of my carelessness, I want to put the <> above, so that the code looks pleasing to the eye, and the result is 2.5 hours delayed. After interchange,

FAQs about setting and developing firewall rules in Windows XP SP2

  The following is what game developers say: The (vs.85). aspx   The following is a description of COM and DCOM developers: Http:// Cm = 3 & rI = 326 & Cn =

Windows Mobile System usage and maintenance

Use Windows Mobile The system has been around for more than half a year. Now we have no novelty or ignorance at the beginning. On the contrary, we have found many Windows Mobile ( I used 2003 Version ) Many shortcomings, such as: A lot of

Solve the problem that Windows thumbnails cannot be displayed.

When I found my photo yesterday, I chose to view it.-Thumbnail, but cannot see the thumbnail. It is especially troublesome to look for a photo.ACDSeeBrowse the image one by one, write down the name of the photo, and then select. I clearly remember

Building Windows Forms controls and components with rich design-time features

Building Windows Forms controls and components with rich design-time features Michael weinhardt and Chris sells Design-time Architecture Design mode is activated the moment a form is opened for editing. it can involve activities like resizing,

First Windows Service

Windows service has its unique features and can play a role in many applications. For example, long polling is required. Windows Services enable you to perform tasks that execute as different background processes. you can use Windows Services to

Windows Service Development (1. Installation)

recently, due to work requirements, I have written a Program for Windows Services. I will write a lot of experiences one after another. Please forgive me for talking about installation, because I have always had a misunderstanding: you only need

Photo Story 3 for Windows XP

Bring life into your favorite memories with Photo Story 3 for Windows by adding motion, effects, music, and more to your digital photos. easily retouch your images with a single click and add slick-looking titles, or add dramatic pans and zooms that

Secret of Windows XP)

What we see on the Internet today is generally unknown to humans: Recently, I have seenXPSecret,If you are interested, you can learn,Show off the capital in front of others. 1.3D The secret of the pinball platform: After starting the game,

Functions of Hosts files in Windows

In common applications, we will inevitably encounter some usage of the Hosts file. The following analysis shows that if there is anything wrong, I hope to correct it. In Windows, there is a Hosts file (without a suffix). in windows 98, this file is

Simple Steps for installing and configuring SubVersion in Windows

Simple Steps for installing and configuring SubVersion in Windows [Installation programs and documentation] Svn-1.4.0-setup.exe : Subversion server 1.4.0 installation program; SubService.rar: A Windows auxiliary tool for SubServe; TortoiseSVN-

Windows Quick Start command

Windows Quick Start command Gpedit. msc ----- Group PolicySndrec32 ----- RecorderNslookup ----- IP address DetectorExplorer ------ open Resource ManagerLogoff ------- logout commandTsshutdn ------ 60 seconds countdown shutdown commandLusrmgr. msc ---

Subversion Windows service configuration

Versions later than Subversion 1.4 integrate tools that support Windows Services. Let's take a look at a related article (from ): Windows Service Support for svnserve===============

Asynchronous Windows Forms Programming

In a simple Windows Forms application (such as the one created by the Visual Studio. NET application wizard), all forms and controls execute on the same thread-the primordial thread used to launch the application by calling Main () -so those forms

Solution for missing optical drive in WIN7: Windows cannot start the hardware device because its configuration information is incomplete or damaged.

Take the book for dust removal, and then find my computer drive disappears, view the system hardware manager found that there is a yellow exclamation mark in front of the hardware, the optical drive is not available. Windows cannot start the

For Windows Services, it cannot be started.

You may have encountered a situation where a windows service cannot be operated and cannot be stopped or started. I didn't know much about the nature of Windows Services. Today, I think I may have a hard time. Let me show you more. I hope you can

Windows Vista Beta 2 early adopters

Today, Windows Vista Beta 2 is installed on a virtual machine. The screen is gorgeous. The operation interface is intelligent and the running speed is also acceptable, not especially demanding. I use a virtual machine in a notebook with 1G memory

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