PDC, keynote2 personal computing, Windows 7 + LIVE service

Ray's first keynote mainly focuses on server-side technologies. The next day, it focuses on personal computing, including desktop PC, web, and mobile devices. For PC, the next version is Windows 7, ie is 8, mobile or mobile. Ray focuses on how to

Share favorites Between XP and Windows 7

Many computers may have two systems, XP, Vista, or recently upgraded Windows 7. How can I synchronize the favorites of these two systems? (IE) XP favorites are placed in c: \ Documents ents and Settings \ [user] \ favorites Put Windows 7 in D: \

Introduction to WWF (Windows Workflow Foundation) [translation]

Introduction to Windows Workflow Foundation ):Windows Workflow Foundation helps you quickly create workflow applications on Windows PlatformsProgramProgramming models, engines, and tools.From: http://msdn.microsoft.com/windowsvista/building/workflow/

Windows Workflow Foundation (1)-Overview

When I was in college, I started to contact me because of my graduation thesis.WorkflowLater, I continued to pay close attention to this development. A few days agoDuduAWWF (Windows Workflow Foundation)[TRANSLATION] It reminds meWorkflow. Seeing so

Create a Windows Service Installer

During this time, I have been writing Windows service. Every time I write and debug, I enter a command on the console to install, start, and uninstall Windows service,Although the workload is not large, it is troublesome for a long time. So I

Obtain memory usage in Windows Mobile

Code Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)http://www.CodeHighlighter.com/--> Using System; Using System. text; Using System. runtime. interopservices; Namespace Taskmanager { Public   Class Memory {

In Windows, the maximum number of threads for a single process is 2000?

Write a file in WindowsProgramA process fork generates about 2000 threads and then exits abnormally. Why? This problem occurs because in Windows 32-bit system, a process can use a maximum of 2 GB of virtual memory, and the default thread stack

In Windows, unable to load dynamic library php_mcrypt

In PHP. in INI, extension = php_mcrypt.dll is removed. Restart Apache and report the following error: PhP warning: PhP startup: Unable to load dynamic library 'd: /appserv \ PhP5 \ ext \ php_mcrypt.dll '-the specified module cocould not be found. \

Why does Apache Reverse Proxy Report OS 10048 in windows?

After a reverse proxy is set on the Apache server, the backend server cannot be connected for a period of time. After several seconds, the backend server can be automatically restored, after checking, it is found that the Apache error log contains

Windows. showmodaldialog and window. Open

In an interesting situation, I don't know whether it is my experience or not. If this problem occurs in the project, click a button on An ASPX page to bring up a page in showmodaldialog mode. There is a link in the pop-up page, and you want to

Efficient programmer secret (4): use total commander to replace windows Resource Manager

The latest web browser has the tab feature, but the Windows resource manager does not. You always need to open multiple windows at the same time, and then download a plug-in named qttabbar to allowResource ManagerIt has the features of tabs, but

Windows CE process, thread and Memory Management (2)

Ii. Synchronization In most cases, threads must communicate and coordinate with each other to complete the task. For example, when multiple threads access the same resource together, you must ensure that a thread is reading the data of this

Windows CE process, thread, and memory management (1)

Process, thread, and memory management are the most basic services of the kernel and the main components of the kernel. These aspects are the basic knowledge that a software developer must possess. Although a person does not understand this

Processing binhex files on Windows

Binhex encoding of files is a Macintosh standard, and is not seen much in the PC world. most of the binhexed files found on the Internet are Macintosh-specific binaries, and will not run (or worse, will cause your computer to crash) on a PC. once in

Efficient programmer tips (1): Use autohotkey to quickly switch windows

After opening the computer, there will be several opened applications in the taskbar.ProgramAnd switch between them. Most people use the following two methods: 1. Use the tab key 2. Find the target window in the taskbar and click The first

[Common Windows XP commands] For example, how to make the user management interface the same as that of 2000

Start, Run, and control userpasswords2 can display the same user management interface as 2000:   Other commands: Eventvwr ---------- Event Viewer Gpedit. msc -------- Group Policy Logoff --------------- logout command Lusrmgr. msc -----

Windows service program [solves some smart automatic needs]

In many applications, the Windows Service is required to perform some operations silently in the background, such: 1. Regular database backup. 2. Send regular emails or text messages. Simply put, the system is able to do some things silently

Upgrade my ipaq hx2110 to Windows Mobile 6.0

my ipaq hx2110 is in English. It is not configured after the Chinese Input Method is installed. The system almost crashes and cannot be used. You just want to upgrade it to wm6. The Upgrade tutorial found on the Internet should be developed by a

Windows Service Program Development Guide under. net.

The last month was very busy, and the project progress was very tight. Let's look back at our blog. There was no article in May.ArticleI am very embarrassed. I will add a few articles to introduce the technologies I have recently followed. This

[Practice] developing windows Services with good scalability

During work, we often need to develop windows Services. Therefore, a windows program with good maintainability and high scalability can save us a lot of time and effort. Let's analyze it. A windows service is regarded as an object and has the

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