Determine the Windows operating system version

From msdn: # Include # Include # Include # Define bufsize 80 Typedef void (winapi * pgnsi) (lpsystem_info ); Int _ tmain (){Osversioninfoex osvi;System_info Si;Pgnsi;Bool bosversioninfoex; Zeromemory (& Si, sizeof (system_info

Postgresql84 insert Performance Comparison on FreeBSD and windows

Test Environment Environment: Notebook dual-core 1.5 GB, 2 GB memory, 5400 RPM hard drive. Freebsd7.2 and Windows XP SP3 are both started. During the test, they are switched to two operating systems. The test client is Windows XP, another machine

Windows disk mount point

Previously, we only knew that the magnetic disks on UNIX were attached to an empty directory. When a partition was used up, we added a hard disk and mounted it to a specific directory. Today, we suddenly found that this feature is also available in

List Windows Services

Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)> Tstringlist * Listservices ( Int Servicetype){Tstringlist * List =   New Tstringlist ();SC _handle schscmanager =

Windows 7 usage Problems

After downloading and installing Windows 7, the interface is very nice and its usage has been improved. For example, Projects in the taskbar can now be dragged to adjust the display order; The Quick Start column uses pin to link

The values of WINDOWS Message

----- Original message ----- Wm_null = 0x0000, Wm_create = 0 x0 0001, Wm_destroy = 0x0002, Wm_move = 0x0003, Wm_size = 0x0005, Wm_activate = 0x0006, Wm_setfocus = 0x0007, Wm_killfocus = 0x0008, Wm_enable = 0x000a, Wm_setredraw = 0x000b, Wm_settext =

Small tool for accessing the partition of the BSD system in Windows ____ FFS driver Mount Manager

Windows does not allow direct access to Unix system partitions, which is inconvenient for our multi-system users.In Windows, it is not a partition that cannot access the UNIX system.1: use FFs driver Mount manager to access the partition of the BSD

Windows is exhausted! I want to switch the platform to Unix

Windows has brought me into the computer world.ProgramNow.I suddenly wanted to switch to Unix and suddenly lost interest in Vista. I decided not to pursue the gorgeous and flashy feeling. Please do not let me install the system! Please! In this way,

IPhone location tracker for Windows

The iPhone location tracker for Windows displays the location information after synchronizing the mobile phone to the computer on the map.Program. A few days ago, I saw in the news that Apple mobile phones are collecting user information. In fact,

Qtp test Windows Calculator

Qtp is an automated testing tool that can be automated by writing scripts or recording: The following is a test of the built-in calculator for Windows. First, write the script and Use Vbscript to open the calculator. Dim oshellSet oshell =

How can I hide the "My sprout Center" on the desktop? (NB) (ThinkPad) (OS) (Windows)

AbstractAfter installing the Bluetooth animation program, Windows XP will automatically add "My sprout Center" on the desktop, not everyone wants something to do on the desktop, which may render the beautiful desktop background. I personally like

(Original logon) How does one allow windows to automatically log on to my logon portal? (OS) (Windows)

AbstractIf the computer is used by only one of you, and you feel that every time you enter windows, it is very difficult to create a password. You can test my methods. IntroductionUse environment: Windows XP Professional SP3Step 1:Enable Automatic

How does one configure Windows Live writer for blog posts? (Web) (Windows Live writer)

AbstractBecause the blog posts special blogs, the settings on winodws live writer are special. IntroductionHow to configure Windows Live writer with zookeeper From Dudu1. Select "weblog" from the menu, and then select "another weblog service ".2.

(Formerly known) How does one use a micro-hacker on Windows XP? (OS) (Windows)

AbstractI am still quite interested in fonts, while Windows Vista's micro-products are still looking at the dark. How can I get the micro-products to be used on Windows XP? IntroductionStep 1:Zookeeper Micro-engine has enabled Visual Studio

How can I solve the problem of stopping Windows XP after it is enabled? (OS) (Windows)

AbstractWindows XP has a very fast speed to the desktop. However, when performing manual operations, you have to wait for a while before you can complete the procedure! After checking the certificate, it is found that Windows XP will not find the IP

(Operating system) solves the program running image caused by applocale (Windows)

AbstractApplocale is a small tool used to understand the decision-making. However, this tool may lead to negative errors. IntroductionAuto scaling from T = 2865 & SID = f821f8d6e285198050ea03f724cdeea3

Issues with Windows XP SP2 and ArcGIS 9.x Products

ArcGIS products General License Manager issue Microsoft Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) is enabled by default, in the Windows XP SP2 release. ICF restricts access to ports necessary for communication between ArcGIS 9.x and the License

Get JS Code with high and wide windows

VaR Getviewportwidth = Function (){ VaR Width = 0; If (( Document . Documentelement )&&( Document . Documentelement. clientwidth) {width = Document . Documentelement. clientwidth ;} Else If (( Document . Body )&&( Document . Body. clientwidth)

Apache2 + PhP5 + mysql5 windows Configuration

First, set up apache2 + PhP5 1. install and configure Apache (for example, install Apache on E: \ Program Files \ Apache Software Foundation \ apache2.2)1. It is installed by default during installation. For network domain and server name, enter my

Create a monodevelop for Windows Green Edition (test)

With the maturity of the Mono Project, monodevelop, the preferred development tool on the mono platform, also began its cross-platform plan. According to the plan, monodevelo 2.2 will be fully implemented in * UNIX, windows, run on the Mac system.

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