Technet-Windows 7 Series Summary

I have written many blog posts about Windows 7 recently. Today I received an email from Microsoft technet informing me of several articles.ArticleIt has been approved and released in the technet technical resource library. I feel so glad that

Ubuntu9.10 how to use the font of windows!

I have been using ubuntu9.10 for several days. It is a headache for me to install the font. I used to follow the ubuntu9.04 method and found that the font in windows could not be used. I have changed several methods, finally, a solution is provided.

Nginx for Windows: Enable nginx to run as a service (parent correction)

If nginx is installed in Windows, it is found that it is not running as a service, that is, when the user logs out,ProgramWill terminate. Therefore, nginx must be run as a service.Suppose nginx is installed under c: \ nginx: 1. download the

Disable USB interface through group policy in Windows 7/Vista

If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, you can directly use the Group Policy Function to reject installation of unfamiliar USB devices. The following uses Windows 7 as an example: Step 1: insert your USB device into your computer, and open

FFmpeg Video Acquisition in Windows

The FFMPEG video acquisition function is very powerful. It can not only collect video capture card or USB camera images, but also screen recording. It also supports transmitting videos to RTSP-enabled streaming media servers in RTP mode, supports

Build an FFMPEG environment in Windows

In Windows, FFMPEG can be compiled using cygwin or msys + mingw. I personally prefer msys + mingw, because it is possible to build a Unix-like operating system in windows, configuration is easier than cygwin, so this is to describe how to build the

Windows right-click menu, fold menu

Right-click all files and associate Registry Modification There is a "*" under hkey_classes_root, which represents all files. Find this item and find the shell (if not, create it yourself). Create a new item under the shell and obtain the name by

Back up the Windows 7 key activation file for reinstallation and self-activation Batch Processing

How does one back up the "Two activation Files" in Windows 7 to enable automatic activation after the operating system is reinstalled? We will provide you with the following: (1) Two "batch processing" files: 1. Backup activation file "batch

Windows Environment Variables

% Allusersprofile % Description: Path to the total configuration file directory of all users: C: \ Documents ents and Settings \ All Users % USERPROFILE % Description: The Path to the configuration file directory of the current user: c: \ Documents

Install Ubuntu with grub4dos in Windows 7

Grub4dos installed with Ubuntu several times, mainly installed to the mobile hard disk, it is necessary to record the feeling (take ubuntu-10.10-desktop-i386 as an example ). Go straight to the topic. First download the Ubuntu image file and

Introduction to Windows Presentation Foundation

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is the next-generation display system used to generate a Windows client application that can bring users an amazing visual experience.Program. With WPF, you can create a wide range of independent applications

After windows is started, "application Initialization is normal (0xc0000044) failed" cannot enter the system

Winows2003 fails to enter the desktop. When you enter the user name and password, the warning dialog box appears: Application Program Normal initialization (0xc0000044) failed. A blue desktop is displayed. You can use CTRL + ALT + DEL to enter the

“Winmgmt.exe produces an error and will be disabled by windows. You need to restart the program ."

SymptomWhen you start a computer, the following error message may appear:Winmgmt.exe has generated errors and will be closed by windows. You will need to restart the program. An error log is being created. This error message appears every 30

In-depth analysis of iPhone windows and views

IPhone windows and views are the content to be introduced in this article, mainly to understand the use of windows and views in iPhone. Not to mention, let's take a look at the details. 1. Program Create a uiwindowuiwindow * awindow = [[[uiwindow

Windows of mobile prompt information similar to MSN implemented by winform

Some software will display a prompt form at a specific time. This form is not directly displayed, but gradually moved up from the bottom of the window until the form is completely displayed. After clicking the "OK" button, the form gradually moves

Basic knowledge of Windows powershell

Download: Windows powershell 2.0 for Windows XP Service Pack 3 Note:Windows Management Framework CoreProgramThe package providesItUpdated management functions of professionals. This package includes the following components:Windows powershell 2.0

Windows SC command details

Sccommand command details (a very useful Commander serves as a command line tool. SC .exe can be used to test your own system. You can set a batch file to use different parameters to call SC .exe to control the service. I. SC uses the following

Host the control in a Windows form datagridview Cell

datagridview Control provides multiple column types, allowing you to enter and Edit values in multiple ways. However, if these column types cannot meet the data input requirements, you can also use cells that hold the selected control to create

Doscommands in Windows (Classic favorites)

Copy \ ip \ admin $ \ svv.exe c :\or: copy \ ip \ admin $ \*. * copy the srv.exe file (all files) shared by administrators to the local C: xcopy file or directory tree Destination Address \ directory name copy file and directory tree, if you use the

Merge cells in Windows Forms dview

Windows Forms DataGridView datagridoes not provide the function of merging cells. to merge cells, use Graphics. DrawLine and Graphics. DrawString in the CellPainting event to "Draw ". The following code merges cells with the same content in the 1st

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