Vista is the abbreviation of "five major windows problems"

On July 15, July 24 (Beijing Time on July 15, July 24), Microsoft officially announced the naming of the "angular" operating system as a Windows Vista operating system, attracting widespread attention in the industry. 45% of people said they would

Ubuntu10.10 automatically mounts windows partitions

I installed Ubuntu Desktop in ubuntu10.10 and found that Windows partitions cannot be automatically mounted. 1. Create a mount directory to automatically mount Windows partitions. Run the command on the terminal: sudo mkdir/Media/d 2. Run Sudo

Delete Windows Service

There are two ways to delete: Method 1: Use the Windows Command SC .exe.Start -- .exe and enter SC. The method is simple:SC Delete "service name" (if there is a space in the middle of the service name, quotation marks are required)For example, for

How to Create a Windows service by using SC .exe

Summary To remotely create and start a service from the command line, you can use the SC tool (SC .exe) encoded in the resource kit. Although you can use the netsvc.exe and instsrv.exe tools to start a service on a remote computer, these tools do

[How to] Let editplus support Lua language (Windows)

download Lua package luaforwindows from Google Code. install Lua package. (LUA for Windows installlua language, scite based Lua IDE and Lua modules to the directory of you choice at install time.) setup editplus Tools->

Windows Workflow Foundation (I): Basic Concepts

I picked up my girlfriend at the airport yesterday and took a book titled presenting windows Workflow Foundation beta Edtion, I found some new gains (this is the legendary book read hundreds of times, and its meaning is self-existent? More practical

Windows Workflow Foundation (II): several concepts in the example

In the previous article, I introduced the basic concepts of WWF, mainly at that level, as well as the functions and modules of each level. This time, we will use some small examples to demonstrate the significance of these concepts of WWF, mainly

Windows Workflow Foundation (III): Activity Overview

Activity. This is the core of WWF's processing of specific business logic. Osworkflow is called action.Here we will introduce the activities and classification of WWF.Next, we will introduce how to customize your own activity. There are about 28

How to enable ahci in Windows 7 RC after installation

ahci (Advanced Host Controller Interface) enables native command queuing and hot-ging through SATA host controllers (Serial-Ata) For Your hard drives . in your scenarios it enables more efficient multi-tasking. vista was the first Windows OS to

About Windows Live writer account

I have just applied for an account in the blog Park. I plan to try it out first. Windows Live writer is always used to write data in the live space. We recommend that you use Windows Live writer. So configure according to the instructions, and the

Windows 7rc Experience 1

After windows 7rc was released, there was no time to try it. At last, it took three times a day and two nights to download it, :) The first time was because of a problem with the mobile hard disk. The second time, of course, was because the mobile

Microsoft releases the ISO image for the five major languages Windows 8 consumer Preview

Microsoft has released ISO images for Windows 8 consumer previewed versions in five languages: English, simplified Chinese, French, German, and Japanese, including x86 and x64. Simplified Chinese version: 64-bit (3.4 GB

Windows Mobile 6 Development Question 3

1: Windows Mobile 6 ProgramCan I run it on Windows Mobile 5? Yes. Install netcfv2.wm. armv4i. cab on the PDA. The hp512 program can also run on hp6828. 2: smart phone and Pocket PCThe PDA runs a Pocket PC, but the standard program on the wm6

The first time I used Windows azure cloud computing

1: SQL Server 2008 is never installed. First, the folder cannot be installed after compress. Try again. SQL Server 2005 tools cannot be installed without being uninstalled. (My OS Cannot uninstall 2005, while Windows 7 cannot.ProgramThe

Windows azure cloud computing problems s

1: log files cannot be written directly. No direct operation in azureCompositionSo the function of writing logs directly cannot be used. Solution: Write it to tablestorage. Or write it to the SQL azure log table. 2: PDF reports cannot be

Microsoft's workflow engine: Windows workflow foudation

Microsoft's workflow engine: Windows workflow foudation This is the original article: Https:// Pull =/library/en-US/dnlong/html/wwfgetstart. asp This is

Windows Mobile 6 (smart phone) Development Basics

Development preparation tools 1:. This is natural. I use vs2005. 2: SP1 of 3: Install Windows Mobile 6 standard SDK refresh 4: netcfsetupv2 (Microsoft. NET Compact Framework 2.0 SP2) 5:ActiveSync   Problem1: how

Set up the Subversion service in Windows

1. Download and installHttp:// Folderid = 91By default. 2. Create a repository 1. Create a directory, for example, C: \ svnsrc \ CSHARP.2. Open the command window and type: svnadmin create -- FS-

Beautiful Windows Mobile Device Center

Previously, we used ActiveSync. Recently we upgraded the operating system to Windows 7. Naturally, we should use the Windows Mobile Device Center (applicable to Vista or a higher system ). Compared with ActiveSync, the new WM Device Center interface

Download the Windows Mobile 6 SDK and the Chinese version simulator (official website)

WM6 Standard is the original SmartPhone, and WM6 Professional is the original PPC. WM6 SDK download URL: WM6 Standard SDK (210 M

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