About Windows Live writer account

I have just applied for an account in the blog Park. I plan to try it out first. Windows Live writer is always used to write data in the live space. We recommend that you use Windows Live writer. So configure according to the instructions, and the

Windows 7rc Experience 1

After windows 7rc was released, there was no time to try it. At last, it took three times a day and two nights to download it, :) The first time was because of a problem with the mobile hard disk. The second time, of course, was because the mobile

Windows 7rc experience (New Discoveries)

When talking about the vs course today, a student and I asked for the Visual Studio Installation File. When I downloaded the installation file from my file server Strange phenomena are found, as shown in: Friends who have used SharePoint are

Windows RC experience 2: Add loopback Adapter

There are several virtual machines on the local machine. To allow virtual machines to communicate with each other without a network, you need to add a network adapter for Microsoft loopback adapter. It is easy to add in XP, and it takes a long time

The START interface of Windows 8 is interesting.

Recently I used Windows 8. I was not used to it at the beginning. I used it for two days and slowly liked it. There are many high-level columns of the company's products (rarely used) and few low-level columns. Drawing on the layout of Windows 8,

Window. showdialog full manual to solve the problems of modal windows, passing values and returning values

Basic Introduction:Showmodaldialog () (ie 4 + supported)Showmodelessdialog () (ie 5 + supported)The window. showmodaldialog () method is used to create a modal dialog box that displays HTML content.The window. showmodelessdialog () method is used to

How to enable and disable FSO file read/write permissions in Windows

Windows 98 SystemEnter the following command in the doscommand line status:Close the command: regsvr32/u c: \ WINDOWS \ SYSTEM \ scrrun. dllOpen the command: regsvr32 C: \ WINDOWS \ SYSTEM \ scrrun. dll Win2000 system:Enter the following command in

Hide the user name on the Windows XP Welcome Screen

On the Windows XP welcome screen, all local user names except administrator are displayed by default. If you want to display the administrator or other users on the welcome screen, open registry editor ", find [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \

Autoexcutejob framework (ii) differences between Windows Service: SC and installutil

I was planning to write the specific implementation of the jobs module in this article. But when I look back, it seems that I still forget an important problem, that is, when deploying and uninstalling Windows service, I have introduced two

Introduction to several Windows Thread Synchronization Methods

All threads in the system need to access system resources. One thread occupies a certain resource, and other threads that need this resource cannot complete their own tasks; for example, if a thread is reading data from a certain memory and another

Introduction to Windows kernel objects

The kernel object is only a memory block allocated by the operating system kernel and can only be accessed by the operating system kernel. The memory block is a data structure, and its members are responsible for maintaining various information

Proxy for communication between two windows

Namespace Delegatetest{ Public Partial Class Form1 : Form { Public Delegate Void Showtextvalue (String Text ); // Proxy Public Event Showtextvalue Showtext; // Proxy event Public Form1 (){Initializecomponent (); // Add events to the event

How to quickly lock Windows XP Desktop

The method for locking a computer in Windows XP is related to the user login and logout method. In "Control Panel → User Account", select the task "Change User Login or logout mode" and there are two buttons on the interface: "Use welcome screen"

Simulate windows upgrade page special effects

CodeAs follows: simulated windows upgrade page effect Target Image Object > [Ctrl + A select all prompt: you can modify part of the code first, then click to run the Code]From:

Shortcut Keys for Windows operating systems

I. Common usage: F1 displays the current Program Or Windows Help content.F2 when you select a file, this means "RENAME"F3 when you are on the desktop, open the "Search: All Files" dialog box.F10 or Alt activates the menu bar of the current

Summary of common Windows Network command skills

I don't forget that Windows has evolved from a simple dos character interface. Although we usually operate on the GUI when using the Windows operating system, the DOS command is still very useful. Let me look at the functions of these commands

Detailed description of permission settings in Windows

To build a secure web server, you must use NTFS and Windows NT/2000/2003 ...... With the wide application of the forum, the discovery of the online upload vulnerability, and the increasing use of SQL injection attacks, webshell makes the firewall

Register Windows service using WCF

Problem: In the previously created WCF helloworld program, we host the WCF Service to the host console project. Now you want to host the WCF Service to the Windows service. Solution Process: Delete the original host console project,

FAQs about creating and publishing Windows Services

1. How to install the service? Installutil.exe, a service installation tool provided by. Net framework.exe, is located in the c: \ windows \ microsoft. net \ framework \ v1.1.4322 \ folder. Run the Visual Studio. NET 200 * command. The

Right-click menu similar to Windows Start Menu

The Code is as follows: right-click menu & nbsp; right-click [Ctrl + A select all prompt: you can modify part of the code first, then click to run the Code]

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