Microsoft touch pack (Windows 7)

Microsoft touch pack is Microsoft's first release that supports Windows 7 touch screens.ProgramPackage is used to help users get familiar with touch screen operation gestures on Windows 7. The six applications in the touch package contain three

Windows Update error: 80244019

Windows Update (hereinafter referred to as Wu) always prompts a 80244019 error (for example) when checking for updates, and notices the message "managed by your system administrator" at the bottom of the window ", it is estimated that Wu cannot

Windows 7 unpin network folder

The jump list function of win7 allows you to conveniently use commonly used files or folders in the list, greatly reducing the time spent searching for files on the disk. Recently I found that my pinned list contains a corporate file server

Create a blog garden search connector through Bing (Windows 7 federated search)

In the last article "Windows 7 Resource Manager searching channel 9 video", we created a Channel 9 search connector, but can websites without the opensearch service search their resources through federated search? The answer is yes. We can use Bing

Secure Key for Windows 7 Products

When it comes to Windows 7 (or Windows Server 2008), some people think that their product key is safe, even some internal network administrators in the company believe that the keys of the Windows 7 system deployed by the company will not be leaked.

Server timer, Windows timer, and thread Timer

On the morning of May 23, check the colleague's WPFProgramA dispatchertimer is used. It seems that I have never used it. Therefore, I checked the description of msdn and found other related timer classes, the following timer classes are used: 1:

Windows 7 installation with USB flash drive

On the InternetArticleMany, today I tried to use a USB flash drive to install Windows 7 (also supports Vista). the required conditions are: Installed Windows 7 or Vista, Windows 7 or Vista image files, a USB flash drive larger than 4 GB. OK! Now you

Windows XP mode beyond the virtual technical threshold

Windows XP mode provides good support for the software compatibility of Windows 7. In previous articles, we have introduced that Windows XP mode is implemented based on Windows Virtual PC, as we all know, Windows Virtual PC requires computer

Install Cisco VPN Client 5.0.x in Windows 7

If you need to work at home, you must connect the VPN to the company's network. Yesterday, we finally installed Windows 7 on the company's machine (Lenovo ThinkPad t61). VPN is also essential. So I found the Cisco VPN Client on the

"Wei share" Windows 7 experience Index

As we all know, in Windows 7, we can right-click "my computer"-> "attribute" to view the overall score of system performance. This score includes the performance evaluation scores of processor, memory, graphics, gaming graphics, and hard drive.

Windows Live essenessenbeta trial!

In the early morning, Microsoft finally released the Windows Live essentials beta version ...... Software Installation It seems that the beta version didn't let me choose the component I want to install ...... Finally installed! Live

Self-made Windows 7 registry key value Modification Service (service)

First, let's explain why we need to write such a service. Because the computer needs to be used in the Company domain, it will inevitably inherit the Group Policy configuration in the domain. 95% of computers in the domain are Windows XP systems,

Improves key security for Windows products

Today, I accidentally found a project named Windows product key finder on codeplex, and its purpose can be seen from its name. With this software, you can easily obtain the product key for local windows. Of course, this is a practical tool for

Do you still recognize it? Windows 3.1

I believe that many people and I just started to contact the computer when a machine is black white MS-DOS, every day in Dir, CD, Del, format, copy ..., these commands seem like tianshu to outsiders. Every time you press enter, Windows enters

WPF simulates Windows 7 meteorological components

This article uses weather Reader user control (wruc) to simulate meteorological components in Windows 7 gadgets. The wruc control is made using C # And WPF. First, download the wruc source code. In fact, the control has implemented all the weather

In WPF windows, how does one zoom in and out ??

One day, a brother asked how to do this in WPF.FormWhen you write the followingCodeAfter, I realized that it was weird ..   Xmlns = ""Xmlns: x =

Windows API code pack past, present, and future

This morning I saw an article about Windows API code pack by Yochay kiriaty.ArticleIt mainly introduces the history and status quo of Windows API code pack, and also introduces the features to be added in the future. About Windows API code pack for

Windows 7 Resource Manager searches for Channel 9 videos

In Windows 7, federated search can access remote data resources through the opensearch protocol, which means that you can use the resource manager (Windows Explorer) to search and browse remote data. In this article, we will create a search

Windows Live Messenger new feature Preview

Yesterday, we saw the New Windows Live Wave 4 Messenger Preview Video on Channel 9. It seems that the New Live Messenger feature is actually much more powerful and Cool! Today, the legendary can also be viewed. There are many

Virtual Machine slimming (Windows Virtual PC)

When using Virtual PC 2007 or Windows Virtual PC, VHD (Virtual Hard Disk) is an essential part of the Virtual Machine and also the parent of the Virtual machine. vhd files can be divided into four types: dynamic expansion (Dynamically Expanding),

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