[Entry] Use smarty in Windows (use XAMPP)

1. Download the smarty package Content 2. Create a directory to store your project The path under XAMPP is: 3. Upload the libs directory in the smarty package to the project directory. Create a new "Smarty" directory under the

Reinstalling Windows 7 mood records

A few years ago, I installed Windows 7100 in beta testing and evaluation, but recently it was prompted that it will expire as of January 1, March 1. I suggest you back up important files, sign ~ Ah, it seems that Microsoft is struggling to force

Windows arm-elf-GCC)

In order to use the GCC compiler in windows, I always wanted to compile arm-elf-GCC in cygwin, But after more than a month, it still failed. I don't know where to start if I want to modify the translation errors. For the sake of Quick Start, use the

SFU settings for NFS servers in Windows

1. Install SFU 1. Download Software SFU Http://download.microsoft.com/download/a/1/c/a1ca7af1-a6e3-46e7-874a-4c5d8c0fb3b7/SFU35SEL_EN.exe 2. Edit the user group file and password passwd file (or copy the group file and passwd file in the

Compatibility program to be processed after Windows 7 is upgraded and installed (continuously updated)

This article is followed 《Windows 7Upgrade and install", Software compatibility or list of updates and Solutions After the upgrade and installation, most of the operations are normal, such as vsts2008, Oracle, powerdesign, eclipse, and other

Settings for Windows Group Policy Management

  A few days ago, after using gpedit. MSC to access group policy management, there was nothing in the management template. I would like to set the login Method for Windows XP. However, the modification cannot be found. Later, I searched the

Create a Windows Mobile installation package

Use Visual Studio 2005 to create the cab installation package on WmOpen the project, add a new item in the solution, add "smart settings cab Project", or create a new "smart settings cab Project" in empty" Add new item The Program Files folder on

Vista is the abbreviation of "five major windows problems"

On July 15, July 24 (Beijing Time on July 15, July 24), Microsoft officially announced the naming of the "angular" operating system as a Windows Vista operating system, attracting widespread attention in the industry. 45% of people said they would

Experience Windows Mobile 6.5 (simulator)

No real machine for wm6.5 is available. It is also good to experience the simulator. At startup, the original green color is now red; After the desktop is started, you can drag it up or down; Click Start in the upper-left corner to display the

Ubuntu10.10 automatically mounts windows partitions

I installed Ubuntu Desktop in ubuntu10.10 and found that Windows partitions cannot be automatically mounted. 1. Create a mount directory to automatically mount Windows partitions. Run the command on the terminal: sudo mkdir/Media/d 2. Run Sudo

Delete Windows Service

There are two ways to delete: Method 1: Use the Windows Command SC .exe.Start -- .exe and enter SC. The method is simple:SC Delete "service name" (if there is a space in the middle of the service name, quotation marks are required)For example, for

[Organize] books developed by Windows Mobile (. net cf)

Microsoft mobile development (Microsoft technology series) Based on. net cf 2.0 and C # The content is comprehensive and detailed, and the overall feeling is good.         Microsoft. NTE Compact framework            

[How to] Let editplus support Lua language (Windows)

download Lua package luaforwindows from Google Code. install Lua package. (LUA for Windows installlua language, scite based Lua IDE and Lua modules to the directory of you choice at install time.) setup editplus Tools->

How to enable ahci in Windows 7 RC after installation

ahci (Advanced Host Controller Interface) enables native command queuing and hot-ging through SATA host controllers (Serial-Ata) For Your hard drives . in your scenarios it enables more efficient multi-tasking. vista was the first Windows OS to

Beautiful Windows Mobile Device Center

Previously, we used ActiveSync. Recently we upgraded the operating system to Windows 7. Naturally, we should use the Windows Mobile Device Center (applicable to Vista or a higher system ). Compared with ActiveSync, the new WM Device Center interface

Customize the. net cf control to beautify the Windows Mobile Program Interface

Although. Net CF development is efficient and convenient and powerful in enterprise-level development, its interface has always made me sad. In the face of iPhone, I still lowered my head. So I sorted out some common interface controls and

Four methods for obtaining IP addresses on Windows

Recently, I have been looking at network programming (mainly TCP/IP communication) and WMI. The method for obtaining the IP address is summarized as follows. 1. Use ipconfig Program . You can use the command ipconfig in the command line to obtain

A small example of operations between parent and child windows

1 The operation between the child parent window opened with window. openr is different from that of the framework. The child window and the parent window are associated with opener. The source window needs to access the subwindow through its

Share Windows Vista beta1 download

Download Windows Vista beta1 Bt + + normalYou are welcome to add others and report invalid connections. Windows Vista beta1 2.46 gb bt seedHttp://www.longhorn.org.cn/upload/Microsoft.Windows.Vista.Codename.Longhorn.Beta.1.32Bit.DVD.READ.NFO-WinBeta.

Learning notes-how Windows programs run

The operating system provides the functions it can accomplish to the application in the form of functions.ProgramApplication calls to these functions are called system calls. The collection of these functions is the Application Programming Interface

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