Windows 8 Application Development-Local Data Storage

In applications, users usually store information actively or passively. When the application is closed, the data is still stored on the local device, and the data is automatically loaded when the application is re-activated. The following uses a

WPF multi-touch development: Install multi-point touch screen simulator on Windows 7

This series will introduce the multi-touch (MT) multi-touch technology, so that developers can learn how to develop applications with the MT function on the Windows platform.Program. As we all know, the Windows 7 operating system has supported

Windows 7 Development Series Summary

Development of Windows API code pack Overlay icon for Windows 7 taskbar Development) Windows 7 taskbar development progress bar (progress bar) Thumbnail preview for Windows 7 taskbar Development (thumbnail) Thumbnail toolbar for Windows 7

Technet-Windows 7 Series Summary

I have written many blog posts about Windows 7 recently. Today I received an email from Microsoft technet informing me of several articles.ArticleIt has been approved and released in the technet technical resource library. I feel so glad that

Ubuntu9.10 how to use the font of windows!

I have been using ubuntu9.10 for several days. It is a headache for me to install the font. I used to follow the ubuntu9.04 method and found that the font in windows could not be used. I have changed several methods, finally, a solution is provided.

Nginx for Windows: Enable nginx to run as a service (parent correction)

If nginx is installed in Windows, it is found that it is not running as a service, that is, when the user logs out,ProgramWill terminate. Therefore, nginx must be run as a service.Suppose nginx is installed under c: \ nginx: 1. download the

Disable USB interface through group policy in Windows 7/Vista

If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, you can directly use the Group Policy Function to reject installation of unfamiliar USB devices. The following uses Windows 7 as an example: Step 1: insert your USB device into your computer, and open

Windows of mobile prompt information similar to MSN implemented by winform

Some software will display a prompt form at a specific time. This form is not directly displayed, but gradually moved up from the bottom of the window until the form is completely displayed. After clicking the "OK" button, the form gradually moves

Thumbnail toolbar for Windows 7 taskbar Development (thumbnail toolbar)

In the previous article, we appliedProgramWe have set custom thumbnails. In this article, we will continue to develop the thumbnails and add the toolbar to them ). When you use Windows Media Player (WMP), place the cursor over the WMP icon and the

Windows 8 Application Development-tile

The application we developed will be displayed in the form of a tile in the Win8 interface. The tile displays the application map, that is, the logo.png image file in the project. Developers can push text or image information to the tile according

Windows 8 Application Development-application bar

You can use the app bar to display various app commands as needed. The application Bar provides various commands related to the user's current page or selected content. By default, the application bar is hidden. The application bar is displayed when

Windows 7 public folder dialog box

In Windows 7, we often use Libraries, such as music Libraries, document Libraries, video Libraries, and image Libraries. There are dozens of Known Folders (Known Folders), such as System, Windows, and My Music. This article describes how to use the

Windows 7 Power Management

The previous article introduced how to manage network resources in Windows 7. In addition, the Windows API Code Pack also provides power management functions. This article will continue to demonstrate how to perform Power Management in Windows 7

Seamless integration of IE9 and Windows 7

I believe that some garden friends have already installed Internet Explorer 9 RC. I don't know what you think about the new version of IE browser. Of course, those who have not yet installed can first look at the new features of IE 9, refer to

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 system update

Windows 7 SP1 is currently available for users to download. You can choose Windows download center or Windows Update for system upgrade. Windows 7 SP1 is an important system update, including the security, performance, and stability Windows 7

Microsoft Kinect for Windows SDK Beta Release

The Kinect for Windows SDK Beta is a programming tool provided for application developers. We can use the functions of Microsoft Kinect devices through the Windows 7 system platform. The Kinect for Windows SDK Beta contains drivers for Windows 7

Windows 8 Application Development-pending and restoring

Windows 8 applications usually involve two data types: Application Data and session data. The local data storage mentioned in the previous article is the data at the application layer, including application parameter settings and important user data.

Windows 8 Application Development-asynchronous call

Whether it is a desktop client or a Web application, operations that take a long time are usually processed. In order not to affect the interaction experience between users and applications during this period of time, developers usually use the

Navigation list for Windows 7 taskbar Development (Jump Lists)

This article introduces another highlight of the taskbar: The Jump list (Jump Lists, JL ). JL allows you to conveniently and quickly find the files (documents, images, audio or video) You want to browse and links or shortcuts to applications. Take

Doscommands in Windows (Classic favorites)

Copy \ ip \ admin $ \ svv.exe c :\or: copy \ ip \ admin $ \*. * copy the srv.exe file (all files) shared by administrators to the local C: xcopy file or directory tree Destination Address \ directory name copy file and directory tree, if you use the

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