Windows 7 beta is officially released (download link included)

Windows 7 Beta has been released today. msdn and technet users can download it. It is estimated that it will be available to other users later. There are 32-bit and 64-bit versions respectively. Currently, Chinese language packs are also available

Maximize Windows 7 Remote Desktop Access and make the taskbar visible

When using the remote desktop, the full screen mode is automatically displayed after the connection is successful by default, or when you click the maximize button, the full screen mode is also displayed. At this time, the taskbar is invisible. This

Sonic startup skin-Windows 7 Series

Author: sonic startup Beijing China ( : Windows 7 full beach: Windows 7 full mermaid: Windows 7 ccdrf: Windows 7 full

Enable IIS Remote Access in Windows 7

Today, I want to test the mobileviewer of aims2013 on the iPad. It is found that IIS on local win7 is always inaccessible remotely. Paste the solution here for future reference. 1. First, add rules for the Windows 7 firewall to allow external

AutoCAD command statistics magic Magic Ball-AutoCAD + windows azure + webgl

These days I have developed a small project trainer, which is to listen to the usage of the AutoCAD command and upload it to the Windows azure cloud, and then render it as a magic ball by webgl technology. The more times the command is used, the

Mapguide opensource 2.1 running on Windows 7

  If you want to upgrade Windows 7, you can check that, according to my initial installation test, mapguide open source 2.1 can be installed and run normally on Windows 7. The installation process is nothing special, just like the previous mgos

Learning Windows Phone7 development together (14th. 4 Web Task)

I. webBrowser: Like MediaPlayer, WP7 not only provides controls but also tasks. Although the two seem similar, they are used in addition to independent system applications and controls, there are still some differences. For tasks, apart from setting

Learn Windows Phone7 development together (13th. 5 Multimedia Control)

Multimedia controls are the so-called audio and video controls and image controls. In Phone7, there are many differences with silverlight. 1. Image: Image control, used to display local or network images. This control only supports several image

Learning Windows Phone7 development together (142.1-phone Task)

The previous development experience on SMS, Phone, Email, and Camera on Windows mobile is no longer valid because WP7 does not provide APIs for direct operation. However, this does not mean that it cannot be done, because in WP7, system tasks can be

Learn windows phone7 development together (. XNA application in Silverlight)

XNA is another framework of WP7. It is mainly used to develop games, but it also has some features that can be used in Silverlight to make up for some functions not available in Silverlight. To enable XNA to be used in silverlight, you must first

Video Course Series of "Learning Windows phone7 development together"

I have been very busy recently and have never written a blog. I am recording this series of courses. Now I am online. Course introduction: Windows Phone7 is a brand new mobile platform launched earlier this year. It integrates the advantages of

Learning Windows Phone7 development together (13th. 8 ListBox control)

Only the listbox control is removed from the listview control in Phone7. However, this control is very powerful and can fully implement the listview function. This control is equivalent to a container. You can use ListItem to combine multiple

Microsoft Windows 7 32Bit Build 6801 DVD image download

 I recently paid close attention to the Microsoft PDC2008 Conference, especially to WINDOWS 7. As a result, I was lucky to have a WINDOWS 7 32-bit DVD image downloaded from a group last night, early in the morning, I want to share my address with

Understanding Windows Kernel Mode and user mode

Kernel hierarchy Windows programs run in kernel mode and user mode. in kernel mode, you can access all memory address spaces and all CPU commands. Generally, the program runs in user mode and switches to kernel mode to run system functions. Windows

Enable the firewall in windows and keep the configuration method pingable

Network neighbors → right-click → Properties= Network connection window Local Connection → right-click → properties → advanced (tab page) → settings (button)= Windows Firewall Configuration window Windows Firewall Configuration → advanced (tab

Basic configurations of Git and Github (Windows Version)

By freeuniverser I don't want to talk about the competition between Windows, Linux, and other operating systems. I just want to say what is best and how to come with you. They are all just tools, there is no need to become a slave of tools. Of

Windows Azure cloud computing Study Notes 3-deploying windows Azure applications

This section describes how to deploy cloud applications by using the Windows Azure portal or PowerShell Cmdlets. The Windows Azure Portal ------------------------------------------------------ The Windows Azure Portal provides an entry to manage

Windows Azure cloud computing study note 4-Understanding Fault Tolerant Domain and Upgrade Domain)

According to the Service Level Agreement of Windows Azure, If you deploy two or more examples on different fault tolerant domains and newer domains, windows Azure ensures that your cloud applications can be accessed by the outside within at least 99.

Windows Azure cloud computing Study Notes 1-Windows Azure Introduction

After the Microsoft Virtual college starts, I will record my study notes here. If not, please criticize and correct them.   Windows Azure Overview ------------------------------------------------------------------ Compute) Storage) Fabric controller)

Problems encountered in creating Windows Azure applications

Some time has elapsed since I last viewed Windows Azure. Today, many problems have occurred when I used VS2010 to create Windows Azure. Here I will make a record. The first step is to create a Windows Azure template project. When debugging is

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