In Windows 3.1, have you noticed this?

At the beginning of this month, Microsoft officially announced that it had stopped sales of Windows 3.x (including 3.11) licenses and announced the end of Microsoft's first-generation graphic interface operating system, which had achieved great

Complete the development of my first Windows Service

Happy, it can be said that it is a summary of my recent work. Five threads are started in the service to update the database data, generate various EXCEL reports through Web requests, and FTP the reports to the server through winsocket protocol,

Special problems with uninstalling Windows service and re-installing it

When I came back this morning, I found that the Windows service I wrote needed to be modified and I used installutil/u to uninstall the service. When you use installutil for installation after modification, the installation fails: the specified

Install Ubuntu8.10 in Windows XP

The first is download.   Complete. Fill in the relevant information all the way to Next.   Third, after the installation is complete, there will be two systems to choose from when you start the computer, xp and Ubuntu, the default is xp. Move the

Windows Communication Foundation (Part Two)

Iii. Technical Elements of WCFAs a framework product based on SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), the most important thing about WCF is its ability to quickly create a Service ). As shown in, a WCF Service consists of the following three parts:  1.

Nokia's LUMIA tablet with Windows 8 system pre-installed real-machine exposure-application Station

Recently, a video about the Nokia tablet is released on a foreign video website, showing the model as the Nokia Lumia Coffee Tab. The outside world agrees that this is Nokia's upcoming win8 tablet concept machine, it looks like a magnified version

Windows Communication Foundation (Part One)

Preface:WCF was launched by Microsoft Based on Service Oriented Architecture. net platform framework products, which represent a development direction of software architecture design and development, also plays a very important role in Microsoft's

Windows Azure Developer Guidance Map (including PDF download)

J. D. Meier, Principal PM, MicrosoftHttp:// Introduction Welcome to the Windows Azure Developer Guidance Map! This map is a temporary lidated index of Windows Azure content collections for developers.

How to solve the problem that hp qc (Quality Center) cannot work in Windows 7

Hp qc (Quantity Center) is a good test management tool. Recently, after upgrading the company's operating system from Windows XP to Windows 7, we found that we logged on to the Addin page of QC Server, many client components cannot be downloaded

Windows Live Messenger introduces both Chinese and English dictionaries

Windows Live Messenger provides Chinese and English dictionaries. You just need to add the to your Contract.Then you can talk to it. For example, if you enter "proxy", the following translation will be displayed: Jason Jiang Jin

Develop Windows Services on the. Net platform

Windows service is another form of C/S program. The windows Service developed in. NET is the same as other services in the system. First, we will introduce two important Windows Service classes (Class A) and install program classes (Class B ). There

About Kerberos-based Windows Network Authentication [Part II]

Vi. User2User Sub-Protocol: effectively safeguards Server security Through the introduction of three Sub-protocols, we can fully master the entire Kerberos authentication process. In fact, in the Windows 2000 era, Kerberos-based Windows

How does Windows security authentication work? [Kerberos]

Security has been a problem recently, such as Windows authentication, asymmetric encryption, digital certificates, digital signatures, TLS/SSL, and WS-Security. If time permits, I would like to write a series of articles to share and exchange with

How does Windows security authentication work? [NTLM]

In the previous article, we will introduce the entire process of Kerberos authentication. In the allowed environment, Kerberos is the preferred authentication method. Before that, Windows primarily adopted another authentication protocol-NTLM (NT

[Original] about Kerberos-based Windows Network Authentication-Part II

4. Introduce Ticket Granting Service Through the above introduction, we found that Kerberos is actually based onTicket. To obtain Server resources, the Client must first pass Server Authentication. A prerequisite for authentication is that the

[WCF Security Series] authentication and creden: User Name/password authentication and Windows Authentication

If you want to define authentication, my personal preference is that authentication is an action to determine whether the real identity of the authenticated party matches the identity of the authenticated party or her Claim (Claim. The authenticated

Install virtualbox and ubuntu in Windows 7

I recently found that netbeas in Windows 7 is getting slower and slower. I started to try to install ubuntu on a virtual machine to see how fast it was. I tried it and it was so fast. 1. Download virtualBox Http:// 2

Windows website file sync backup solution-cwRsyn

For a website, synchronous backup of uploaded files is a problem that must be solved. For large websites with massive file uploads, a distributed storage system is generally used. For websites with a small volume of uploaded files, you only need to

Use cwRsync to implement regular file synchronization (Backup) in windows)

Download the cwRsync server and client software as follows: Server: cwRsync_Server_2.0.10_Installer Client: cwRsync_2.0.10_Installer Then I installed the server ( on the local machine, and then installed the client on another machine (10.0

How to make the dialog box receive the WM_CHAR message (Windows Programming)

As we all know, the dialog box sometimes cannot capture the WM_CHAR message. For example, you want to change all the Edit controls in the dialog box to uppercase. We do not hesitate to write:     # Include // Declare the Dialog ProcedureBool

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