Solution to integration errors of apache2.2 and php5.2.17 in Windows

CopyCodeThe Code is as follows: loadmodule php5_module D:/phpdir/php5apache2_2.dll Addtype application/X-httpd-PHP. php Phpdir is your PHP installation directory. Change it to your own directory as needed. After completing the preceding

Jqyery is equivalent to Windows. onload in Js.

CopyCode The Code is as follows: $ (function () {// script }) Jquery (function () {// script }) Jquery (document). Ready (function () {// script }) The above three codes execute the same action. Because of the convenience of writing, jquery is

Share vpn commands on windows in cmd

Create a VPN under CMD 1. PrerequisitesIn the service, the windows Firewall is stopped (or you can configure the router Protocol and port 1723) The Remote Registry Service must be enabled. Server service must be enabled The router routing service

Prevent hackers from intruding into the Windows system you are using (clone Administrator account)

Prevent hackers from intruding into the Windows system you are using When hackers intrude into a host, they will try to protect their "labor results". Therefore, they will leave various backdoors on the zombie to control the zombie for a long time,

Configure the django runtime environment in windows + apache + mod_python

1. Create mysite test site: startproject mysite 2. Create a test page: hello. py. The content is as follows: From django. http import HttpResponse Def index (request ):Return HttpResponse ('hello, Django! ') 3. Create the

Use cwRsync to implement timed synchronization and backup of server files in windows (with error handling methods)

Download the cwRsync server and client software as follows: Server: cwRsync Server (multiple Server File Sync Servers) V4.1.0 free version Client: cwRsync (Multi-Server File sync client) V4.1.0 free version However, we generally do not use the

Windows Route table command Arrangement

Windows Route table command Display and modify entries in the local IP address routing table. SyntaxRoute [-f] [-p] [Command [Destination] [mask Netmask] [Gateway] [metric Metric] [if Interface] Parameters-FClear all routes that are not the primary

Code for clearing all Windows EventLog logs in Event Viewer Using Batch Processing

Previously, after installing the system, you had to create a Ghost. To achieve perfection, all Windows EventLog logs of the Event Viewer will be manually cleared before each Ghost operation. Later, after using Windows 2008 r2/Win7, this incident

Network Interface Usage Monitoring VBS script code (Windows)

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: 'program name: btlwchk_netinterface.vbs 'Program purpose: monitor the Network Interface Usage of windows Hosts 'Creation Date: 2011-09-1 'Author information: zhangkai 'Runtime environment: vbs 'Processing Parameters

How to Build SVN servers in Windows (apache)

This section describes how to set up the SVN server in Windows. Here, we will share with you some suggestions and hope they will be useful to you. 1. Software Download Set up the SVN server in Windows and download the Subversion server program. Go

What are the secret Windows logon types in the log?

Yes, Windows, in order to get more valuable information from the log, It is subdivided into many types of logon, so that you can tell whether the login is from a local or from a network, and other logon methods. By understanding these logon methods,

Use Mcafee to build a relatively secure server environment for Windows

This solution is based on Windows2008R2 and uses the Mcafee Enterprise Edition anti-virus software to explain the idea and hope to inspire friends who need it. The first thing we should talk about is the functions that Mcafee and Mcafee can achieve.

How to install the Node. js module on Windows

However, it is reported that Microsoft has contacted the Node. js official website and I believe it will be improved soon. If Cygwin is not installed, can I build a Node. js environment on Windows for trial development? I made a simple test with

There is no apache2 service solution for installing apache in windows.

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Microsoft Windows [version 5.2.3790] (C) Copyright 1985-2003 Microsoft Corp. C: \ Documents ents and Settings \ Administrator> cd C: \ Program Files \ Apache Software FounDation \ Apache2.2 \ bin C: \ Program Files \

WINDOWS + WAMP + Zend Framework configuration steps

Zend Framework configuration in windows wamp Environment 1. Install WampServerDownload and install WAMPSERVER. In this example, install WAMPSERVER under C: \ wamp. 2. Install Zend Framework Decompress \ library \ to C: \ wamp \ library in the Zend

How to reinstall the windows VPS of rashost

In web extension, if asp is not allowed, the page is displayed as 404. If asp is allowed, the page cannot be displayed, and there is no record in the IIS log! If the passwords of IUSR and IWAM are inconsistent, the system will prompt 401. My

How to configure memcache in windows

Decompress the memcache Server installation package to the C: \ memcached folder and use the cmd command window to install the package. 1> Start> Run: CMD (OK) 2> cd C: \ memcached (Press ENTER) 3> memcached-d install (Press enter to execute the

Windows clone attack and Prevention page 1/2

With the development of computer technology and the popularization of computers, there are also large and small "hacker" websites and more simple tools, making the current attacks more and more frequent, and more computers or servers are implanted

Windows Server Security Configuration tips

In the case of server hacking yesterday, I also have some responsibilities, because I am too lazy to set server security. Some settings can be completed in just a few minutes, but they are just lazy, as a result, if the server is maliciously damaged,

How to create an Apache application environment tower in Windows

Objective: To configure restricted user permissions for Apache and php Environment Configuration:Apache installation directory: d: \ www-s \ apachePhp Directory: d: \ www-s \ php5Mysql Directory: d: \ www-s \ mysqlWebsite root directory: d: \ www \

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