Connecting Windows 2000 and NT Server 4.0

Windows 2000 is a highly integrated network environment. It can log on to Netware, Windows NT Server 4.0, Windows advance server, and other networks without any client software. If you use multiple networks at the same time, you can log on to all

Solution 5: Operation delay after Windows XP is started

When someone asks this question, I will bring it out to help cainiao friends. Symptom: when the system interface is started, it cannot open anything. It takes about one minute to open it. Solution: 1. First, upgrade the antivirus software virus

Experience in setting wallpaper for Windows XP

Good wallpaper can bring us a good working mood, the followingArticleLet's talk about some classic wallpaper setting techniques. 1. Is the wallpaper in BMP or JPEG format good? In Windows 9x, if the wallpaper format is not BMP but JPEG, you must

Quick windows reinstallation tips

No matter the cainiao or laruence, after using the computer, you cannot do anything to install or reinstall the required OS. Although the process of installing the operating system is not too complex, it is indeed a laborious task. 1. Main steps

Windows XP users must read the tutorial on permission issues

If you are currently using the XP system to test the CMS, set the permission according to the example. The image of this topic is as follows: The image of this topic is as follows: Remove the "use simple file sharing" check. The image of this

IIS rewrite program dedicated to Bo-blog for Windows Server

This article provides a scheme for Bo-blog users to implement URL rewrite on IIS 5.1/6.0 server in windows. The advantage of this solution is that it does not require any component support and does not need to install ISAPI filters (there are many

Easily solve windows system Problems

Windows XP is a widely used operating system. Its Stability and ease of use are unquestionable. However, like a human being, it can cause headaches and headaches. It is not uncommon to have a cold or catch a cold. At this time, many people will

Find out the newest cause of slow Windows Shutdown

If you pay attention to it, we can see that the Windows 2000 and later operating systems will be logged out before shutdown, save user settings and a series of other operations, it takes a certain amount of time, as a result, too slow cancellation

Windows hard drive tips

Windows is not only further enhanced in terms of Internet access, software usage, and resource optimization, but also greatly improved hard disk management. Hard Disk performance is the key to system performance. Therefore, Windows 2000 has made

List of common Windows XP Processes

The most basic system processes (that is, these processes are the basic conditions for the system to run, with these processes, the system) Smss.exe Session ManagerCsrss.exe subsystem server processWinlogon.exe manage user logonServices.exe contains

How to disable IPCS for Windows systems $ default sharing

You can refer to the following four methods: A. One way is to delete both ipc $ and default share. But there will be again after the restart. You need to modify the registry. 1. First Delete the existingNet share ipc $/delNet share admin $/delNet

Windows XP system hide tips

In Windows, the hidden feature provided by the operating system can help us hide many files, but this is only a method for hiding files, what should we do if we want to hide some components of the Windows XP operating system? Now let's talk about

Windows Xp repair console usage

Windows XP (including Windows 2000) console commands are a very effective tool for diagnosing and testing and restoring system functions in some unexpected situations. (Of course, you can press F8 after the system is started and insert the XP system

Parse accounts and permissions in Windows

I bought a computer at home last month and my family immediately fell in love with it. Dad watched the news on the Internet and ridiculed football with netizens. Mom used computers to dig holes in the crowd, while her sister kept a diary on the

Skip Windows automatic login

· Prevent accidental protection skip Windows automatic login (1) All members of the Windows family will pop up a user logon interface before the system enters the desktop, asking the user to enter the user name and password, and enter the system

Common command set for Microsoft Windows

Winver --------- check the windows versionWmimgmt. msc ---- open windows management architecture (wmi)Wupdmgr -------- windows Update ProgramW script -------- windows Script Host settingsWrite ---------- WordPadWinmsd --------- system

Easily enable Windows XP management and sharing

Network administrators in Windows 2000 often use default Management Sharing for network management. They can add "$" after the shared name anywhere in the network to access the management shared folder of the Client Computer and manage it, for

Windows XP SP2 System Setup skills

In the Win XP SP2 system, if a file is hidden and you want to recover it, You can directly enter it in the address bar when you click "Do not hide file" in "Tools, for example, if the file name is game, enter D: \ game in the address bar at D: \.

Tutorial on advanced configuration of FTP server in IIS in Windows

When talking about FTP servers, you may think of software such as Serv-U and vs-FTP. In fact, Microsoft's built-in FTP service in IIS is enough. If you don't believe it, please read it. Implement Multi-User Management First, cancel "site properties/

Windows shortcut keys

Windows shortcut keysI. Common shortcut keysF1 displays the Help content of the current program or Windows. F2 when you select a file, this means "RENAME"F3 when you are on the desktop, open the "Search: All Files" dialog box.F10 or ALT activates

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