The best alternative set of Windows Start Menu

Windows Start Menu is what we use every day, from the classic start of Windows 95 to the introduction of folding menu in Windows 2000, XP integration Start Menu and Vista search menu bring us more convenience.In fact, there are better alternatives

Build a lisp development environment using sbcl or slime in Windows

APR 08,2011Emacs, lisp, sbcl, slime, and Windows Someone asked today how to configure the slime + sbcl development environment in windows. It was previously configured, but it is useless now. General configuration steps. Download the Windows

Install pygraphviz in Windows

In Windows, install pygraphviz: 1. first install graphviz and kernel. decompress the package and modify setup. PY, you need to change LIBRARY_PATH = r'd: \ develop \ graphviz 2.28 \ bin 'in three places # modify export de_path = r'd according to

MSXML. dll error cannot be found on Windows 7 after the XP project is transplanted.

Microsoft MSXML is used to parse XML files. When using XML files in XP, you only need to # import to compile the file, MSXML. dll cannot be found when the project is transplanted to Vista. On Vista, MSXML. dll was upgraded to msxml6.dll, Change #

Git saves username and password Google Code set in windows. netrc another article: finally solve the problem of "Git Windows client saves username and password"

Another article: the problem of "saving the user name and password on the GIT Windows client" is finally solved. Http://     It is troublesome to enter the user name and password

Nginx implements a website load balancing test instance (IIS in Windows performs Load Measurement)

Recommended articles about memcache servers:The latest version of the memcached distributed cache software is available in the. NET distributed cache memcached test instance (memcached cache read, add, and clear ). Recommended website Server Load

Install memcache in Windows

Many phper do not know how to set up a memcache development and debugging environment in windows. Recently, I am also studying memcache and recording the process of self-installation.In fact, when I started to study memcache, I didn't know that

CLSID list (Windows Class Identifiers)

CLSID list (Windows Class Identifiers) Certain special folders within the operating system are identified by unique strings. Some of these strings can be used with fileselectfile, fileselectfolder, and run. For example: Fileselectfile, outputvar, ,:{

Windows extension tool for free

Extensions for Windows is a series of "unofficial" windows Extension Kits, which previously sold for $19.95, but recently announced that in addition to providing a complete toolkit, some products will also be provided free of charge for users.  

User required information: 103 Windows XP running commands

In Windows, we open some programs by clicking the mouse step by step, but the commands listed below, you can run the application in the "run" Window of Windows XP. Run the program to run the command Auxiliary Function options Access. CPL Add

Use OpenSSH in Windows

SH and OpenSSH Traditional network service programs, such as FTP, pop, and telnet, are inherently insecure because they areAttackers can easily intercept passwords and data by using plain text. In addition, the security authentication methods of

Windows 2000/XP Service Overview (1)

For Windows 2000/XP, which we often use, there are many services, So what are these services? What do we need? What is not required? The Win32 service program consists of three parts: service application, Service Control Program, and Service Control

Full introduction to Windows 2000/XP (2)

Performance Logs and alerts (performance record files and warnings)Collects performance data from the local computer or remote computer based on preset parameters, and then writes the data to the record. If the service is stopped, no performance

Windows Host Security Settings-PhP5 Research Office

Principles We will take corresponding measures from every stage of intrusion by intruders.Step by step to reinforce the Windows system.Readers who want to know the specific operation steps directly.You can skip and directly read the [practice] in

New commands in Windows Vista (Full Version)

Style beautification area | programming technology exchange area | software and hardware exchange area | anti-virus exchange area | original software download | password retrieval | it sisters URL navigation   » Analyzer

Input Method Vulnerability reproduction Windows 8 exploitation of QQ pinyin pure edition for Elevation of Privilege

When I found this vulnerability, I was attending classes in the IDC. When I tried to use Remote Desktop 3389 to control the dormitory computer, I scanned the computer with port 3389 enabled in the IP segment because the redo system forgot its IP

How to configure Windows XP VPN

Follow these steps to configureWindows XPComputer, make itL2TPClient.1. Configure the L2TP dial-up connection: 1) Go to "start", "" Settings ", and" Control Panel "of Windows XP, and select" switch to category View ". 2) Select "network and Internet

Apache + Tomcat (in Windows) Integration

Apache + Tomcat (in Windows) Integration preparation: • Apache installation software (such as apache2.2) • tomcat installation software (such as tomcat7.0) • JRE: install JDK (because JDK has JRE) •

Install pcap and dpkt in Windows

Install pcap First download pypcap source code package pypcap-1.1, unzip1) if mingw32 is not installed, download and install a hypothesis to c: \ wingw32.2) set the environment variable

How to configure the use of Windows Live writer to write a blog in the blog Garden

Today, I tried to use Windows Live writer to write this article in the blog, mainly recording the configuration process when I was using it. The process and configuration are as follows: 1. Download and install wlw here: Windows Live writer

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