Build a Windows SVN Server

Previous articlesArticleThis article describes how to build SVN on Windows. A convenient setup method is introduced:   When using the svn client, the svn server is usually external, such as the Google Code server. HoweverProgramDevelopers should

Windows does not log on to automatically run the program

Option 1: Open Control Panel Open performance and maintenence, Scheduled tasks. Add scheduled task Find or browse to the application you need to run. Select: perform this task (O when my computer starts) Add the admin credentials. Option 2:

Is it an IE bug or a Windows bug?

I have been modifying and maintaining an ActiveX product of the company and performing some image processing. What's not so nice is that I have mistaken the suffix of the image file, the JPG file is treated as BMP, so the image cannot be displayed

Start Telnet in Windows 7

We all know that Telnet is a protocol used for remote logon. In many cases, this protocol has some vulnerabilities. In many systems, the default status of this protocol is forbidden. In Windows 7, how does one start the telnet service? 1. hidden

Create an SSH server on Windows

How to create an SSH server on Windows 1. Ssh introduction and application scenarios in this example ① Introduction to SSH SSH is a toolkit used to replace telnet, FTP, and r commands. It mainly aims to solve the problem of plaintext transmission

Use GCC in Windows

  Use the GCC compiler in Windows: Use mingw   1. First introduce mingw       Mingw refers to the compilation environment for generating pure Win32 executable files using only free software. It is a nickname of minimalist GNU

Drag windows window

Drag the Windows window and use wm_lbuttondown, wm_mousemove, and wm_lbuttonup to drag the window, which is very troublesome and prone to problems.   In Windows, these messages are provided. You only need to find these messages and then send

Can I run only one instance on windows?

In Windows development, we have been taught that an instance can be implemented through the kernel object handle. If the system already has the kernel object handle, it should not be created again in the future, the common method is as follows:

Display Image Content preview in Windows 7 Resource Manager

There is an inconvenience after installing win7, that is, there is no preview picture when the folder is displayed. As follows:   I have selected the display mode and cannot find the method for displaying the preview image:   Is there no way?

Windows salad: The Story Behind automatically enabling the numlock key at startup

ArticleDirectory How numlock is enabled Numlock before User Logon Numlock after User Login Solution: Enable numlock at startup Solution: do not enable the numlock key when starting the instance. Numlockz Reference

Use topshelf to create a Windows Service

Use topshelf to create a Windows Service Winndows service is a program that can be started with the Windows operating system. It runs in the background and generally does not interact with users. It cannot be run by double-clicking, similar to the

Solve Windows Live essential tials wave4 beta installation error 0 × 80040609

Document directory Solution Microsoft released the latest Windows Live essential tials wave4 beta yesterday, and immediately downloaded and installed it.   After half a day of installation, the installation failed: Error: 0x80040609

[Windows Salad] adjust the time synchronization frequency in Windows 7

Document directory Method 1: Registry References: We found that the synchronization time is incorrect today. After the synchronization time, we can see that the windows system only synchronizes the time once a week by default, and the

Test Tool: baretail, a Windows powerful log Tool

Document directory Baretail Software Archives   References Recently I wrote some test tools and often wanted to dynamically view log files. I tried some text editing files, such as emeditor and Vim, and I have never found a proper one. I

Programming for Windows System Automatic Login

Document directory Programming for Windows System Automatic Login Programming for Windows System Automatic Login Principle: You can modify the registry. Windows has a built-in automatic logon mechanism. When you log on to the system,

[Windows Salad] retrieve the lost sleep"

Document directory "Sleep" that disappears" Retrieve "sleep" "Sleep" back Still not back? Check if "hybrid sleep" is enabled. Make the "Sleep" button disappear Concepts of Sleep, sleep, and hybrid sleep References The "Sleep" button was

Windows salad: implementation principle of File Association

Document directory Everything is in the Registry Practice Verification   Summary When you double-click a file in windows, if a program is associated with the file extension, the associated program is used to open the file. How is it

[Windows Salad] Windows 7 Shared Password Manager-"Credential Manager"

Document directory Where is it? Fast Add a Shared Password Delete A Shared Password References When accessing and sharing Windows 7, we can select "Remember password". How can we manage these remembered passwords? Today, we will

Windows salad: The Story Behind the default browser

Document directory What is the default browser?   Extension Association Registry Protocol Association Browser displayed in the Start Menu Summary   References In Windows, many browsers have the "default browser" function, which is

Install mysql5.5 in Windows

The installation of MSI in MySQL 5.5.10 always fails and fails in the instance configuration. In this way, the installation can only be performed through archive. 1. First download the archive installation package for Windows (x86, 64-bit. 2.

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