Several useful commands in Windows Command mode (DOS) (constantly update and organize)

1. View All opened ports in netstat-na 2. SC Registration Service For example, SC create subversion binpath = "\" C: \ Program Files \ Apache Software Foundation \ svn1.5.3 \ bin \ svnserve.exe \ "-- service-R C: \ svn_repository "depend = TCPIP

Handle Windows 7 noisy and online game Ping values too high

The reason is that Microsoft has given a higher priority to multimedia playback files in Windows 7, affecting the execution of other services. Solution: Stop the multimedia class scheduler service. 1. Because window audio depends on the multimedia

Use of a Windows Message Mechanism

Recently, I have been working on the game startup interface after the revision, and added a tree control in the main window. A ctree class is designed to inherit from ctreectrl, and a tree control object m_treectrl is placed as a member of the main

Proficient in Windows API functions, interfaces, and programming instances

Yesterday, the mobile hard drive went wrong. I thought everything was gone and I was so scared. After a long time, I finally restored all the files one by one. in the CHK folder, files are distributed in fragmented folders. Fortunately, the main

Windows API createwaitabletimer and setwaitabletimer

when users feel that the software is easy to use, they can do some work on a regular basis without involvement. For example, update the virus database regularly every day, regularly download movies, and regularly update characters in the game. To

Windows Live for mobile wave3 officially launched

On livesino, we can see that Windows Live for mobile wave3 has been officially launched. The following message sources:Http:// In the Windows Live for mobile service and feature list, I have introduced the update

General settings after Windows XP system installation

General settings after Windows XP system installation Generally, after installing a new system, I will do the following: File Extension, disable simple sharing, system restoration, remote assistance error reports, etc. display my documents

Use Windows route

Add route Route-P add [target] [mask ] [gateway] [metric ] [If ].The following table describes the parameters of the route-P add command. Parameter descriptionThe Network target of the route. The target can be an IP address or subnet prefix

Windows core programming-Preface

I stayed up late last night and finally finished reading this thick book. Suddenly, I found thatProgramThe design is just as superficial as it can be regarded as a programmer who has some common APIs. This is a rare good book. The author details

Differences between critical section, event, mutex, and semaphores in Windows

Critical Section) A convenient way to ensure that only one thread can access data at a certain time point. Only one thread is allowed to access Shared resources at any time. If multiple threads attempt to access the critical section at the same

One of the API entry series-The 'annoying 'Windows Data Type

  OriginalArticleFor more information, see the author and source.   Initial launch Http:// Http:// Http:// Baidu Article address:

Windows Script-% ~ Dp0 meaning

A. Bat content is CD/d % ~ Dp0 Here CD/d % ~ Dp0 means CD/d: \ QQ % 0 indicates the batch processing itself D: \ QQ \ A. bat ~ DP is Variable Expansion D is expanded to the Partition Number D: P is extended to the path \ QQ DP is

Windows service program debugging

From: msdn 1. Because the Service must run from the context of the Service Control Manager rather than from Visual Studio, the debugging service is not similar to debugging Other Visual Studio applications.ProgramType is that simple. To debug the

Subversion for Windows Installation Guide

========================================================== ======================== This document is a reprinted document. You must ensure that the original author information and the link of this article are complete and

Stop sharing on Windows XP

1. view shared resources   In Windows XP, all the drivers on the computer are automatically shared by default, but the shared hand icon is not displayed, which leaves a hidden danger to network security. Enter cmd in the "run" column to enter the

Windows Service overview)

For Windows 2000/XP, which we often use, there are many services, So what are these services? What do we need? What is not required? I will introduce you here. The Win32 service program consists of three parts: service application, Service Control

Windows Programming Study Notes (13)

Chapter 9 Dialog Box Modal Dialog Box  There are two types of dialog boxes: [modal] and [non-modal]. The modal dialog box means that when we end this dialog box, we can interact with another dialog box in the same program, however, we can switch to

Windows XP command line Overview

Winver --------- check the Windows version Wmimgmt. msc ---- open windows management architecture (Wmi) Wupdmgr -------- Windows Update Program Wscript -------- Windows Script Host settings Write ---------- WordPad Winmsd --------- system

Windows kernel objects

Kernel objects are mainly used to manage system resources for systems and applications, such as processes, threads, and files. The access symbol object, event object, file object, job object, mutex object, pipeline object, and wait timer object are

Windows Mobile 5.0 (1)

Since last week, I began to systematically learn Windows Mobile 5.0, hoping to learn more about mobile development. Mobile 5.0 development Configuration: Software installation sequence: 1. Install Microsoft ActiveSync 4.0 or later 2. Install

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