Flash Lite for Windows Mobile ?!

No, I don't understand. The world is changing fast. A few days ago, I saw the news that M $ is going to promote its new and cool Silverlight technology used to replace Flash to Windows Mobile this year. "Don't Give Flash any chance !" However .......

[Books] Windows Embedded ce 6.0 fundamentals

Windows Embedded ce 6.0 fundamentals For more information, see Amazon   Based on the latest Windows Embedded ce 6.0 R2, it is worth noting :-) Contents Dig

MSN direct now available on your windows mobile device !!!

I just learned from Jason LANGRIDGE's blog that Microsoft's MSN direct team has just released a technical preview version of MSN direct for Windows Mobile! However, only Windows Mobile standard (smartphone) is released. ProgramIt is automatically

Find the BSP of Windows Embedded ce faster!

Now, with msdn, you can easily retrieve the most up-to-date BSP Library   Find board support packages Microsoft works closely with silicon vendors and independent hardware vendors to offer you an extensive list of board support packages (BSPs)

Microsoft announces the Windows marketplace for mobile Program

On November 11, Microsoft officially announced new details for developers to develop and sell Windows phones applications through windows marketplace for mobile. Microsoft promises to help developers create new and outstanding applications, provide

Display translucent images on Windows Mobile

The alphablend function has been used on the PC and is widely used to achieve some simple and transparent effects. However, it is only supported in version 5.0 or later in wince, refer to the Alex Feinman method. I have encapsulated this function

[Cf. Skills] textbox with read-only but selectable content set on Windows Mobile

This article demonstrates how to set a read-only object, but allows users to select it and set textbox of other attributes. Instead of using the readonly attribute, this article uses another tips.Keywords. NET Compact framework, Windows Mobile,

Windows marketplace for mobile is available for developers

In March this year, Microsoft officially announced their windows market for mobile program, which was officially open to developers today. Windows Mobile app developers need a Windows Live ID and pay $99 for registration. They also need to provide

Use Windows Mobile as a Wi-Fi route-wmwifirouter

In the blog of Janson LANGRIDGE, you can see an application called wmwifirouter. It is quite interesting that your windows mobile device can act as a router, you can share your network connections (such as 3G or GPRS) through WiFi ): Share

Windows Embedded source tools for Bluetooth Technology

A long time ago, many people asked Windows Embedded source tools for Bluetooth Technology (native code) The class library wrapper provided by Windows Embedded source toolsFor Bluetooth technology helps make development for BluetoothTechnology

[Books] professional Microsoft Windows Embedded ce 6.0

A friend who is engaged in or about to be engaged in embedded development has read another book. In November this year, wrox will publish a book titled professional Microsoft Windows Embedded ce 6.0. this book describes how to create an OS image and

GPS programming tips for Windows Mobile

Microsoft engineers from ItalyRaffaele limosaniThis year I wrote several articles aboutWindows MobileOnGPSProgrammingArticle,Comprehensive Explanation,Worth reading: GPS programming tips for Windows Mobile-presentation Do you love sportsdo? I do.

Windows Mobile advanced series. 0-back. Order

Preface With the popularity of smart terminals in recent years, mobile devices with smart operating systems are well known. With the improvement of people's living standard, the demand for smart and easy-to-use mobile devices is constantly

Microsoft will launch skymarket for Windows Mobile

In livesino, although Microsoft has about 18,000 applications on Windows Mobile and more than 2,000 iPhone, Apple uses appstore to provide users with a relatively complete application installation experience. However, Long Zheng found that Microsoft

[Cf. Skills] how to program Windows Mobile to implement hands-free Functions

Abstract: This article describes how to use managed service on a Windows mobile device. Code The speaker is triggered during incoming calls to indirectly implement the hands-free function. Keywords Windows Mobile,. Net compactframework, speaker,

[Recommended] Windows Mobile resource sites outside China

Windows Mobile resource sites outside China For user Website Microsoft Windows Mobile Home Windows Mobile owners circle Windows Mobile-Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Windows Mobile community sites Pdadb.net-comprehensive

How to uninstall a Windows Mobile Application through CSP Programming

  How to uninstall a Windows Mobile Application through CSP ProgrammingProgram Yellow winter Http://fox23.cnblogs.com/ Summary Like Windows PC, Windows Mobile also provides control panel items for deleting applications, but sometimes we

Windows Mobile tips-Digital Clock Display

Two days ago, I met fairy sun on the road and mentioned a small problem. I think it may not be noticed. I 'd like to share it here. sometimes, for convenience, instead of playing a game by mistake, we will hook it in the settingsProgramIn the title

In the Windows Mobile Application, select the Icon size

In the Windows Mobile Application, select the Icon size   In Windows Mobile applications, how does one correctly select the Icon size? This will make our applications look more friendly and beautiful. However, there is no specific document to

[Resource] Windows Mobile developer Getting Started Guide

Part 1. Build the development environment Software installation sequence: 1. Install Microsoft ActiveSync 4.0 or later 2. Install vs2005 To develop a Pocket PC, you must install the Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket pc sdk. Windows Mobile 5.0 smartphone

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