Windows Mobile 6.5.3 developer Tool Kit released

After going through the "premature birth door" last month, the dtk of Windows Mobile 6.5 was finally released, with the name Windows Mobile 6.5.3 developer Tool Kit released. As follows: Http:// Familyid = c0

MSN direct now available on your windows mobile device !!!

I just learned from Jason LANGRIDGE's blog that Microsoft's MSN direct team has just released a technical preview version of MSN direct for Windows Mobile! However, only Windows Mobile standard (smartphone) is released. ProgramIt is automatically

Microsoft announces the Windows marketplace for mobile Program

On November 11, Microsoft officially announced new details for developers to develop and sell Windows phones applications through windows marketplace for mobile. Microsoft promises to help developers create new and outstanding applications, provide

Display translucent images on Windows Mobile

The alphablend function has been used on the PC and is widely used to achieve some simple and transparent effects. However, it is only supported in version 5.0 or later in wince, refer to the Alex Feinman method. I have encapsulated this function

Samsung released Windows Mobile SDK v1.2

Five months after version 1.0 was released, Samsung released the latest Windows Mobile SDK v1.2 to help developers develop Samsung smart phones, the most interesting part is the increased support for FM broadcasting and the front and back dual

The most comprehensive hard disk installation method for Windows 7

This Windows 7 hard disk installation method Daquan introduced Windows 7 to install a high version of Windows 7, Vista hard disk to install Windows 7, XP hard disk to install Windows 7 and other methods! 1. Install Windows 7 (Advanced edition) on

Establish WiFi hotspots on Windows

1Run Command Prompt as Administrator: "Start --- enter "cmd" in the search bar ---- right-click toRun as Administrator"   2Enable and set virtualWiFiNIC: Run the following command:Netsh WLAN set hostednetwork mode = allowSSID= WuminpcKey=

Enable 32-bit program support on 64-bit Windows IIS)

32-bit DLL cannot be called on 64-bit Windows IIS. Article It may solve many problems. The general idea is to allow IIS to support 32-bit Program And then use. NET Framework to register IIS. Enable 32-bit server applications on 64-bit

Windows marketplace for mobile is available for developers

In March this year, Microsoft officially announced their windows market for mobile program, which was officially open to developers today. Windows Mobile app developers need a Windows Live ID and pay $99 for registration. They also need to provide

Windows Embedded source tools for Bluetooth Technology

A long time ago, many people asked Windows Embedded source tools for Bluetooth Technology (native code) The class library wrapper provided by Windows Embedded source toolsFor Bluetooth technology helps make development for BluetoothTechnology

Microsoft will launch skymarket for Windows Mobile

In livesino, although Microsoft has about 18,000 applications on Windows Mobile and more than 2,000 iPhone, Apple uses appstore to provide users with a relatively complete application installation experience. However, Long Zheng found that Microsoft

[Recommended] Windows Mobile resource sites outside China

Windows Mobile resource sites outside China For user Website Microsoft Windows Mobile Home Windows Mobile owners circle Windows Mobile-Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Windows Mobile community sites

How to uninstall a Windows Mobile Application through CSP Programming

  How to uninstall a Windows Mobile Application through CSP ProgrammingProgram Yellow winter Http:// Summary Like Windows PC, Windows Mobile also provides control panel items for deleting applications, but sometimes we

It must be hard on Windows Mobile)

It must be hard on Windows Mobile) Freesc Huang Http:// Abstract: A while ago, Bing had been a hot topic, and its market share reached more than 18% at a time, not only because of Microsoft's powerful publicity campaign, there

Windows Mobile 6.5 SDK released (updated on January 1, February 17)

Yesterday, Microsoft finally (suddenly) released Windows Mobile SDK 6.5, which has a Chinese version available for download. UnfortunatelyNoSupports vs2010. For details, see: Http:// Displaylang = en &

[Relational] Windows API and. net resource type response

In VB. net or C # requires Win32 APIs for many applications. However, some primitive types of prototype data appear to be very difficult, even in. net does not have this kind of information type. I checked the information, and sorted out the

Decryption of backup and restoration functions in Windows 7

We know that Windows Vista has introduced the backup function, which can save the system as an image file. The function is very similar to that of ghost. However, the backup function of Windows Vista is not mature yet, backup files are bloated, with

Windows File explanation

A Access. chm-Windows Help File Accstat. exe-auxiliary status indicator Advapi32.dll-advanced Win32 application interface Aha154x. MPD-SCSI driver Am1500t. vxt-NIC Driver Am2100.dos-NIC Driver Appstart. ani-Animated Cursor Apps. HlP-Windows Help

Install and deploy glassfish in Windows XP]

From:   1. Download and decompress glassfish1 .:Https:// 2. Unzip glassfish:Java-xmx256m-jar glassfish-installer-v2.1-b57-windows.jar (can be executed

Install SVN server in Windows

SVN permission configuration in Windows: 1. This document applies to the subvesion built-in service svnserve permission configuration, all completed in the authz file. 2. If you want to manage or allocate a directory or file containing Chinese

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