A book on Windows Mobile Data Synchronization

Rob Tiffany's demonstrated a 4-layer merge replication architecture with 2007 subscriptions at MEDC 2007 Las Vegas and tech ed 800 Orlando. Later, he began to write a book titled "Windows Mobile Data Synchronization with SQL Server 2005 and SQL

Use Windows Live writter to write a blog

Recently, Windows has been reinstalled. Because vs2003, vs2005, and vs2008 are in the same hall on the machine, SQL2000 and sql2005 also coexist, and the notebook space has been reported for a long time. Moreover, vs2008 has a low dependency on IIS,

Application templates for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

Important note about the application templates and SharePoint 2010 ProductsMicrosoft is not releasing new versions of these templates for Sharepoint 2010 products. also ,. STP files are deprecated and can't be used to create new sites when you

How to simulate the status of a Windows Mobile simulator when it is inserted into the base

Even if you do not intend to use the actual smartphone device during development, it depends on SimulationProgram, You still need to install the latest version of ActiveSync. This program is used to execute tasks such as deploying an application to

For Windows Mobile 6 Professional emulator, it is a small problem to set a serial port.

A cellular emulator (cellular simulator) is attached to Windows Mobile 6 Professional SDK refresh. MSI ). Cellular emulator enables you to test your application in device emulator. ProgramBehavior in the case of various cellular communication.

Windows Live writer does not have permission to set the font 501 Error

When you use the "format"-> "font..." menu to adjust the font, Windows Live writer prompts an error:   This dialog box has an error. Error: 501 No permission   An error occurred in this dialogue. Error 501 Permission denied.  

WM concepts 1: Windows CE

  Windows CE Customer embedded Compact Edition Consumer Electronics Computer evangelism Compact, connectable, compatible, companion, and efficient Windows CE is optimized for devices that have minimal Storage - A Windows

[Reprinted] detailed diagram of Windows Vista Installation Process

[Description] reposted from vistafans.com Article The introduction is very detailed, and I also talk about some personal experience. For developers, business is sufficient, and 2G is the best configuration. After 1G is installed with the

Windows Mobile 6 Professional SDK refresh installation error "the system administrator has set a system policy to disable this installation"

  The smart device template of Visual Studio 2008 does not contain the Windows Mobile 6 SDK. After downloading one, the following prompt is displayed during installation: "The system administrator sets a system policy to disable installation."

Obtain the file type name in Windows

How to obtain the file type name in windows, such as the TXT file type name "text file", and the xls file displays "Microsoft Office Excel worksheet ", you cannot use the fileinfo class in C #, so you only need to import the shell32.dll file.

How to break through the maximum number of threads for a single process in Windows by 2000

  This problem occurs because, in Windows 32-bit systems, a process can use 2 GB of virtual memory, while a thread's default stacksize is 1024 K (1 m ), in this way, when the number of threads approaches 2000, 2000*1024 K = 2G (approximately),

Try Windows Live Mail

I recently heard that Microsoft will stop updating Outlook Express. Its replacement is Windows Live Mail. Windows Live Mail is one of Microsoft's Windows Live products, including Windows Live messengr, Windows Live space, and Windows Live

[Reprinted] Microsoft's next-generation handheld Operating System Microsoft Windows Mobile crossbow

Windows Vista, Microsoft's new-generation desktop operating system, was officially launched globally on September 10, November 30. What about its corresponding handheld OS? In fact, Microsoft will launch the next-generation handheld Operating System:

Compile libpq in Windows

Compile libpq in WindowsDuring compilation, you must first understand the integrated development environment like VC ide. In fact, nmake is called to compile the project files, it is actually the same as make in Linux. Make calls Cl and other

A rough experience of the new windows SDK

  Some time ago, many friends posted their download messages in the garden, so they downloaded one for the sake of freshness. Large files, total 1.2 Items G , After decompression, probably 2.3 GB Hard disk space. The

How to embed Windows Forms controls into HTML pages ~

Http://msdn.microsoft.com/msdnmag/issues/02/06/Rich/default.aspx Windows Forms controls embedded in HTML pages: The embedded class must be derived from control or from another control-derived type. The embedded class must be public and

How to obtain the login user name for Windows

How to obtain the login user name for WindowsKeyword: Get login username GetUserName wtsquerysessioninformationGenerally, you can use the GetUserName (or getusernameex) function to obtain the current login username (but not always get it, which will

How to Use Wix serviceinstall to install Windows Services

Below XMLCodeDemonstrate how to use serviceinstall in Wix to automatically install Windows Services Language = "1033" version = "" Manufacturer = "persistent"Upgradecode = "6493a097-ba2d-482b-9edd-2bdbc3e5463e">Source =

Practice: run Windows 95 on PSP

There is no error. What we see now is that foreign netizens successfully run Windows 95 and Linux on PSP. With the help of the open-source x86 emulator bochs (bochs is an open-source x86 Virtual Machine Software Based on lgpl

Detailed analysis of callexternalmethodactivity and handleexternaleventactivity usage in Windows Workflow

As you know, workflow can call external code through two methods, namely the local service, which are callexternalmethodactivity and handleexternaleventactivity. 1. callexternalmethodactivity When workflow needs to actively call a method in an

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