Windows 7 systems have more powerful features than XP systems

One thing to replace another, there must be something better and more humane than the old thing. And like the Win7 system to replace the XP system, then the Win7 system is what XP does not have, or the Win7 system has something to explode the XP

How to create, delete, or format a hard disk partition in Windows 8

1, move the mouse cursor to the bottom right of the screen, click "Settings" on the menu that pops up, see figure below 2, in the pop-up menu click on "Control Panel", open "control Panel", see the following figure 3, open

Teach you to learn Windows 7 accessories in the old guy

Are you still holding on to "XP", my friend? Are you still enduring Vista? Why not try Windows 7? As long as you have a taste of her superior performance, gorgeous appearance, it will be the charm of her admiration. What's wrong with Wndows 7? Do

How to get Windows to show only certain file name extensions

Windows Explorer has an option to show or hide the file name extension. If you choose to display an extension, once your mailbox receives a malicious file such as "Picture. Jpg.exe", the full extension name makes the trick of such a file invisible;

Rsync installation and configuration under Windows

To download the Windows version of Rsync first Rsync is divided into server side and client, to a (server side), B (client) 2 servers For example a IP address of B is 1, first configure the server, install Cwrsyncserver_

Tips for reducing the volume of Windows 7 systems

When we use Windows 7, we find that the size of his system is between XP and Vista, but for some people still want Windows 7 to minimize the system. Here are three ideas that will get you what you want. First, set virtual memory correctly Memory

Windows Live OneCare Tutorial

  A brief review of history The prototype of the Windows Live OneCare began about 5 years ago, and Microsoft started a subscription-based anti-virus service similar to what is now Widnows Vista's Third-party services through Plug-ins. But the plans

How do I get windows 7 to conserve battery power?

1. Energy consumption of leisure resources When a computer starts, will not always be in full load running state, so there will be a lot of leisure time, so the power consumption in leisure time becomes a main technology. In Windows7, leisure when

Ubuntu 3 ways to crack windows and protect

The following is a detailed description of three ways to use Ubuntu to crack windows and defense measures. There are several ways of breaking a computer, each with its own length. We have selected three popular methods and listed their

How to disable win8.1 system generation Error Reporting shutdown Windows Error Reporting

1, press Win+x to pull out the function list, select Control Panel to enter; 2, then click the "System and security" option in the control Panel; 3, after entering, click the "Operation Center" option; 4, then

How to troubleshoot Windows 7 flagship system crash black screen due to video card failure

  First, install the right graphics driver My friends who have installed the Windows 7 flagship system should know that graphics driver has a great impact on the performance of the whole machine, and the difference is very large, and in our actual

How to set up hardware acceleration for graphics cards under Windows 7 system

The first step, the normal login to the WINDOWS7 system, in the WIN7 desktop blank right button, select "Personalized." The action method is shown in the following illustration. In the second step, locate and click Show on the left side of

23 Strokes to build the speed Windows XP

1 in the system to install Ultra-133 hard disk acceleration expansion card or with 8M cache ATA hard Drive, can effectively reduce the system startup time. 2) to increase the memory to more than 512M. 3 Determine that Windows XP is using the NTFS

Ways to retrieve the missing Windows taskbar icon

  First, retrieve the missing Windows taskbar icon Language bar Language bar is the input of Chinese characters or characters indispensable to the good helper, because to switch Chinese and English input method can not be separated from the

A detailed explanation of permissions settings under Windows

With the wide application of the mobile network Forum and the discovery of the vulnerability on the Internet, as well as the more and more use of SQL injection attacks, Webshell makes the firewall useless, and a Web server that only makes 80 ports

Windows Core Treasures

Files have infiltrated the system all the way to play their respective role, but "big Woods, what birds have"! Inevitably there will be some "slip through the cracks", so that people can not feel clear is "which road immortal." Many executables,

Services and ports that are commonly used under Windows

Because the service is too many, so the corresponding port is also many, here only some of the commonly used services and the corresponding port to do a simple description, the order is small to large arrangement, each of the "Port type: Port number"

SVN sync Web file under Windows environment

SVN is commonly used in team development and is a very convenient version control system. If you can automatically publish the data on the SVN server to the Web server, it will be the entire project development, testing more convenient. With the

Troubleshoot Windows systems Top Ten most frequently asked questions

The fragility of Windows XP systems should be well known, and there will always be problems with the process, and there are occasional strikes such as system crashes, which make it difficult for users. Those system problems, for some novice or

Full disclosure of Windows system folders

Friends we use Windows every day, but are you familiar with its system folders? The following article describes the role of various Windows operating system folders. System Folder detailed win9x/me Chapter It is said that Windows9x still has many

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