How to capture VCL Windows messages that are not processed

----C + + Builer VCL provides a processing mechanism for most Windows messages, which is sufficient for a generic application, but VCL is not all-encompassing, and how do you capture Windows messages that are not handled by VCL? C + + Builder uses a

How to lock Windows systems and invoke other System dialog boxes

This question comes from the forum question, the original question is how realizes the win+l effect. The first reaction is to simulate the button, in fact, the development of people should not come up with this idea, it is not possible to consider

About UI threads and Windows Message Queuing

In Windows applications, a form is created by a special type of thread called UI thread (User Interface thread). First, the UI thread is a "thread," so it has all the characteristics that a thread should have, such as a thread function and a thread

Repair that Windows server system cannot start

Objective A Compaq old server with 2 18G SCSI and 1 73G SCSI hard drives installed on the operating system for Windows SERVER SP4 Simplified Chinese version, 2 18G SCSI RAID1 (mirror volume) for dynamic disks, As a Sybase database server. Because

What to do when a partition type becomes raw under windows

See a lot of people on the Internet, in the normal use of the computer, the partition type becomes raw, double-click the prompt "drive X is not formatted, formatting", resulting in data can not read. Coping with this kind of situation, the Netizen's

Using Windows message control Winamp in VB

The first part: The window that gets Winamp Winamp is a 32-bit Windows application. That is, we can use some of the basic techniques of 32-bit Windows programming to implement control Winamp, a message system that uses Windows. Before you send a

MASM32 programming to realize the fading effect of windows

Because the work is too busy, long time no write program code, but the fun of writing programs I am happy. Every day to deal with the computer, a busy forget to rest, make the eyes are spent ~ In order to protect the eyes, I decided to write a

Zabbix Trap to monitor disk status scripts in Windows Server raid

@echo off E: CD raid for/f "Usebackq"%%i in (' "@MegaCli64. exe-pdlist-a0|find/c" "" ") do set num=%%i echo zabbix_sender.exe-z zabbix-server-ip-p 10051-s "Monitor host name"-K pdnum-o%num% >> Zabbix_sender.log Zabbix_sender.exe-z zabbix-server-

Windows 7 is only 2 seconds from sleep to wake-up

With the progress of Windows system, Microsoft also increasingly emphasizes the importance of sleep function. After sleep, the user can wake up the system in a few seconds, and the shutdown and then boot, I am afraid that time will be much longer,

Rookie Primer: Windows 7 and Win XP 32-bit and 64-bit differences

x86 is the standard abbreviation for Intel processor-based systems. X has nothing to do with the processor, it is a simple wildcard definition for all *86 systems, a serial number of Intel general-purpose computers, and a common set of computer

Windows XP operating system network application Techniques Gallery

1, five steps to easily resolve Windows XP exchange of Visits Many users complained that a computer with Windows XP installed on a local area network could not be accessed with Windows 98-installed computers, and Windows XP computers and computers

The seven solutions to the Windows XP system network that cannot exchange visits

1. Check whether the Guest account is open XP does not open the Guest account by default, so please enable the Guest account for other people to browse your computer. Also, for security, set the password or appropriate permissions for the guest. Of

Some confusion about turning Unix from Windows

I believe that many friends Windows has been used quite familiar with, for a variety of reasons, want to try Unix. Unfortunately, the idea of Windows deep-rooted, which caused a lot of confusion to learn UNIX, often hit the wall. So I complained

Windows 2000 blue Screen Panic Stop the right remedy

In theory, pure 32-bit Windows 2000 does not panic, but that's only theoretically. A virus or hardware and hardware driver mismatch causes Windows2000 to crash, and when Windows 2000 crashes, the monitor screen turns blue and the Stop failure

Install configuration Apache2.2.3 on Windows and implement multiple sites

Apache for Windows 1. Download Apache for Windows Information about the latest version of Apache can be found on the You should download the Apache for Windows version with the. msi extension. This is a single

To decrypt XP Mode in Windows 7

Do you know windows Virtual PC? XP mode in the Windows7? Today, I'm going to decrypt XP Mode in this mysterious Windows7. PS: Hehe! I try to use the easy to understand content, the abstract boring technology, for everyone to express understanding.

Network errors under Windows Server 2008

Window Server 2008, as a server platform, typically deploys many services that are often network-related. The complexity of the service creates network complexity, so network scheduling under Windows Server 2008 is more cumbersome. In fact, as long

Experience in Windows 7 security mode

Safe mode is a special mode in the Windows operating system where users can easily fix some of the system's errors in a safe mode, with a multiplier effect. Sometimes the machine is a problem can go into safe mode to kill virus, sometimes can be

SVN Quick Start 2:windows operations

The previous article described the cumbersome use of the command line to execute SVN commands, and the following is an introduction to SVN operations under Windows. Anonymous users are generally not allowed to be safe. So the anon-access = Read and

To create a WinForm program using Windows PowerShell

The highlight of Windows PowerShell is the support of the. NET class library, which greatly expands the capabilities of the script. This allows us to create a window directly in the script by System.Windows.Forms the assembly. For the first time

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