Windows 7 "Error 16389, unable to create a new library" problem resolution

The library is a new feature of Windows 7 management files that can bring your data together in one location for easy lookup and use. Typically, the system provides several common libraries of document libraries, music libraries, picture libraries,

To install the Apache based SVN server tutorial under Windows


First install apache+subversion, how to install, don't ask me ~ online tutorials more go, you can use XAMPP, or phpnow ... 1, httpd.conf SVN installation configurationPS: If you first install Apache, and then install subversion, under normal

What if the Windows installer service cannot be updated under XP for Office 2007 installation?

Under some Windows XP systems, installing Office 2007 may fail, prompting Microsoft office Professional Plus 2007 to make an error during the installation process. The Windows Installer Service cannot update one or more protected Windows files, and

Install QQ failed Unable to access Windows Installer service solution

What is Windows Installer? As one of Win2k/winxp/winvista's components, Microsoft Windows Installer is a tool designed to manage and configure software services. Under Win95, Win98, WinME and WinNT4.0, as an additional product offering, allows

Apple imac mc309 installs Windows 7 system with Winclone

Believe that you have bought the imac are very experienced it, the optical drive to install Windows 7 is a very painful thing, pick not to say, most of them are hard to recognize Windows system disk, cracked bootcamp with u disk to install also easy

Various system process records in Windows Mobile

Personal records# phone Windowscprog.exe# Media Player Windowswmplayer.exe# Resource Manager Windowsfexplore.exe# clock Windowsclock.exe# camera Windowscamera.exe# photo Windowspimg.exe-camerakey# calculator Windowscalc.exe# Communication Manager

Windows comes with the. NET Framework version Daquan

The following is a complete list of which version of the. NET Framework was included in which version of the OS: Windows XP Media Center Edition (Windows XP SP1) includes the . NET Framework 1.0 + SP2 as an OS component Windows XP Media

Writing drivers for different versions of Windows

MSDN Original: (v=vs.85). aspxWhen you create a driver project, you specify a basic target operating system that is the basic version of Windows that is running the driver. For

Command-line tools under Windows Babun

What is BabunBabun is a third-party shell on Windows, where you can use almost any of the Linux,unix commands above, and he can almost replace the shell of Windows. With the official title that's a Windows shell you'll love! Several features of

Windows Memory Management

>1 IntroductionThe Windows 32-bit x86 operating system can access up to 4GB of physical memory. This is because the address bus for the processor is 32 (we often say 32 bits) and the range of storage units that can be accessed is from 0x00000000 to 0

In Windows, how to use the CMD command-line window to correctly display text encoded in UTF-8 format

In Windows, how do I use the CMD command-line window to correctly display text encoded in UTF-8 format? The correct steps are as follows: 1, open cmd Command Line window 2, enter command >chcp 65001 number 65001 represents the encoding of the utf-8

Summary of Windows shortcut key commands

To access the settings of the current screen, open the Settings bar by clicking the Windows logo key + "I" to open the settings bar of the current screen (for example, start, desktop, or Windows apps). Open the Common Control Panel tool with the

Printer driver types for the Windows print architecture

There is a shop next to a rose, it does not match this place, but now it is in here also no so-called.1.3, printer drivers printer driver ( Span style= "font-family: ' Times New Roman ', serif;" >printer driver host-based drivers

How do I set the support UTF8 encoding in cmd in Windows?

This problem many people will not know at the beginning, of course, including once I, when used, had to resort to the great groove and Niang. There is a way to set up online, but say clearly enough detailed system, say set font for: Lucida Console.

The 10 most stealthy Windows self-starter programs

Windows usually starts with a whole bunch of programs that start automatically. Don't think it's okay. "Start → program → start" menu is all right, in fact, in Windows xp/2k, let Windows automatically start the program a lot of ways, the following

Windows installation package Authoring Guide--advanced Installer use

1. PrefaceThe installation package for Windows was recently created, and it is said that the advanced installer is more powerful, and it is then taken to make the installation package. In the online small amount of information and the official

Windows platform source code to compile the latest version of OpenSSL

1. Download the latest version of OpenSSL the OpenSSL websiteThe latest stable version is the 1.1.0 series of releasesLatest version for 1.1.0 2016.8.25 update2. Native Install vs Studio, mine is vs20083. Install

ArcGIS 10.3 for Server installation tutorial under Windows

Original: ArcGIS 10.3 for Server installation tutorial under WindowsThe following is the 10.2 tutorial, 10.3 also applies. License file: ArcGIS for Server10.3 license file-Download channel-csdn.net

Windows Driver Matching

Under Windows, almost all of the hardware devices need to install the driver to work properly, we reinstall the system after the first thing is to install the driver for each device, we can download the official driver manual installation, you can

Install Memcache in windows 64-bit system

Recently, to play with Memcache, we need to build a Memcache development and debugging environment in 64-bit Windows, record the process of self-installation and setup, and find that it is much easier to build than in Linux.Here is the process of

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