Windows Azure Platform Experience (2): SQL Azure

Windows Azure Platform has Windows Azure, SQL Azure, Azure appfabric three parts.SQL Azure is a cloud relational database. Your data: Manage anytime, anywhere. SQL Azure is a fully relational database in the cloud.In this section we experience SQL

Windows system creates an ODBC data source

Take Win7 as an example of how to create an ODBC data source as follows1. Open the Control Panel2. Click "System and Security"3. Click on "Administrative Tools"4. Open the data source (ODBC)5. Click "Add"6. Select the driver, choose one on the line,

How to install or uninstall Apache services under the Windows platform

Install Download Resource Pack Download the download link (here at Then, select the version that you want to download, I choose the latest edition: 2.4.16, click the link: Because my is the Windows platform, so I choose:Files for

Several debugging techniques that must be mastered under Windows vs development

Code debugging is very important, sometimes the development time is not long, but most of the time is spent on debugging code, and we look for bugs, do not know how to debug is impossible task. Here are a few of the most basic debugging methods,

How to Set Directory Permissions at Install time using a MSI Created using Windows Installer XML (WIX)

Original Link: How-to-set-directory-permissions-at-install-time-using-an-msi-created-using-windows-installer-xml-wix.aspxAuthor:chris Jacksonfollowing content is the directly reprinted from above

Windows SDK programming RichEdit Create, display files like hex editor

Compilation environment: Windows 7 64-bit VS2010, project creation Select "Win32 Project"Note Add several header files#include #include #include #include #include Found in main file: main function addedLoading RichEdit Control Library filesHINSTANCE

Indispensable Windows Native Series article index

[SOURCE DOWNLOAD]Indispensable Windows Native Series article indexWebabcd1, indispensable Windows Native (1)-C language: Hello CIntroducedEssential C language of Windows Native To call C + + in Windows Store Apps Hello C 2,

Windows 10 Pro Trial Download the Hyper-V virtual machine trial in Windows Server

Finally wait until Windows 10 is officially released, download a full version, share the trial address"64 Simplified Chinese Family/Professional Edition"File name: Cn_windows_10_multiple_editions_x64_dvd_6848463.isoVolume: 4.01GBSha1:c71d49a6144772f3

Get Windows 10 (2)

The previous article describes the way Microsoft will upgrade through Windows Update to the next generation of the latest operating system-windows 10, then as an end-user we are bound to care about how many versions of Windows 10, I can upgrade to

Pci/pcie interface card Windows Driver (3)-Driver code (header file)

In the PCIe driver for WDF, there are four. h files (Public.h Driver.h Device.h Trace.h). This article will explain the four file source code in detail separately.Public.h1 #ifndef _user_h2 #define_user_h3 //4 //Define an Interface a Guid so this

Build Nginx-based video live and on-demand systems under Windows


First, software preparationBecause Nginx native is for Linux services, so the official version of Windows is not compiled can be downloaded, to use Nginx on Windows, either download the source code to compile, or use other people have compiled the

"Windows Programming" series fourth: Programming with Unicode

We learned about Windows programming text and font output, in the above examples also appeared some with "text" of the Windows macro definition, have a friend message to understand some of the ANSI and Unicode programming content, This chapter is

Initial interview Windows XP Embedded system development

Currently Windows PE (Preinstallation Environment) and Windows XP Embedded are Windows operating systems that can run independently from the hard disk in the host, Windows PE is used for CD-ROM booting, and Windows Embedded has been supported from

Create window under console and WinMain Portal create Windows Simple program

Console Creation window (with both console window and newly created window) (Project type: Console application)#include "windows.h" #include "TCHAR.h" LRESULT CALLBACK WindowProc (HWND hwnd,uint umsg,wparam wparam,lparam LPARAM); int _tmain (int

Reasons for installing Wamp on a Windows R2 64-bit

Exception Exception in module Wampmanager.exe at 000f15a0 ...Due to the need of testing PHP program, need to WAMP Environment test program on Windows system, do not make specific requirements for performance, choose Wamp Server for quick arrangement.

"Tools" cleans Windows Installer redundant files (supports 64-bit nt6.x systems)

LikeSupport System:Windows NT 5.x/6.x 32 and 64-bit all systems. requires the. NET Framework 2.0 Runtime EnvironmentFunction:Clean up the redundant Windows Installer patch files in the above system. Has the following characteristics:

Build SVN server-side step sharing under Windows (Subversion)

1. Get SVN program2, install Subversion (hereinafter referred to as SVN) server side and client. Download down the server side is a ZIP compression package, direct decompression can, for example, I extracted to E:\subversion. The client installation

ArcGIS 10.3 for Server installation tutorial under Windows

The following is the 10.2 tutorial, 10.3 also applies. First, operating system requirements Operating Systems Minimum OS Version

Getting Started with Windows networking programming

Version of Windows Sockets:Header file: WINSOCK.hLibrary files: wsock32.libDynamic Trap: WINSOCK.DLLHeader file: WINSOCK2.hLibrary files: ws2_32.libDynamic Trap: Ws2_32.dllService side:Wsadatawsd;//wsadata variable socketsserver;//server socket

About Windows family password fetching

First of all, you should review the Windows System password hash of some knowledge: (below this section from the network) First introduce the Windows password hash: The early SMB protocol transmits plaintext passwords over the network. Later, the

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