Selenium Webdriver Learning (vi)-How to get pop-up windows _selenium

Selenium Webdriver Learning (vi)------------How to get pop-up windows Getting a pop-up window inside the selenium 1.X is a hassle, especially when new windows don't have IDs or name. At that time also sorted out the treatment of several methods,

Windows Vista USB device does not install the normal solution

Vista has been the trend of the Times, February installed on the Vista Ultimate, has been normal use, but the hard disk is relatively small, 120G, C disk only zoned 20G, and a mess of loaded a pile of things, the results of the remaining space is

64-bit Windows 7 platform installation 32-bit timesten, configuring an ODBC data source

Problem:Due to the system version, the client can only install the 32-bit timesten, but the client's platform is 64-bit win 7, after the installation is complete, follow the general Control Panel, management tools, The data Source (ODBC) open ODBC

How to install and use Sphinx-for-chinese under Windows

Sphinx-for-chinese use method will use Sphinx-for-chinese-2.2.1-dev-r4311-win32 as an example, currently I only find the latest is this version released in 2013.11.09.: downloading, extract the following

Using the SVN client (Windows)

SVN Server Environment Reference: I use a cloud server ( as the SVN service side, using the Windows Host ( as the SVN clientIf you use the SVN client:1, to the official

DirectX11 with Windows sdk--18 collision detection using the Directxcollision library

ObjectiveIn the DirectX SDK, the correlation function for collision detection is in xnacollision.h. Now, however, the previously implemented correlation functions have been transferred to the Windows SDK DirectXCollision.h and are in namespace

Windows basic Commands Daquan

1, DOS Common command detaileddir column file name deltree Delete the directory tree CLS clear Screen CD changes the current directory. Copy copy file diskcopy copying disk del delete file format

Open Source Enterprise im-Free Enterprise instant Messaging-entboost 0.8 Windows release

Entboost 0.8 Windows (click to download) version released, update content: 1. PC-side group chat, increase the ability to send temporary group files, partial interface perfect, and chat bug fix; 2. Android Android released the second version of the

Deskpool installation: Preparing the Windows XP virtual machine base image

Deskpool Virtual Desktop Management system in the configuration process, you need to import the virtual machine image and then make the image a virtual desktop template. The virtual machine being imported needs to meet the following conditions to

MAX_PATH of Windows

MAX_PATH Explanation: File name is the longest (ANSI), plus the drive letter (x:\) 3 bytes, 259 bytes, plus the Terminator 1 bytes, total 260 (v=vs.85). aspx

Windows RSA key Generation tool OpenSSL

Click to download1. Generate the original RSA private key file Private_key.pem10242. Convert the original RSA private key to PKCS8 formatOpenSSL pkcs8-topk8-inform PEM- in Private_key.pem-outform pem-nocrypt-out Rsa_private_key.pem3. Generate RSA

Windows Vulnerability Exploits Technology summary

Windows Technical summary of exploit exploits1. PrefaceThis article is my study summary of exploit technology, and also the practice of practicing qad (Questions, Answer, discussions). This article by reading a few Daniel's articles, lecture reports,

Windows 8.1 messagedialog

1 PrivatePopup p;2 Private voidButton_Click (Objectsender, RoutedEventArgs e)3 {4p=NewPopup ();5Dengludemo dl=NewDengludemo ();6Dl. Width =1366;7Dl. Height =260;8Dl. Margin =NewThickness (0, $,0,0);9 //if (P! = NULL |

UVA 618-doing Windows (number theory)

Topic Link: 618-doing Windows Test Instructions: Given a size can not change the screen, and four size of the window, the change to maintain the aspect ratio, ask these four windows can adjust after all put down just fill the screen, can not overlap

Windows Server R2 WSUS-2: Pre-deployment planning work

In fact, the preparation of the deployment to be done in the TechNet Library has been explained in detail, but there are still some planning issues that need to be considered in the actual deployment process.So, in this scenario, I'm going to deploy

Graphical access to Ubuntu desktop environment via VNC under Windows

There are many ways to access Ubuntu or other Linux desktop environments in Windows, and I prefer to use the VNC service, which requires installing vncserver under Ubuntu and installing Client access tools under Windows.1. Client Access tools under

Windows Message Encyclopedia

Original link Address: A-1 Windows message DistributionMessage RangeDescription0 ~ wm_user–1System messagesWm_user ~ 0x7FFFCustom window class integer messagesWm_app ~

In Windows, you can easily modify the MAC address of the NIC!

 In Windows, you can easily modify the MAC address of the NIC! Edit responsibility:Du Tao Author: Network region name2008-05-24 [News collection on the it168 Forum]Now we all use ADSL to access the Internet. When you query the internet, you

About Kerberos-based Windows Network Authentication [Part 1]

Content: Basic PrinciplesIntroducing Key Distribution: Where does KServer-Client come from?Introduce Authenticator: provide evidence to prove ValidityIntroducing Ticket Granting Service: how to obtain TicketThree Sub-protocols of Kerberos:Entire

Windows zend optimizer installation and configuration tutorial

The installation and configuration of zend optimizer are very simple. I didn't plan to write the zend optimizer configuration tutorial. However, to ensure the integrity of the PHP environment configuration tutorial on Windows, I installed zend

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