Django Project creation under the Windows Virtual Environment tool

1. First switch to the previously installed Virtual Environment Tool catalog input Activate activation script, then enter the Python Interactive line command, import the Django module, view the version information, exit exit

WIN10 installation Nodejs, error There is a problem in the Windows Installer package

1. In the start panel, locate the command prompt and right-select "Run as Administrator"2. Go to the file directory in the installation package3. Go back to the Command prompt window and run the installation package nameYou will then jump out of the

One-click refinement of fonts that are not commonly used by Windows. cmd

One-click refinement of fonts that are not commonly used by Windows. cmd@Echo offSet Path=%path%;%~dp0Setlocal enabledelayedexpansionset/p dv= Please enter the drive letter to refine the Windows font (do not take a colon such as H, the direct return

Windows XAMPP Installation Php_memcache extensions

This blog from download the Phpmemcache with the address:Http:// the file, after extracting the following files:Then open cmd as an

Windows Server R2 Modify the number of Remote Desktop connections

Computer---Properties---remote settings---Check "Allow computers running any version of Remote Desktop to connect (less secure)" ...  First step: Turn on Remote Desktop:Computer---Properties---remote settings---Check "Allow computers running any

The QT development environment is built under Windows VisualStudio and Qtcreator

First, the introduction of integrated development platform IDE has its own strengths, writing QT program can be based on their preferences to choose the appropriate IDE. The following articles are loaded with Bo Friends of the article, which has a

WINDOWS api--getfiletime--Get file time

The FILETIME structure contains the date and time information for the file or directory: (since January 1, 1601, the unit is 100 nanoseconds)struct _filetime { // Low 32-bit // High 32-bit *pfiletime;The SYSTEMTIME structure contains

Installing the Windows operating system using UltraISO to make a startup disk

1. Use UltraISO to make the U-disk Startup diskInstall UltraISO on the computer;Start UltraISO, open File---select ISO image fileWrite hard disk image with start-up menu barA. Write a new drive boot sector with easy start-up->win10/win8/win7/vistaB.

Windows Windows Restart Manager Restart Manager

Restart Manager (RM) can reduce or avoid the number of system restarts required to install or update the program. The main reason to restart during installation (or update) is that some files that need to be updated are currently being used by some

Windows compiler Nginx-rtmp-module

Http:// instructions on the official website.Official Website Method Nginx compilation method, the idea is consistent, but there are a few details where need to adjust.The following issues need to

Windows SERVER2008R2 request free let ' s encrypt certificate

Let's Encrypt project ( is a new digital certification authority CA, LED and developed by the Internet Security Research Group Isrg,internet Certificate Authority. The project aims to develop a free and open automated CA

Course notes for Windows Server 2016 (v)

Environment Preparation: DC Virtual Machine Renaming - installation AD Domain Services Storage Virtual Machine Renaming - installation -ISCSI Target Server to be N1-n4 To enable nested virtualization: set-vmprocessor-vmname

[] How to change the folder background color in Windows 10

INI file. We can even use the same technique to set the picture as a folder background.Existing tools can change the color of Windows Explorer backgrounds in Windows 7 and set the image to a folder background in Windows 7, but these tools are

Several ways to host Microsoft WCF, homestay IIS, Homestay WinForm, hosted consoles, hosted Windows services

WCF boarding is a very flexible operation that can be hosted in IIS services, Windows Services, WinForm programs, and console programs, enabling the operation of the WCF service and providing a convenient and efficient service invocation for the

zbb20170830 Windows Server 2008

Windows Server 2008 is the name of a Microsoft server operating system that inherits from Windows Server 2003. Windows Server 2008 is named "Windows Server Longhorn" for development and testing.Windows Server r2 DownloadThe following downloads are

"Openpose-windows" Run OpenposeDemo.exe how to save image running results and joint point information

Ran a lot of times openposedemo, whether it is video, webcam or images, are running the results of a flash, but we want to certainly not just look at the results of the operation is finished, in many cases, we want to be able to run the results of

Windows Server modifies the size limit of Web site upload files

ASP ProgramMethod One: modify the maximum upload file size limit for the siteThere is a limited upload size issue on Windows Server because of limitations caused by IIS Manager for Windows Server. IIs default setting is to upload only 200K of

Install Cacti+rrdtool monitor Windows under Ubuntu

Environment and materials required for the experiment1. Ubuntu installation Please refer to: SNMP INFORMANT-STD-17 (Note: is a Windows enhanced SNMP plugin that allows cacti to monitor more Windows

Windows system comes with commands to view hardware information, how DOS commands to view hard disk and memory/cpu information

How to view hardware information with commands from Windows system, how DOS commands view hard disk and memory/cpu information? The most direct is: Start → run →cmd open a command prompt, enter systeminfo execution in this window, you can see almost

Windows core Programming Reading notes 1

Very sleepy today, this is why?!! Just read the first chapter, sleepy to No, so write blog sober.The first chapter of the title is "error handling", after looking at the startled, is it the first chapter on such a tall thing?! No, no, I now

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